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Council of Disney Villains, also called the "Disney Villains Council", the "Villains Council", "Council of Villains", the "Disney Villain Council", or the "Villain Council", are antagonists in the first Kingdom Hearts.


Maleficent-leader of the council. Destroyed her world and managed to kidnap the Princess of Heart from there.

Pete-Maleficent's true second in command. While not seen, Pete was a member at this time. Sent to collect Heartless for Maleficent's army.

Hades-Maleficent's second in command.

Jafar-Was the only villain to find both his worlds Keyhole and Princess of Heart.

Oogie Boogie-Ruler of Bug Day

Captain Hook-Used his ship as the villains main form of travel.

Ursula-Sea Witch

Master Xehanort-True Leader

Scar-is given control of the Heartless by Pete and joins.

Hector Barbossa-Former Member turned Hero


Dr.Facilier-Hade's Second in command

Zira-Scar's Successor

Davy Jones-Replaces Barbossa

Scroop-Killer of Heroes

Shadow Blot-Pete's second in command

Negative Photo Mickey-Pete's 3rd in command

Zurg-Ruler of Planet Z

Darth Sidious-Ruler of Death Star

Alice Angel-Rival of Bendy