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Owen is the main antagonist of Walking Dead Fanverse, he is based on the same real character of the same name. He is also the leader of the wolves and the arch enemy of Glenn Rhee.


Owen is simply a manipulative sociopath who is fearless and loves the feeling of power in his way, he also had a fight with Gleen because his brother was responsible for the death of his family. However, he puts it more as a duty than empathic, as he hardly feels empathy for the next. He is also the most recurring villain than the original plot, and one of the cruelest along with Morris.



Owen appears next to two bodyguards Edward and Spencer. And when Glenn and Bryan appear and find Owen, they soon ask to help them fight the zombies, Owen and his henchmen agree with the idea immediately, though they are still shocked by the Governor's death. Owen then secretly steals a truck that has a huge bomb, titled ''The Gambit''. After Owen drives San Diego, and when the bomb blows up many houses are destroyed and a hundred people die, Owen then survives the blast and soon captures an innocent San Diego civilian who was one of the survivors of the blast, Owen then hangs him on a rope, shoots him and soon after that he lets the zombies devour the man. Then soon after Owen kills cold-blooded Joe and pursues Abraham.

Kidnapping Abraham[]

Owen then manages to reach Abraham and injured him, forcing him into the van as a hostage to The Wolves, he tells Dwight to keep Abraham prisoner until returns to torture Abraham, and shoots Dwight while threatening to have to happen correctly meanwhile he soon starts terrorizing the city and ends up killing a blacksmith for no apparently reason.


Owen later kills Denise's two sons, who while both would go to a ferris wheel in a local. Owen then threatens Denise, however Gleen said to leave her alone. However, Owen refused, and when Denise put it on. He then notes and realizes that the land of San Diego belongs to his family, until Gleen's brother nearly kills them by one, then Owen pushes Denise to Gleen, and reveals that he left a grenade on a ferris wheel. Which is when the ferris wheel immediately explodes at once, causing a fire in the park, then right after Owen leaves the area and goes along with the Wolves near the entrance.

Torturing Abraham[]

Soon after, Owen releases Abraham from his prison cell and takes him into a forest to be tortured, while the machine fires two thorns at Abraham in the head, with which Owen leaves the area, and leaves Abraham to be eaten by a horde of zombies. However, Abraham manages to escape the trap with Rick's help, and he sends Morris to kill him for it.

Starting a War[]

With that, Owen speaks inside the hall and recruits a crowd of people to become the Wolves. He then talks to Morris and reports that a war is about to happen, and says the zombies are about to enter the city shortly, and with that, Morris's request so you can open The Western Camp.


Owen is similar Ramsay Bolton of the Game of Thrones, both are sociopaths who wish to dominate their land and crave power, both are sadistic and cruel, both hunt their victims in a ruthless manner and kill them, and leave to be eaten, Ramsay for dogs, that while Owen lets the zombies do the dirty work.