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Nodoka "Megatherium" Uzaki is One of the Heroic Femme Antagonist from Killing Bites who is the Orphaned Girl who gets no moneys. She tries to tortures Yuuya Nomoto in any slights after He retreats Be cuz He has to helps Pure Inui to defeats (Her Owen Ally,) Her.

Minor Challenges[]

  • Nodoka Uzaki VS Gō X Lambert (Won by slash)
  • Nodoka Uzaki VS Eruza X Taiga (Won by slash)
  • Nodoka Uzaki VS Den Oonuma (Won by slash)
  • Nodoka Uzaki vs Ui Inaba (Won by slash)
  • Nodoka VS Hitomi (Won by slash)
  • Nodoka VS Yuuya Nomoto X Pure (Lose by slash)


She lately becames a Good Side after Pure and Nomoto beats Her down.

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