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Template:Character Orange man Yellow Man is the main antagonist of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator's minigame Midnight Motorist.

Midnight Motorist

During the minigame, the yellow Guy drives his Lamborghini on the motorway at a fast speed, reaching up to 1000 MPH.  Turning into a corner on lap 10 he drove to his home, stopping off at fart heads, but was barred by the Green Guy, telling him that he wasn't allowed to be there. Arriving at home, he was told by the Grey person watching TV, that his son "had a bad day". Not listening, the Orange Man barged up to his son's room, demanding to be let in. Deciding to get in from outside, he saw the window in his son's room had been broken. He figuring he had "run off to that place again" and he would be sorry when he gets back.

It is very likely that this character is William Afton, since he also has a purple car and owns a house surrounded by trees(FNAF 4 gameplay house).

This minigame happens in the same night that William killed Henry’s daughter, Charlotte Emily, since it is raining in both minigames and midnight motorist is called “Later that night” in the game files.

Midnight Motorist showed us an explanation on why Afton put cameras and the fredbear plush (both seen on sister location’s private room) to watch over his youngest son(Bite Victim/The crying child), since he used to run away from home.

BV might have gone to Jr’s, since it is the closest location to the Afton’s house and it seems to be a familiar restaurant(stated on Freddy Files).



FNAF 6 - Secret Minigame

Midnight Motorist in full.

Animation of him walking