Mr. Whiskers
Background information
Feature films Frankenweenie
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Dee Bradley Baker
Performance model
Inspiration Dracula
Character information
Other names Kitty, Vampire Cat
Personality Quiet, creepy, mysterious, vicious, antagonistic
Appearance Normal form: White fluffy cat
Mutated form: Thin, black fur, long arms, legs, and neck, bat-like wings
Occupation Weird Girl's pet cat
Goal To kill Sparky
Friends Weird Girl
Enemies Sparky, Victor Frankenstein, Elsa Van Helsing, Persephone
Likes His owner
Dislikes Dogs, especially Sparky
Powers and abilities Flight
Weapons Teeth, claws
Fate Gets impaled by a stake
Typical Saying "Meow!"

Mr. Whiskers AKA Vampire Cat is the main and final antagonist in Tim Burton's 2012 film Frankenweenie. He is a Persian cat and the pet of Weird Girl. He, and many of the other animals in the film, were voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the filmEdit

Mr. Whiskers first appears held by Weird Girl as they come over to see Victor Frankenstein. There, Weird Girl tells of her prediction that Mr. Whiskers is a psychic who can see into the future. Her apparent proof is his droppings shaped like a V, which is the first letter in Victor's name. She thinks this means that Mr. Whiskers is dreaming of him and that something big will happen to him. After Victor leaves, Weird Girl asks her pet if he will dream of her, but the cat does not reply. They watch the baseball game where, unexpectedly, Victor's pet dog Sparky is hit by a car and dies. Filled with grief, Victor tries a science experiment on him to try and revive him. It initially doesn't work, but Sparky does come back to life. Sparky is kept in the basement away from his neighbors, but he wouldn't stay hidden for long.

Mr. Whiskers had been sneaking across the neighborhood and finally saw Sparky through the window. The two animals appear to talk to each other through animal talk, so it is unknown what they were saying. But whatever it was, this led to Sparky charging at Mr, Whiskers and the two animals ran all over the backyard and into the yard of the mayor, Mr. Burgermeister. Mr. Whiskers jumped on top of the mayor's plastic flamingos where Sparky couldn't reach him. The flamingos fell down and the chase continued, but Mr. Whiskers escaped by climbing on top of the roof of the house.

Word soon got out about how Sparky was revived, so the other children experimented on dead animals too. Weird Girl was trying to revive a dead bat, but the experiment went wrong and Mr. Whiskers was caught in the experiment. Weird Girl checked to see if her cat was okay, but Mr. Whiskers suddenly ripped his disguise off and showed his true form by growing fangs, becoming thinner and growing bat wings. Now fused with the bat, Mr. Whiskers had also shown that he is evil, vicious and dangerous, and flew out the window. The other experiments had went wrong too, and now mutated animals were attacking the town. In the chaos, Weird Girl followed Mr. Whiskers to a circus where all the other monsters had been defeated. Mr. Whiskers ignored his owner calling to him and instead turned his attentions of the dog of Elsa, Burgermeister's niece. He flew to the dog Persephone and grabbed her and flew away, followed by both Elsa and Victor. Elsa managed to get Persephone back but they were trapped in a windmill and they were still being attacked by the Vampire Cat. Elsa and Persephone fell from the windmill but was rescued by Victor. The windmill was accidently set on fire by the mob led by Sparky. Sparky ran into the windmill to save Victor, who was getting attacked by the cat. Sparky attacked the Vampire Cat and both Victor and the cat fell deeper into the windmill. Sparky rescued Victor but was dragged back in by the Vampire Cat. As they fought each other, a wooden stake fell from above the Vampire Cat and impaled the cat just as the burning windmill collapsed on the Vampire Cat, killing him.


  • Mr. Whisker is based on Count Dracula from Bram Stoker's novel of the same name. His death via being impaled by a stake is also a reference to Dracula's death.
  • Even after being mutated, Mr. Whiskers never attacked Weird Girl, hinting to some memories of his past.