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Maestro is the evil futuristic version of the super-hero Marvel called as Hulk, Maestro was the most antagonistic counterpart against the green hero, he is the main antagonist Hulk: Future Imperfect.

History[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

It is not known very much how the Maestro became what he is, but what somehow he lodged at his obscure side, and eliminated most of the heroes and dominated the entire world after apocalypse, and named as Dystopian, with which he dominates with iron hand.

Comic Book[edit | edit source]

Hulk: Future Imperfect[edit | edit source]

Hulk has been transported to a bleak future where the world is dominated by Maestro who was responsible for war and destruction by the world and often behaving with the warlords when a group is attacked by the Dystopian police where they ended up kill one of the group's surrenders, then Hulk to the Dystopian cops and save the rebels, soon after the Maestro is informed by one of his minions about the appearance of the Hulk, after him in his palace surrounded by his sexual slaves.

Soon after Hulk goes along with Janis Jones to the hiding place of the rebels where he finds a trophy room where he soon sees his old friend Rick Jones who is practically an old man, Rick Jones soon explains to the Hulk that had uses the machine of the time of the time of Dr. Doom, to request for help from Janis for the future, Jones soon explains that in this future happened the third world war that ended up devastating the great part of the world with nuclear attacks, and soon after came another war that ended up with almost all life on Earth, and some surviving humans went up to the subterraneous, they found the Hulk that it in addition absorb much of the radiation, and getting more powerful. Later it is also revealed that the Maestro and the Hulk of the future are the same person and that the Maestro himself created a society in which he was supreme leader and named the city of Distopian. With that soon after, the Maestro traces the rebels and soon begins to invade the hiding place of the rebels and if it meets with the younger version of him that is the Hulk, they then begins to face in a way brutally and violently and even destroying several parts of the city because of the confrontation, but sooner the Maestro begins to more advantage than the Hulk and breaks the neck of the green hero, soon after the Hulk is taken by the palace of the Maestro.

In the Maestro's palace, the Maestro himself begins treating him as his guest of honor and tries to persuade him to join him and the Hulk denies, and at one point, the Hulk tries to kill the Maestro with an advanced weapon that can kill it, and the Hulk points to his own head believing if he died the Maestro would cease to exist, yet the Maestro soon explains that the timelines do not work that way, and that the Maestro is an alternative future because of the Hulk changes he accidentally created a new timeline where the Maestro actually exists because of this, so if the Hulk commits suicide, the Maestro will continue to exist, so with that Hulk gives up the idea of killing himself. The Maestro explains to the Hulk that the has always been treated with a monster more were the humans that caused all this destruction, and that they are the real monster and that's why he created this new world he wants to show for his younger version that his way of life is the correct one, he tries to convince the Hulk to join him by asking the Hulk to join him so he can reign under the world together, and he says they will think about it on a certain day the Minister of the Maestro goes to his room to try to assassinate him while he sleeps, hoping to avoid the existence of the Maestro and that he be the absolute leader, but the Hulk had already prepare for this and them neutralizes the Minister, he had already prepared before an invasion of the rebels.

And all this was staged by the Hulk, he then makes the Minister take him to where the Maestro is, however, the Maestro was already waiting for it, the Maestro then causes a massacre and kills the Minister for his betrayal, and he turns against the Hulk. Soon after, the Maestro comes face-to-face with Rick Jones who is now an old man, however, the Maestro does not care about him, and kills Rick Jones by throwing him to make them fall on Wolverine's adamantium bone. The Hulk is no match for the Maestro, who has more experience and more radiation power than the Hulk. But the Hulk ends up attracting the Maestro to his new plan, they arrive at the time machine of Dr. Doom and when they arrive, he falls into a trap, the Hulk triggers the machine that ends up killing the Maestro. 

Other Media[edit | edit source]

Contest of Champions[edit | edit source]

In this game, the story of the Maestro is the same as in the comic books, he is the main antagonist of the series.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.[edit | edit source]

In this story, it is similar to that of the Maestro comic books, except Rick that had survived and apparently by unknown ways did not age, but lost his arm after the confrontation with the Maestro in fight against him, and unlike his comic book counterpart he had a much more end honored and redeemed in the end.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Maestro at the beginning as Hulk was a fair and honest superhero good and kind, soon after in the future after the apocalyptic, he eventually developed a sadistic, cruel, selfish, barbaric, brutal, manipulative and tyrannical personality. He also had no empathy when saw his former best friend Rick Jones and did not care after killing him without feeling any remorse for his death. He also showed irritation when the Hulk opposed him and tried to kill him, he also showed contempt for the Minister given how he killed him. 

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Maestro for being a older version of the Hulk he had the same powers as the Hulk, so more experience and he had more radiation than the Hulk itself this showed to have much more radiation than the Hulk itself this showed to have much more advantage than its never version, it had resistance to damage and disease, and also combined with the strength of the Hulk and the intelligence of the Bruce Banner, this made the Maestro one of the most dangerous enemies that the Hulk ever faced, the Maestro was also able to reanimate and slow aging every time and was revived after absorb the Gamma energy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Maestro is very similar to Dark Danny, already that both became villains because of an event, Maestro absorbed the Gamma energy, and Dark Danny separated from his humanity and absorbed the ghost form of Vlad Plasmius, and both are version of the future alternative of the heroes and both are Pure Evil.
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