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Nobuyuki Sugou or aka Fairy King Oberon or Alberich is the main antagonist of Fairy Dance Arc at the end of the first season of the anime/manga known as Sword Art Online. He is also the both archenemy and rival of Kirito, and also former director of RECTO Progress Inc and also the ruler of ALfheim online.



Sugou was selected by Asuna's father to marry her, and he was soon adopted into his family by his father, and studied at the same school as Akihiro Kayaba, whom he saw with a rival, since the Sword Art online was clean for good, and since the SAO servers were untouchable, he managed to hack into the SAO servers through the router and get 300 minds from SAO players and incriminating Asuna as well, and manipulated their minds and people's emotions and memories who were even throwing some against their will. He then adopts his online Alfheim character as Fairy King Oberon. And like Fairy King Oberon he simply kept Asuna trapped and chained in a cage with a bird on top of the World Tree. And in the real world he confronted Kirito who was powerless in that situation, and also explessed his intentions marry Asuna who was unconscious. And while sucked kept her locked in the ALO, and he visits her constantly, he left her on the verge of tears, and harassing her and making her aware that he had control of the virtual world. After Kirito managed to climb World Tree and reach Asuna, however Oberon soon appeared and his privileges as an administrator and kept Kirito trapped with a powerful gravitational spell. Since Kirito and Asuna were unable to move because of the magic of gravity, he also manipulated the menu and called his chains which he used to arrest Asuna, since once Kirito expressed his protest against Oberon for mistreating Asuna, Oberon used Kirito's sword to stab and bullying  Kirito suffered real pain, Oberon then began to sexually assault Asuna in front of Kirito. Unfortunately Kayaba saved Kirito and gave the necessary details to sign in as Kayaba ID Heatliff which because ALO was a copy of SAO servers, and had more authority than ID Oberon, this gave Kirito voice command to override the authority of the Oberon supervisor.

Then the Oberon tried to use voice command to generate Excaliber which is ALO's strongest weapon to himself, most unsuccessfully. Kirito then repeated the voice command so that every damage he received was absorbed and sustained was 100%real. Even after Oberon tried to attack Kirito, but nevertheless Kirito defeated him easily after cutting off a piece of his face and hand and with the piece of his body and finally killed in the game, but the more he survived in the real world. In the real world, Sugou tried to kill and bullied on Kirito for revenge for defeating him so easily, since he had a bruised eye part, however Sugou tried to stab him the more he was wrong, and then Kazuko managed to overpower him and nearly killed him, but he choose not to do so and only made him unconscious. Sugou was later arrested, and at first he put all the blame on Kayaba, however after an employee of his revealed everything, Sugou then confessed to his crimes that made RECTO Progress Inc go down.


Sugou was a psychopath, sadistic, cruel, insensitive, arrogant and ruthless bully who simply used his stewardship authority to do what he wanted even if it was unfortunate for other people, he was also a perverted and depraved who also found himself a god among all living things, he also had no moral sense as he sexually harassed Asuna in front of Kirito. However, as he is a psychopath he usually hides these traits as being polite and soft spoken, and very rarely loses his temper and whenever he loses, he becomes brutal, violent and aggressive especially acting bullied on Kirito. He is also a manipulator and has a high intelligence that helps him out of his avatar.


Nobuyuki Sugou[]

As a human Sugou has short brown hair, he wears glasses and dark eyes in addition to wearing a business suit, and he is tall and wears a red tie, and during his fight with Kirito his eye gets swollen and bruised.

Fairy King Oberon[]

Like Oberon, Sugou has shoulder-length blond hair and a crown, he has green eyes and wings, he has a long dark green blanket and a green blanket, and he has two emerald jewels, and pale skin, and pointed ears.



  • Sugou is similar to Gaston in 1991's Beauty and the Beast and Nolan Sorrento in 2018's Ready Player One
  • Sugou was the first Evil Pure Evil as the main antagonist to appear in Sword Art Online, as the others would be PoHShoichi ShinkawaDeath GunQuinella and Gabriel Miller
  • It Sugou totally similar to Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones, as both were Complete Monter, both are cowards after being confronted by violence.