Male Carnotaurus
Background information
Feature films Dinosaur
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions DINOSAUR
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Evil, brutal, ruthless
Appearance A Carnotaurus sastrei
Occupation The Female Carnotaurus' mate
Goal To kill Neera and Aladar and his herd, destroy the Nesting Grounds and rule the Dinosaur Kingdom.[all failed]
Friends Female Carnotaurus, Velociraptors
Enemies Aladar, Neera
Minions Female Carnotaurus, Velociraptors
Likes killing
Dislikes Aladar, Neera, being defeated
Powers and abilities
Weapons claws, teeth
Fate Falls to his death.
Typical Saying

The Male Carnotaurus is the primary antagonist of Dinosaur. He is larger and his mate, the Female Carnotaurus, is his minion. He is a carnivorous therapod dinosaur like Tyrannosaurus One-Eye from Speckles: The Tarbosaurus & Rudy from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Background Edit

Physical Appearance

He is a vicious-looking, meat-eating dinosaur with red scales, a large tail, sharp teeth, and short horns. He is larger and physically stronger than his mate.

Appearances Edit


He first appears at the beginning of the film where a young Parasaurolophus chases a flying lizard into the jungle. The flying lizard eventually landed on what appeared to be the bark of a large tree. The young dinosaur looks up to where the reptile is, but before it can get close, saliva falls on the branch next to it, causing the young dinosaur to look up where the lizard landed: the nose of the Male Carnotaurus, which quickly awakens. The young Parasaurolophus runs out of the jungle in terror, getting the attention of many of the herbivorous dinosaurs. The Carnotaurus bursts out of the treeline immediately after and starts chasing the dinosaurs, smashing all but one of the eggs in an Iguanodon's nest in the process. Ultimately, the chase ends when the Carnotaurus runs down and kills a Pachyrhinosaurus, because the herbivorous dinosaur is unable to run too fast.

At the middle of the film, he and his mate scare off a pack of Velociraptors from the remains of a Struthiomimus. The pair then go after the herd in which Aladar, his lemur family and dinosaur friends are in by following the tracks left behind.

Later, Bruton and a scout are attacked by the Carnotaurus while searching for water. Bruton escapes to warn Kron, albeit injured, as the scout is killed by them. As soon as Bruton tells Kron, he is left behind to fend for himself, having unintentionally led the predators to the rest of the herd. That night, the Carnotaurs stop for water before noticing new tracks in the distance and resuming their hunt.

Later, as Aladar, his family, friends and Bruton take shelter from a rainstorm in a cave, the Carnotaurs inevitably discover them and attack. Bruton comes to the rescue and sacrifices himself by causing a cave-in, burying the Female Carnotaurus. The Male Carnotaurus survives, however, leaving and roaring in vengeance, before continuing his search for the herd.

After Aladar and company find the Nesting Grounds, Aladar rushes back to warn Kron's herd about the rock pile and ravine blocking the main entrance. On the way there, he sees a dead Stygimoloch and quickly hides when he hears the Male Carnotaurus coming to eat the Stygimoloch. Aladar manages to escape shortly after, unintentionally drawing the Male Carnotaurus' attention.

The next day, Aladar reaches the herd and tries to warn Kron about the approaching Carnotaur. Kron refuses to listen, however, as he thinks Aladar is leading the carnivore right to the herd. After his battle with Kron, Aladar assumes the herd's leadership, thanks to Neera who stops Kron from killing Alader. Unfortunately, the Carnotaur arrives shortly after and the herd panics. Aladar orders the herd to stand together to avoid being picked off. The plan works and the Carnotaur backs down. Suddenly, it spots Kron and runs after him, with Neera and Aladar not far behind. After Kron climbs the rocks only to find himself facing a cliff, the Carnotaur corners him. Kron fights back, but the Carnotaur gains the upper hand and bites him in the back and tosses him against a rock. As he is about to finish him off, Neera comes and assaults the Carnotaur in an attempt to save her brother, but is easily overpowered. The Carnotaur then prepares to finish Neera, then Aladar arrives and whips it away from her, but the Carnotaur knocks him away with his tail, however, Alader quickly gets back up and manages to push the Carnotaur to the edge of the cliff. As the Carnotaur faces Aladar, its heavy weight causes the cliff ledge to crumble. As the cliff starts to crack, the Carnotaur grabs Aladar and tries to pull him down along with it, but fails, and the Carnotaur falls off the cliff to its death in the jagged rocks below.

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