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Nora Dershlit is an antagonist who appeared in the iCarly episode, called iPsycho and also in movie called iStillPsycho and the Sam and Cat series in the Super Psycho episode. She was portrayed by Danielle Morrow.


Nora is a very lonely girl who only has her pet chicken named Maurice, who one day after the iCarly class sees one of her videos, they fell sorry for her and decide to throw a party for her, however after the party is over Nora shrewdly steals all the cell phones in the class without them noticing and arresting them, however Gibby one of the friends of the class soon realizes something clever and ends up fighting her, Nora almost defeat Gibby, but he managed to free everyone from the iCarly group, Sam then leaves Nora unconscious and she is arrested and held in juvenile detention. Following the episode, in a movie called the iStill Psycho. Nora was released from prison and soon after Carly managed to convince Sam and Freddie that she had changed, however, all that was a lie, as she usd it to kidnap them and arrested them and with the help of the help of the her parents Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit, and at the end of the episode Freddy's mother and T-Bo with a motorcycle rescued the iCarly gang, and Nora and her parents were sent to jail for kidnapping.

Sam & Cat[]

In the episode of her return, Nora appears in jail doing exercises and swearing to take revenge on iCarly watching the class photos, Nora with the help of her pet chicken destroys one of the guards who was with her, Nora attacks guard and flees the prison. Nora meets Gibby at the movies he tells her that Sam lives in Los Angeles, Nora later kidnaps Dice, and soon after Cat. She then fought Sam, however, Sam defeats her and Nora is arrested again.



  • Nora is very similar to Annie Wilkes of ''Misery'', since they are both obsessive people, and they hijack their targets of their obsession, and also both are insane.