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Pandora is the Female Extra Antagonist from Gacha League who makes Her Debut in Gachaverse. She also makes Her only Voice in Gacha Memories after Gacha Summoner and Ellie The Fairy physically kills Her Father, Sol to restores the World.

She can be Presets on Gacha Life, Gacha Life 2 - The Club and Gacha Life 3 - The WonderEnd where She is the Secondary Supportive Antagonist in 1 Year Pass. She is also a Granddaughter of Mr. Whale.

She is a Dark Unit who is responsible for creating a War and makes a Crossover out of Put The Record On, Xkour Extreme Parkour and ChibiOn in orders to causes Troubles Forever in the World. Pandora is also a Leader of Neon who is an All times Rival and Anti Villainous Counterpart of Cykopath.

She was voiced by Yuii in Netflix Adaptions.

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