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Background information
Feature films
Television programs American Horror Story
Video games
Park attractions
Actress Kathy Bates
Performance model
Character information
Other names Meed
Personality Mean, cruel, loyal, caring, sadistic, brutal, scheming, calculative, murderous
Occupation Michael Langdon's right-hand woman and assistant
Affiliations Bad
Goal To aid Wilhelmina Venable and ensure the power and tidiness of Outpost-3 (formerly)
To poison Venable's followers with venomous apples so she can survive (succeeded)
To serve Michael Langdon and aid his plans to destroy the world
Friends Michael Langdon, Ariel Augustus, Wilhelmina Venable (formerly), The Fist
Enemies Mallroy, Outpost-3, Wilhelmina Venable , Madison Montgomery, Cordellia Goode, Coco, Gallant, Emily
Minions The Fist, guards
Likes Destruction, Michael Langdon, obeying orders from her superiors
Dislikes Defeat, goodness
Powers and abilities Physical strength, endurance
Fate Gets burned alive (as Miriam Meed)
Gets shot to death by Madison Montgomery (as Miriam Meed 2.0, final death)
Returns as a mechanism and finds Devan Campbell, as she and Ariel Augustus are about to test his abilities

Miriam Meed is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Ariel Augustus) of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. She is Michael Langdon's personal assistant and creation, though she was formerly a servant only for Wilhelmina Venable.

She is portrayed by Kathy Bates, who also portrayed Annie Wilkes in Misery.


She was the slave and personal assistant of Wilhemina Venable, as she was secretly programmed by Michael Langdon, who was her true master and he plotted to kill Miss Venable. Meed, under Michael's programming, later convinced Venable to poison the kids with venomous apples, so they can both gain the sanctuary all for themselves, and therefore, they shall not die like their followers. Venable agreed to Venable's schemes and was willing to destroy her own outpost for survival. Later, Meed tortures Emily and Timothy for breaking the sexual rules of the camp. They do manage however to fight Meed off, causing her heart to fall out of her chest. Meed then injects apples with snake venom, and watches as Venable feeds her followers with the poisonous apples, and kills them off. Meed and Venable get interviewed by Michael, who then reveals to them that he programmed Meed to conspire against Outpost-3, and that the sanctuary was only faked. Meed attempts to shoot Michael for his betrayal, but after Michael reprograms her she aims the gun at Venable and kills her. Michael reveals that he created Meed, and that she was purposed to aid him against the entire world populace. Meed pledges her loyalty to Michael, as she salutes and replies "hail satan". Michael however senses powerful and living beings standing nearby, as they both realize that not everyone is dead anymore, and that some victims have come back to life. Meed later prepares to start a war against the warlocks, composed by Mallory and Coco (who were formerly Outpost-3 inhabitants), Cordellia Goode, Madison Montgomery and Queenie. Later, she tries to lure Coco into a deadly trap, but before she could do so, Cordellia's bodyguards capture her and tie her up to a flagpole. As she gets burnt alive under Cordellia's orders along with Ariel Augustus and his assistant Baldwin Pennypacker, she reveals in her last breath that Michael is on his way to bring the world to it's end.

Later, Michael travels back in time takes over a company of robotic engineering, owned by Ms. Venable. builds an android copy of Miriam Meed, which the abandoned spirit possesses and brings it's wrath upon the entire world.

Back to the present, Michael and Meed are about to fight the witches. After Dinah is killed by Marie Laveu, Meed is shot by Madison Montgomery, and her robotic body collapses. Later, however, she is revived one more time and she comes with Anton LaVey to see if the new anti-christ, Devan Campbell, is able to bring more chaos to the world.