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Lorraine Cobin (née Strickland), is the main antagonist of the episode For Love or Money, from season twelve of Law and Order L&O. She is portrayed by Cathy Moriarty.


Not much is known about Lorraine's past, besides her former name Lorraine Strickland an unknown man, the two divorced, she then married her second rich husband named Alan Cobin with whom he had a daughter named Melissa Cobin. The day after she planned Cobin's death to keep all his money, since he was very wealthy, along with his accomplice a career criminal, a man named Ronald Buck. She made Buck, then not to be framed, she killed Buck herself. However, after that Detective Briscoe and Green began to investigate the case.

However, later when her daughter Melissa starts distrusts her, and convinced by the prosecution to get a confession from Lorraine, after that while Melissa and Lorraine were talking on the boat, Melissa gets Lorraine's confession, and she is arrested and executed for her crimes.