Nurse Ratched is the villainess of the 1975 drama, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. She was played by Louise Fletcher.

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She ran an Oregon mental hospital with an iron fist. Happily toying with her patients, making them insane or worst, and giving them electric shock treatment if they opposed her. She was helped by her pretty colleague and another nurse and her vile orderlies. Nurse Ratched successfully fools her bosses into thinking she is doing what is best for the patients but is really making their lives a living hell for her own pleasure.

But when criminal villain turned hero, Randle McMurphy, gets enrolled she is nolonger running the show. He does a vote for the watching of a baseball game and when he loses, he pretends and makes believes that it's really a baseball game, which makes Nurse Ratched angry and puts him up for review. Then he takes the patients out sea fishing, which causes Nurse Ratched's bosses to try to figure out what to do with him and she suggests to keep him and that he stays because she likes the control of him and other people I can say and get into too.

But McMurphy is able to resist and fight her and her henchmen and women and later throws a party and later plans to escape. But the following morning is stopped by Nurse Ratched and her goons and finds Billy and a nice guy orderly. Billy, who is finally free of her control and problems as well, says he's not ashamed of having sex with a woman and is then defeated and back to who he was and his issues because of Nurse Ratched's bullying and saying she will talk to his mom about what he did. Scared he kills himself and McMurphy strangles her almost to death, but she lives and is not fired and yet loses her control and who she was but McMurphy is given a lobotomy nd is killed by an indian patient, who escapes.

Personality: Nurse Ratched is evil, manipulative, very bossy, twisted, crazy, cold, self-serving, sadistic, mean, and ruthless. She is the perfect example of power corrupts and realistically there were and are evil people, just like her, who are bullies, who run shows, in their line of work. Shows practically zero emotion of Billy's death and the other patients getting punished.

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