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Luna Girl
Background information
Feature films
Television programs PJ Masks
Video games
Park attractions
Actress Brianna Daguanno
Performance model
Character information
Other names Luna (by the PJ Masks), Luny Goon (by Catboy), Sorceline (French Dub), Little Luna Girl (by Romeo), Mothball (by Romeo)
Personality Selfish, arrogant, spoiled, saracastic, quite
Occupation Thief, Supervillain
Affiliations Bad, Neutral (sometimes)
Goal To discover the PJ Mask's identities (failed; ongoing), Steal things from the city, take over the world and take over the head quarters (all failed), Steal the PJ Mask's powers (briefly succeeded; but later failed), Help the PJ Masks stop Romeo from taking her moon (occasionally; succeeded)
Friends The Wolfy Kids (temporarily), Motsuki, Night Ninja, Romeo and Robot (sometimes; briefly), The PJ Masks; Catboy, Owlette and Gekko (sometimes), Her Moths
Enemies The PJ Masks (usually), Night Ninja (sometimes), Romeo, Robot, PJ Robot, Armadylan, The Wolfy Kids, Carmon
Minions Her moths, Cameron (briefly)
Likes Stealing
Dislikes Owlette
Powers and abilities Wit
High intelligence
Weapons Luna magnet
Moonstone (formerly)

Luna Girl is the secondary antagonist (sometimes an anti-hero) from the American Disney childerns show PJ Masks. She is a moon themed supervillain and has an army of moths. She also has her own Luna Magnet and Luna Board. Luna Girl is one of the nightime villains and a member of the "Bad Guys United". Her plans usually involve stealing things from the school for herself to play with. In season 2, she has her own Luna Crystal for her wand.

In season 2, she starts to become more dangerous and evil, she would often try to get her crystal back if the PJ Masks have got it. Despite being an occasional allay of the show's main heroes, Luna Girl is not truly heroic since she is mostly concerted as an anti-villain.

She is voiced by Brianna Daguanna.


Luna Girl is usually portrayed as a greedy type of supervillain. She is often willing to check what things she steals and what she is able to take as her own. Sometimes Luna Girl can help others and be considered as redeemable depending on the situation.


Luna Girl appears as a young girl, with short and shaggy silverly hair with darker tips at the bottom. She has dark blue eyes, pair skin and mildly rosy cheeks. She has a black-coat type top that has a lunar eclipse, grey sleeves and pants and black boots.


  • In "Romeo's Disguise" Luna Girl is shown to be a great artist.
  • In the second season, Luna Girl's voice appears to have deepened, however this may be due to her actor Brianna Daguanna getting older.
  • She has grown quite fond of Gekko since "Gekko Saves Chrismas".
  • She tried to brainwash the PJ Masks in "Moonfizzle Balls", however she was defeated as one of the balls used against her.
  • She is mostly friends with Night Ninja, but sometimes they blame each other for their own faults.
  • Most fans think that Luna Girl will become good someday, but this hasn't happened yet.
  • However she does become less evil in Season 4, immediately after "Heroes of the Sky", the special first episode in Season 4.
  • In Seasons 2 & 3, Luna Girl gets more homicidal and more willing to kill the PJ Masks than in Seasons 1 & 4, for example in "Moon Madness" she attempted to kill Catboy by leaving him stranded in space for him to die.

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