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Owen Armstrong was the father of Izzy and Katy Armstrong. When thee girls were young Owen,s wife Linda had an affair causing him to cut her out of their daughter,s lives and lie to the girls that their mother abandoned them .Owen,s first appearance was when he tracked Izzy down to the rovers in coronation street at  a time he wasn't speaking with her  during their conversation Owen was able to successfully persuaded Izzy to let him have lunch with her. in july 2010 Owen  got a job fixing Carla Connor,s factory Underworld  after it was destroyed by her ex husband Tony Gordon  causing a furious Bill Webster to accuse Owen of stealing his work. Liz McDonald defused the situation leaving Owen smitten with her.  Owen  gave work to local builders Jason Grimshaw and Chris Gray .Owen started flirting with Jason,s Mother Eileen and gave her job as the yard,s book keeper .When Owen dated Liz he passed of his relationship with Eileen as just business. When Sean Tully saw Owen and Liz kissing he informed Eileen who then berated Liz and Owen .When Owen learned Chesney Brown had slept with Katy he wasn't pleased pinning Chesney up against a wall and telling him to stay away from Katy.Owen talked to Chesney,s sister Fiz and of Katy and Chesney sleeping together . Chesney then decided to move out when Fiz banned Katy from coming over and she suggested they find a place of their own. Owen initially forbade them living together but eventually came round and later warmed up to Chesney. When Liz,s ex husband Jim McDonald sent Liz flowers Owen threatened Jim to stay away and later arranged to have him beaten causing Liz to leave January 2011 Owen employed Izzy,s boyfriend Gary Windass but When Jason accidentally locked Gary in a van his claustrophobia caused him to lash out and attack Owen upon being released. Owen then tried to blackmail Izzy into dumping Gary by threatening to set the cops on him. later that month Owen checked Eileen,s roof and told her it would need thousands of pound work doing or it would deteriorate further. Eileen then tried to put in an insurance claim but it was rejected as the roof damage was put down to neglect Eileen blamed Owen for this but he told her she should have paid for a full servey . When Eileen was going through Owen,s books Carla arrived to pay the cheque she owed Owen for fixing underworld With Eileen then proceeding to steal the cheque. Owen had began to feel guilty for the way he treated Eileen and offered to re pair the roof but when he realised she stole his cheque,he threatened to have her arrested unless the money was returned to him . When Owen realised Eileen had told Sunita Alahan about his tax evasion in an attempt to counter him he used Jason,s keys to let himself into Eileen,s destroying the documents which proved his fraud thus allowing him to report Eileen for embezzling money though Izzy did force her father to apologize to Eileen. Owen developed a romantic interest in Gary,s mother Anna and bought her a house so her adopted daughter Faye Butler would have a secure Home.Owen and Anna later began dating While this Never Met with initial resistance  by Faye Gary helped her realise Owen and Anna Would never abandon her and she accepted Owen from that point on . Owen made non paying Customer Pat Phelan Cough Up When he and Gary Stole Phelan,s Motorbike Later going into business With Phelan Who sexually harassed Anna causing Gary to attack him and Phelan to blackmail the two men into finishing the project they,d been working on for minimum Wage Annna then slept With Phelan in exchange for her wife and son being released from their Contracts . This caused Owen to temporarily leave Anna but they later reconciled . Linda turned up and revealed the truth about Owen causing Katy and Izzy to sour toward her father  Which Made him feel obliged to allow Linda back into their lives When Linda decided to move back to Portugal she invited Owen but he stayed in Weatherfeild Out Of loyalty to Anna  however a few Weeks later Owen,s relationship With Anna Ended When he  attacked  Faye,s friend Craig Tinker due to suspecting him of being the father of Faye,s baby. Owen then left the area When he was offered Work by a friend in Aberdeen though not before Parting with Anna on good terms.