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Makuta Teridax (known as Makuta or also Teridax) is the major antagonist of the Bionicle series. He was the evil leader of the organization that is called Brotherhood of Makuta, he is the friend and brother of Mata Nui and Lieutenant Makuta Miserix, trustworthy one who jealous of Mata Nui, which led to overthrowing the Great Spirit and governs the Matoran, the people he has promised to protect, he is also known for planning most of the events of the story throughout the series and orchestrating the minutest details in an attempt to govern Matoran Universe.


Teridax was totally obsessed with absolute power and made every effort to obtain it, he soon became an evil leader, he proved to be a narcissistic tracer and psychopath who was totally willing to commit innumerable acrossities without showing any remorse or empathy for the others whom he regarded as pedestrians and took no effort to discard them when they were no longer useful in his plans. Teridax was also very manipulative, traitorous and deceitful because he simply manipulated other beings to help him in his cause to get what he wanted. And always claiming that his actions were for the good of the universe, which he dismantled when he convinced his colleague Makuta to join him.

At first Teridax seemed to be very polite and charismatic in relation to other being. However, all this was nothing more than a facade, since he hides his personality, he was megalomaniac and very egocentric, cruel and unforgiving to achieves his goals, he treated both allies and enemies as pawns so he could manipulate and discard them whem they lost their usefulness, he too went so far as to betray them and leave them to die instead of helping them. The intellect of Teridax allowed him to study and analyze all possibilities.    



In 100, years ago, Teridax was created by Mata Nui to serve the Brotherhood, whose main purpose was to modify the creatures as needed, the Brotherhood was soon in a position to protect the people who were chosen by Mata Nui, who was was the position to protect the people who were chosen by Mata Nui, who was the Matoran. With that region of Miserix, and at that point Teridax and Mata Nui were very close that even they were considered brothers, however Teridax soon plans of the body of Mata Nui and to restore the destroyed planet of Spherus Magna, something Teridax didn't known about. Thus, eighty thousand years later, the Brotherhood had discovered the traitor named Takadok who had a military alliance with the League of Six Kingdoms and who were planning to overthrow Mata Nui himself, so Toa and Teridax lead a preemptive strike against the League and their leaders who were called Barraki. 

After the Barraki were soon captured and when Teridax was going to execute them, Botar then appeared and the two began to argue about the Barraki's fate until Botar then teleports, taking Barraki with him on The Pit, and though Teridax had asked what the stranger had done with Barraki, he would then more often consider that the goal of the final League was to conclude that a Barraki was unworthy to replace Great Spirit. But Nevertheless, he began to think of himself taking over Matoran's universe as leader and with that spurred on by this thought of dominating, he begame jealous of Mata Nui. He then began of think of a way to overthrow Mata Nui and with the information that was gathered from Mutran, he was able to plan a plan for his scheme. 

Then Teridax soon revealed to another Makuta his plan that it was to put Mata Nui to sleep and thus intending to take his place in the minds of Matoran as the savior. So Miserix resisted it, but those Makuta who supported him were killed or fled. And after a long fight Teridax reinstated the Brotherhood leadership and ordered Miserix to be executed. Although the Makuta, Krika and Spiriah who were ordered to do so did not kill him. Krika then imprisoned him on a volcano in Artidax. With that, Teridax soon put her plan into action and selected the six Toa to be Teridax's bodyguards. 


Metru Nui[]

And when the wether was a year in fruition, and although he promised not to, Teridax then kidnaps Turaga Dume who is the leader of Metru Nui, and he posing from Dume, and sent Toa guarding the city to close down. Sea gates they never returned. And for that he then hired the Dark Hunter, Nidhiki and Krekka who helped him out of the city and also the Hunter with the codename Eliminator, who stood outside and killed the Toa who were sent to close the gate. He also called a predatory bird named Nivawk to act as a spy. However only Toa Lhikan was was left behind as the city keeper. And then when he was taken, Dume then hired Vekama, who is the best mask maker, so he can make Mask of Time that would help him with plans. Dume later then created a plant called Morbukakh and dropped it on the outskirts of Ta-Metru. After Morbukakh's factory took Matoran downtown, Lhikan became suspicious and suspected that he could be killed and then decided it was time to choose Matoran as the new Toa. Teridax tried to subtly influence this decision so that Lhikan chose Toa not to be able to defeat him, but nevertheless Mata Nui suspected a future danger and let Teridax think that he chose Toa who could not defeat him, and with that the chosen Toa were the ones destined for success. 

While the new Toa Metru, which also includes Vakama, were able to destroy Morbukakh, Teridax then sued, made agents Vahki to continue his work that Morbukakh had begun. And kidnapping Matoran and placing him is a sphere that would erase his memory, and allowing Teridax to save them from prison. He then swims the Vahi to speed up the process of memory erasure, which would easily convince them of speed as the new Great Spirit. However, when Toa Metrui discovered his plot, it was too late and the entire population of Metru Nui had been put into spheres, and Teridax hit Mata Nui and put him in a coma.

The Toa then try to leave the city with some spheres, thrying to get back to the rest, but Teridax chased them and increased their power by absorbing Nidhiki, Krekka and Nivawk in their body and along with the city's food. Vakama went to face him alone tried to use vahi, and offered him a position in his brotherhood as part of his essence, but Vakama refuse him. However, Vakama's unexpectedness led both of them to be caught by the slow-motion effect of the mask. Teridax then fires a blast when Lhikan who is now Turaga jumped in the path and carried the weight of the blast through Vakama, and he died from the wound, And inspired by Lhikan's sacrifice, Vakama then defies Teridax, and with the help of the two Toa Metru, sealed Teridax in a solid protogerm prison. 

Dark Times[]

Even after his arrest, he was not helpless, and telepathically summoned two of his brotherhood lieutenants Roodaka and Sidorak to bring Visorak's army to Metru Nui. And once Roodaka cut off a small fragment of the prison, intending to absorb Toa's elemental powers and use them to break the seal. However, things did not go as planned and Roodaka was attacked with explosions of elemental and Teridax escapes, and Teridax's first action after being released was teleporting Roodaka away of the Toa, who considered her dead. and the prison fragment was re-linked by Toa Metru, who was later used to re-think Teridax in telling her story. 

Shortly thereafter Teridax began searching for the Vahi, which had fallen into the sea during his Vakama. But Vakama was also looking for the mask, as was the Voporak who sought on behalf of the Dark Hunters. Teridax met Vakama and imprisoned him in an illusion, and Teridax was furious to learn that Voporak took the mask. He then offered Vakama a loaf until they recovered the Vahi, and kept his word. And when the leader of the Dark Hunters, Shadowed One came hunting down the Toa that he was sure were responsible for the deaths of Nidhiki and Krekka. Teridax then began negotiating with Shadowed Onem but nevertheless Vakama interrupted the negotiations when he said that it was Teridax that killed Nidhiki and Krekka. Enraged by this the two Hunters attacked Teridax and violated his armor, but Teridax was able to knock out Voporax and make Shadowed One age in Voporak's defensive field. And because of his, Shadowed One decided to declare war on the Teridax brotherhood, and in the confusion Vakama took Vahi and began to fly away.

Soon after, Teridax located Vakama and demanded Vahi, but Vakama threatened to destroy the mask, and all the spacetime continuum, and with Teridax reluctant to it, he agreed to give a year of peace, and with Matoran free and let the others Metru Nui's allies alone. He then returned to Destral and challenged Icarax to terrorize Matoran with his Manas. He let Icarax live the time. He then went to one of his many lairs callled Mangaia. 

This year, Vakama along with Toa Metru brought Matoran to Mata Nui Island, and became Turaga and led them to the construction of the villages. Meanwhile, Teridax located Matoran who was lost, and was over, he began harassing the Matoran creating Kraata and using them to enslave Rahi's place, and with infected Kanohi and forcing them to attack the villages, and it was hoped that their aim was to intimidate Matoran into surrender, and most importantly to keep Matoran away from Metru Nui. But the Matoran retaliated by exposing the Rahi and releasing some of Teridax's control. However Teridax would still continue to enslave more, and this deadlock would continue for almost a thousand years.  

The Arrival of the Toa[]

Takua was a wanderer who managed to find six Toa Stones that were all scattered about, created and hidden when the Tarugas were actually the Toa Metrus. Bringing them all together in the Kini-Nui Temple and he summoned the Toa Mata to deal with the Mata Nui. In the beginning, Teridax tested these beings to make sure that they were all real Toa, including with the help of Ahkmou to spread the epidemic among PO-Matoran. He soon came to combat it personally. He then convinced, he backed off and awakened the Bohrok and the swarms to deal with the Toa. He knew that Bohrok could defeat the Toa, but at least he served as a distraction to keep the heroes busy. After the swarmss failed, there was another that the Bohrok-Kal elite could be a threat to the Toa. However, the Toa prevailed in the end against the Bohrok, turning into the Toa Nuve its most powerful evolution until then. Mask of Light

Mask of Light[]

With all the time and forget that the Teridax planned for all this time, Takua soon finds a legendary Avokki Mask of Light, after which Teridax soon sent a Rahkshi so he could prevent the prophecy from becoming real. He soon had a concussion against Takua, and threatening Takua that the consequences could be fatal to his friend Jeller if he did not give the Teridax mask, bull all of that failed when Takua renamed himself as Takanuva after the warning had his as true, Jeller soon died in battle. Soon after Takanuva went to defy Teridax alone, and although he got there, they soon discussed and Teridax challeged Takanuva for a Matoran car game sport, the game then began with him damaging much of the lair, when the Matoran finally succeeded Teridax had taken the last resting pillar of the lair, causing it to collapse and thus cutting off the Matoran's escape route,Takanuva then attempted to rip the Mask of Shadows and so the two fell into the energized protoderm pool and emerged as the finally being Takutanuva.

Takutanuva soon opened the way for Metru Nui to pass, and along with the Teridax and the Mask of Light that enlightened him, and even breought Jaller back to life, but because of the energy expended in the resurrection made Takutanuva very weak and the gate that he held down the crushing, Takanuva was soon restored from his mask, he soon began to suspect if the world is dead by the Teridax, and he soon thought that Teridax was to leave Matoran    

Voya Nui[]

Somehow the Six Skakdi Dark Hunter, heard about the supposed death of Teridax, they invaded the Makuta dormain. After an accident happened that one of the Skakdi was divided into two beings, the essence of Teridax soon implanted all the knowledge and information of Kanohi Ignika in their minds, manipulating them so that they were to travel until Voya Nui and recovered the mask of him. Teridax soon forced his gaseuos form and it was by pure willpower, and followed Skakdi to the island. Arriving there, Teridax soon found a Mata Nui who is dying and sought to use the Ignika to save himself, soon after, in an ironic way, Teridax saved the life of the Great Spirit. 

He then killed at remaining Makuta, thus leaving no other betrayal being his to occur. Skakdi deceives the inhabitants of Matoran to believe that they were the Toa, Teridax then succeeds, hypnotize the Toa Nui, the slave, Teridax influence one of them, Zarta, to solidify the essence of the cristalline tank, then this material was used to hypnotize the Voya Nui Matoran and the slaves of Skakdi, Teridax was in the form of a vessel. Recovering your soon realized that Brutaka had extracted the essence of Teridax by weakening him and making him flee and follow the Toa Inika and then Mahri Nui. When Toa made trip to the Cord, Teridax soon attempted to posses the body of the Matoro when the Toa of Ice to alone in the form of spirit, Toa Inika finally discovered what was happening destroyed Matoro's body, expelling Teridax out.      

Reign of Shadows[]

The Toa Nuva used the Ignika to successfully awaken the Great Spirit. However, Teridax intercepts the spirit of Mata Nui before he can return to his body, and he used the Ignika to saddle him, overcoming the mask's consciousness and substituting Mata Nui. After that, thousands of years planning, Teridax's plan finally materialized when he soon emerged from the water of Aqua Magan, in a hige robotic body of Mata Nui, which housed him thoughout Universe Matoran. Teridax soon killed all the rest, with the intention of not leaving another traitor beyond himself. With divine control in his hands, Teridax soon made his presence as the new Great Spirit of the universe. In his first act was to form a constellation of Kanohi Kraakhan in the Wall of Stars. He then announced a new order for all the species within him. His second act was to throw the Kanohi Ignika into space, and exiled Mata Nui with no chance of saving his people. Teridax began with the Reign of Shadow, and getting used to his new form and soon concentrated on ridding his body of all resistance and free will.    


After a few weeks that he controlled the purge from within his body, Teridax the presence of Mata Nui who was in Bara Magna, and then he unintentionally sent Ignika, and furious with his survival he then abandoned his ambition to rule the Matoran Universe and ordered his troops to go down to Southern Island in preparation for an invasion, and thus activating his body's propulsion systems, Teridax lauched himself into space for Bara Magna, and while Teridax chose to kill Mata Nui to get us started your Matoran Universe conquest plans.  And when Teridax came to Baran Magna, he soon confronted a robot and after a while he soon realized that the robot was actually Mata Nui disguise to face Teridax that his face Teridax. Mata Nui then asked him restore Spherus Magna and also revealed to Teridax that his fate was mutual and that it was the goal of the Great Spirit Robot, but Teridax refused to listen to him and attacked him, Teridax then mocked Mata Nui. Having affection for the inhabitants of Bara Magna and the inhabitants of Matoran Universe, while Teridax fought Mata Nui, Teridax ordered her Rahkshi army to incite a large-scale war on Earth's surface.

As the battle progressed, Mata Nui managed to convince Teridax to use the Great Spirit Robot's gravitational systems to lure Bota Magna and Aqua Magna into Bara Magna's direction, however Teridax chose to destroy Bara Magna with the same moment Teridax is distracted by the massive destruction of Toa Tahu caused by his troops, and Mata Nui seizes the opportunity and pushes Teridax to the Bota Magna, killing Teridax with the crash and destruction of his head with impact from the jungle moon.    

Movie Version[]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • The staff of Darkness: Teridax has a magic staff he can manipulate the power of Darkness. 
  • Kraaka Powers: He, like the other Makuta, can channel his powers through the powers of 42 Kraata. 
  • Shapeshifting: And like the rest of his race he can take the form of a creature he wants. 
  • Antidermis: And like all Makuta, Teridax wears armor that when Teridax evolved into an Antidermis-based energy, his armor is floored with prostosteel and to prevent dissipation. And beings who are skeptical of this substance make them more suggestible, and that the Piraka used advantage to their advantage to enslave Voya Nui's Matoran, yet the gang had no idea they were being used and manipulated by Teridax.
  • Kanohi Kraahkan: His Great Kanohi that Teridax wears shortly before his reign begins, and in addition to possessing the hearts of other beings with empty emotions such as fear and anger. And after his fight against Takanuva, he then abandoned the mask along with his body. And the mask was unfortunately destroyed when Icaraz was killed in battle against. 
  • Shadow Element: Aand just like all Makuta, he can manipulate the shadow, be it protecting himself from attacks and attacking enemies with shadow energy rays even projecting his own spirit through the shadows, he also manipulate the shadow matter, either as a giant hand or an ethereal to manipulate your enemies.
  • Immortality: Teridax is immortal and one of the oldest beings in the series.
  • Manipulation: Teridax is also very manipulative, being one of his most dangerous weapon, he can manipulate, control and deceive people into achieving their goals.



  • Although Teridax had his first name with Makuta, many referred to them as Metru Nui's Makuta, he is very rarely called that except by his colleagues Makuta or many others.