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Lupus (Real Name: Carl) is the Minor Extra Antagonist from Gacha League who affiliates Team Corruptions. He is an Official Employee of DJ X who is a Leader of His Own Tribes, The X Nations and is a Taker down of DJ Clonuk.

He is created by CyanP. He also appears and returns in Gacha Life 2 - The Club where He works for Pandora in orders to continues Himself to finds a Worthy Arch-Enemies and Currently, not much info is known about Him so far, other than He's a Character who appeared in the Animated Series, Cyanthia.

He is a Big Buff Fire German Guy who joins Sol and is One of the Troublemakers Forever in the Histories the Others was Aysel, Tybi and Zesha. Lupus also cares about taking down DJ Lyte after He barges in to kicks the Window because He retreats the Ice Lands.

He was Both voiced by Wataru Hatano in Anime Adaptions and from Jim Foronda in Netflix Adaptions. The Whom in Dub titles who also voices Muscular from My Hero Academia.


Lupus gets His Tall Muscle. He was a Cyborg who has His Red Mohawk and Facial, wears an Armor in His Suits and Has Armbands and Belts. He had a Scars in His Eyes and uses His Light Red Shades to wears a Black and Red Boots and Pants. Before His Facial Appearance, He wears a Black Capes using His Dark Red and Black Mask.


He is a Delusional, Sociopath, Hot Headed, Sadistic and Warrior in Him. Like Cyko, To motivates His deeds, He was Mischievous and Manipulator. He needs Fire and Earth to controls His Manly Body even He was about to be Killed, He muscle will not passed away to kills Everyone for those who gets in His Ways.

He has causes a Property Damages for taking down the Innocent People and Policemen including DJ Clonuk, DJ Asif, DJ Kōda, DJ Az and Olivia. He also hates DJ Lyte who always screws Him after He cares about taking down DJ Vinyl during the Invasion of the Vinyl Club where this is the 1st Event of Anime Gacha.

He serves DJ X His Goals before He was taked down by Him for not taking down Lucas Uber before the Post-Timeskip. He also teams up with Sol, The Corruption, Shadow and Akumu The Nightmare when He enjoys killing Someone else so He can became Famous rather than Every Vigilantes in the Vinyl Club.

In 1 Year Pass, after Gacha Summoner finishes Sol and the Corruptions, He was hired by the Evil Corruption's Daughter, Pandora who is responsible of creating the War Between the Events of Lunime. He also becomes Extra Worse rather than Aysel and Tybi when He fights Kuku, Swimmer Aoi, Baller Kugari, Kazeto Nekoshima and Karma.

Full Synopsis

Past Flashbacks

Carl was born in German where He was created by Mr. Whale and Dr. Gacha until Their Both Deaths. He meets His Grandfather in orders to defends Himself to finds a Strength so His Parents can be proud of Him before He grows up as a Muscular Guy.

When He was a Teenager and before He dyed His Hair into Red, He bas been hit His Feelings by Every Drug Members in the Classmates during the School Break. In the Aftermath after He grows up into a Tall Man and dyed His Hair, He kills All of the Delinquents, Thus saving a Girl named Bowmaster Ellyn who is a Gentle, Good and Kind.

Carl trains Ellyn how to be like Him when She grows up as a Teenager in orders to be Stronger in the Histories. Always in a Good Mood dispite Her Situation, She loves the Feeling of the Wind on Her Body, and being able to communicate with it.

Before He affiliates the Team Corruptions, He finishes the 5 Monsters with His Gorilla Strength and cheers up with His Brute Friends until it happens that there was a Criminal Forever who slices of Carl's eyes (similar to DJ Vinyl punching Xavier's eyes), He was incarcerated by the Brute Officers and Someone has stole His Lifeless Body.

It was Unknown that His Lifeless Body wasn't exposed in a Funeral with a Sand and Outfit as of Ellyn tearing in front of Her Mentor's Grave where it was released that Sol and Corruption saves His Lifeless Body. Carl doesn't know how He wants to works for Corruptions when Sol asks His Questions that He wants to be the Part of X Nations or will He be incarcerated by Policemen.

Instead of staying as a Human and nothing to know that He survives, Carl joins the Leader of Corruptions and will now be the X Soldier, removing the Parts of His Brutes and will be called, Lupus who is despite to be a Bloodthirsty Barbarian in orders to fights and attacks Someone who gets in His Ways.

Lately this Jet Ace scene where all of the Red Sky come through the Night, Xavier Mas exhausted His lifeless body and faints being His Injuries and was been seen locked by Minions. After being seen in a Locker Room, He meets the Corruption and Akumu to sees all of the races with Damien and Cykopath and eventually best friends with Carl. He was sent in an Ice Lands before He turns the Sky X, He brutalizes and takes down all of the Animals including that They All turns Heels. Shadow was seen in a King's Chair and scratching Headless Body by Xavier Mas, He tries to kills Him but He mischiefs Him for His Deeds. Shadow knowing the Truth about Luis and Lucas Uber's deeds for assaulting Him without permissions, Shadow and He tries to understands Each Others but Xavier Mas dub titles Himself and names the Leader of X Nations, DJ X and vows His exact vengeance who punches Him without permissions.

Put The Record On

Shadow and Akumu The Nightmare was seen in the X Nations and hires DJ X to takes down All of the Vinyl Club and haves the Ultimate Record. He was seen in the Prisonment where Lupus takes down Someone for those who assaults Him, He hit's Prisoner's Feelings and would go on a Lunch Days with Team Corruptions before it was exposed that DJ Clonuk kills All of the X Animals.

He had a Buttler who investigates and spies the Vinyl Club to meets Mr. Vinyl alive taunting to be killed by Him, He lately meets DJ Clonuk without Mr. Lyte in PTRO Sections and makes a faster to tells Mr. X as a Good News about their deeds and considering to takes down em. The Buttler was free to leave behind Lupus meeting DJ X as a Good News, He lately Hyper acts and ready to meets all of His long time friends. They Three sends the X Nations and deeds to makes the sides that They will have the Ultimate Record.

Anime Gacha

After the 6:O Clock Pm starts to gets the Night Green, the X Soldiers shows up and begins. Lupus goes wild and battles DJ Supporters that They every helps DJ Lyte. Everyone died in a Plague of X while He buys a Drinks for His Friends, the Policemen assails and tries to kills the Leader of X, but Lupus saves His Best Friend Forever against Them uses His left muscle and showing off His Buff Appearance. Lupus fights and attacks the Policemen that They ever tortures Him in any slights.

DJ X shows His Face to DJ Vinyl and DJ Clonuk helps and defends Him, but Lupus cames after Xavier says His Name. Lupus gets mad and challenges DJ Clonuk that He'll ever stay away from His Best Friend Forever. He tries to kills Him by His Sword but His Hammer attacks His Face, starts to amoks and ruins Him for getting in His ways. DJ Clonuk tries to uses His Hands but Lupus can grows His Muscle and towers Himself as the Giant German Guy to takes down Him. He stomps, gets very angry and uses His Leg twices on His Face Throwing Away. But DJ Clonuk jumps highly, chases and nearly destroys Lupus. He wants in DJ Vinyl's Room but takes down Him. DJ Asif tries to assails Him but brutalized by Him, He shoots DJ Kōda, DJ Az and Olivia for getting in His ways.

Lupus don't wanna kills DJ Numbers, DJ Rodri, Veneeria and DJ Sweetzy but only DJ Vinyl was. After He barges in His Room, DJ Lyte shows up and begins. He kicks His Face for barging in the Hospital and uses His Leg to throws Him away. Xavier Mas warns Lupus to takes down DJ Vinyl but was interrupted by His younger brother, Lucas Uber. He shows that He brutally hates His tribes and makes fun of His Friends' injuries and wanting Him to passed away, but His downfall will never stay away from that.

DJ Lyte assaults and punches Lupus' Face if He ever takes down His Friends. He starts to strangles with His Hammer to amoks Him but He assails Him for killing His Supporters, Feeding Him in a Resturant, He splits Him and wents out back. Lucas understands Lupus to pees On His Female X Soldier's pussies showing Their both panties, Red and twerks so badly to death by wets. He uses Him to kills His Male Comrades for Shooting His Back, kicks His tummy and steals His Hammer.

Lupus gets His Tall Muscle and grows Tall Heights again to hijacks Lucas but countered by Him who uses His Hammer. After He Tortures His Hammer in any slights, He goes wild over His Favorite Weapon and Banes His Manly Body to turns into a Monstrous Form growing some of the Largest Size. Lupus attacks Lucas but He chases Him among the Vinyl City. He takes down the Buildings and loses to takes down Him for using His Female Supporters who show Their Wet Panties, Cyan and His Shades was at least Expensive where DJ Vinyl bought Him in the June 18. He brutally went up to assaults Him for taking down His Innocent People and throws Him by a Broken Hammer.

Lupus brutally went in a Rampage but Lucas punches His tummy. He tries to attacks Him but He assails Him, He shoots all of His parts and flies away. Lupus tries to retreats but Xavier shoots and physically kills Him for not taking down Lucas.

He is (presumed) killed by Mr. X and is incarcerated by DJ Ringoz and the Policemen who sends Him in Prison alongside with the Vinyl Nurses. Carl is also mentioned in Kilios Saga to Cykopath saga.

Gacha Life 2 - The Club

After 1 Year Pass when Gacha Summoner and His Friends presumed kills Soll and Team Corruptions, Pandora hires Neon and Merupo to brings back all of the Flashback Villains in orders to frees Aysel, Zesha and Tybi and All othe Troublemakers in the Histories. She opens up a Red Button and crashes it in orders to ressurects Lupus' Lifeless Body to broughts back to Life by taking down All of the Nurses. All of the Lunime Troublemakers made it and retreats the Jails.

This has been His 1st attacks when He finds Swimmer Aoi but Ellie The Fairy releases the Truth that Lupus ressurects His Lifeless Body causes by Pandora, Neon and Merupo. After Yandere Kuku was collected by Him, he fights and attacks Baller Kugari but won and takes down Him before He enters the attacks between the Put The Record On, Xkour Extreme Parkour, ChibiOn and the Gacha League Troublemakers.

Lupus takes down All of the 3 X Soldiers and battles His Taker down, Xavier Mas who is as Mr. X in 1 Year Flashback. He grows Tall Muscle in orders to destroys Him for assailing Him but DJ X strikes back at Him later falls. He convinces Him to kills Him for what He has done to His Own Bodyguard so He can be murdered by Him until there was a New Challenger from Xkour Extreme Parkour who kicks outs Him of the Climbing Hill.

Lupus saws His Victim, Mr. Clonuk still Alive alongside with His Friends from the Other Dimensions before Blaz, Dual Wielder Xyan and Ciera Dawn saves Him from the Four Giants as a Results, They switch Rivals with Each Others.


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