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Z̘̠̟̮̘̹̣a̸̰͉̗̹̟͙'̴̠̭̼͇̰̗̬l̗g͏̻͔̪̮a̧͚̰t͓͕́oth̵̭̬̱̥ or most commonly Zalgo, is one of the strongest creepypastas. He is the supreme ruler of The Pit and an immensely powerful demon. He is also Slenderman'sfather.  His real name is Z'algatoth and he has an army of followers who wish to bring about his coming. He has been running amok in the multiverse since his kind was created by The Great Lord over a billion years ago.

Powers and Abilities

Despite not being quite as powerful as Aton, Zalgo is still one of the most powerful cosmic entities to ever live and is still not without his own set of nigh-omnipotent powers.

  • Interdimensional Entity Physiology: Zalgo is an interdimensional being and thus possesses much of same physical constitution and abilities from his extinct species. Despite his large size, Zalgo possesses incredible superhuman strength, speed, shapeshifting, size-shifting, and reflexes that allow him to overpower and severely injure beings as strong as Slenderman, Splendorman, and Aton's Elite, but also even smaller and highly agile individuals as well, such as Jeff, President Bush, Ticci Tobey, and Eyeless Jack. In addition to his physical power, Zalgo is effectively immortal and does not age beyond his prime, as he reigned for roughly billions of years without any change to his power or appearance. Zalgo also does not have any internal organs or visible genitalia, claiming that he is a "being of pure energy with no weakness".
    • Nigh-Omniscience: Zalgo possesses vast knowledge of many things in existence and claiming that he can see the future as well as "everything", but his knowledge is limited to what he sees, such as when he didn't don't not know how to undo the barrier around Aton's realm. He also did not know and couldn't predict that Shadowlurker would betray him.
    • Nigh-Omnipotence: In his "Infinite Zalgo" form (when he absorbed Slenderman's powers and the Multiverse Crystals), Zalgo gained nearly omnipotent levels of power, with full control over matter, reality, space, and time itself, making him the second most powerful being in all of the universes (behind Aton) and wielding such near-limitless levels of power that allows him to do almost anything he desires. With this level of power, Zalgo is invincible and nigh-undefeatable, to the point that the only way to subdue him is for him to lower his guard, which Shadowlurker took advantage of to help the New Elite defeat Zalgo.
    • Energy Manipulation: Zalgo had complete control over the destructive force of his powers. Due to his strong understanding and familiarity with his demonic abilities, he is capable of creating a wide plethora of versatile and dangerous capabilities, such as firing beams of energy from his body. Typically, whenever Zalgo activates his powers, his eyes glow bright red.
      • Pyrokinetic Abilities/Immunity:  Zalgo was born within the fires of the Pit, thus he is capable of manipulating, bathing in, and producing flames and lava alike. He was capable of incinerating entire civilizations with just a touch of his claw. He also produced enough lava to flood an entire planet. Zalgo can use his powers to perform a wide variety of techniques, such as the rapid creation of flame henchman, spikes, and walls. He can use his magic to propel himself across a flame surface. Zalgo also displayed the ability create flame demons and imbue them with life, enabling them to move of their own accord. This ability can manifest itself consciously, as was the case with his demonic henchmen. When Zalgo's fire struck people, it passes through the heart with magic and instantly melts the person to death. Zalgo also is clearly not bothered by the heat, preferring most of his homes be in hellish wastelands and fiery dimensions like the Pit; he was seen casually living in his fiery hell known as the Pit without exhibiting any signs of discomfort. And as many souls would burn and suffer the unbearable heat, Zalgo remained casual and unharmed, a further indication of Zalgo's affinity to the heat.
    • Force-Field Generation: Zalgo can manipulate energy reserves to manifest extremely powerful red force-fields of energy capable of instantly vaporizing the weapons of the Arcosian army, and even blocking the energy of Ms. P.
    • Super-Strength: Despite not looking very muscular, Zalgo is shown to be very physically strong, as he is able to pick up and toss an entire planet like basketballs. He also easily overpowered the Proxies and their allies when they engaged him in a physical fight.
    • Shape-Shifting:  Zalgo can immediately transform itself into any kind of being, regardless of the size or nature of the form. Zalgo took the form of a giant plastic statue, several small life entities, flying leeches, a cat, a human, and an even more demonic version of himself during his final battle with the Proxies. Between shapeshifting, Zalgo is an orange glowing lava-like goo, which is somewhat close to his true form.
    • Size-Shifting: Zalgo can grow into enormous or gigantic size and can return to his normal size at will. Zalgo could grow so large he is able to carve his name into entire planets and even take a massive bite out of said planets. He is able to increase the size of his body parts as he did with his fist.
    • Dream-Walking: Living up to being called a "Dream Demon", Zalgo could enter the dreams of anyone he desires, and could even warp said dreams to his liking. This was shown during his "friendship" with the Unwanted House Guest, where Zalgo could enter his mind whenever he wanted to play friendly games with him. Zalgo could also enter the dremas of other powerful beings, as shown when he entered Slenderman's mind to get the combination to the safe after making a deal with Enderman.
    • Pain Inducement: Zalgo was able to use his powers as a very effective form of torture by exposing an individual to the energy of his powers to cause them to tremendous pain and can limit the amount of energy sent into the body of said being to avoid killing them. This was potent enough to cause Slenderman excruciating amounts of pain. He can also use this ability as a permanent (or at least as long as he's alive) curse on others, as shown with the Shadowlurker. The pain is compared to being stabbed with pins and needles and also keeps Shadowlurker sleepless, incredibly paranoid, and aggravated.
    • Intangibility: Zalgo had the ability to phase through solid matter with ease. This ability also applies to other beings and their attacks, allowing them and their magical blasts or weapons to harmlessly pass through Zalgo's body. Zalgo is also capable of making other beings intangible in order to phase and unphase objects out of space, rendering them incorporeal and just as easily make them corporeal again, as he easily made Hoodie intangible when he tried to attack Zalgo and then rendered it corporeal again to trap him in solid stone.
    • Telekinesis: Zalgo was very proficient in Telekinesis, utilizing it either as an offensive attack or simply as a means of displaying his power, the latter being most prevalent when he used the ability to fling henchmen across his throne room while barely raising a finger.
    • Soul Removal: Zalgo was capable of removing the soul from a living being in order to possess their bodies.
    • Absorption: Zalgo had the ability to absorb something - whether it was energy or other living beings - and use it for his self. While doing this, Zalgo opens the mouth on his abdomen and the essence and power within the object he is absorbing will travel inside his mouth and body. This was shown when he absorbed the powers of the Multiverse crystals, allowing him to fully corrupt the entire multiverse. He also absorbed Slenderman's powers to fully reach his own maximum potential.
    • Weather Manipulation: Zalgo had the ability to manipulate the weather to his own desire, such as creating storms that struck red lightning and screaming tornadoes.
    • Sonic Scream: Zalgo can produce very powerful and demonic screams powerful enough to cause space-quakes and deafen people.
    • Immortality: A significant aspect of the series is that Zalgo is ageless and immortal. He requires no sustenance, and cannot be harmed by mortal methods. Only the power of mystical sources like Aton's magic, Slenderman's powers, or divine entities are capable of hurting him and bring about his destruction. The Unwanted House Guest, who had very high knowledge of Zalgo, also stated that Zalgo was older than our galaxy, and several episodes show Zalgo being around several eons before the creation of our universe. He also can bestow this ability as a curse as he once did to the Mr. Widemouth so that he will be imprisoned for eternity and unable to join his friends and family in the afterlife.
    • Teleporting: Zalgo can teleport from any location without losing energy. He could even teleport across dimensions, as seen when he teleported from his lair in the Pit to Arcosia and other assorted locations. Although a useful and pragmatic ability, Zalgo doesn't exploit it too much in combat.
    • Reality-Warping: Zalgo was an incredibly impressive reality warper. He at one point turned a planet into a giant gold coin and was also the one that turned Wonderland into the twisted wasteland it is now. He also turned Slenderman's projectile attacks into stuffed animals, turned an entire army into stone statues, and turned half of the New Elite into banners (Bush into a wooden decoy duck). Zalgo can also transform organic matter and distort the physical world, and cause a ripple in the space-time continuum. After absorbing Slenderman and the Multiverse Crystals, Zalgo's powers grows stronger to the point he can manipulate reality on a multiversal scale. It is also implied that Zalgo can involuntarily alter reality due to his own power and appearance, as seen when Enderman summoned him. During the summoning, the sky turned red, all water in the area turned to blood, and time around the two froze. In addition, Zalgo could also bring inanimate objects to life, such as when his "weirdness wave" brought the Under Realm's water tower, trees, and even a planet to life.
      • Matter Transmutation: Zalgo is capable of warping the bodies of a living organism, as he easily turned President Bush into a wooden duck decoy, Splendorman into a golden statue, and most of the New Elite into puppets and latter banners for his castle, although it is only temporary, as they were all eventually returned to their original form after Zalgo's death. During their transformed state, Zalgo's victims are still conscious and aware of what is happening around them, as evidenced with the screaming faces on the New Elite banner. They are unable to communicate with anyone, and unlikely to be removed from this situation — not even by death — anytime unless Zalgo releases them.
    • Invisibility: Zalgo can make himself invisible and naked to the human eye. However, Slenderman was immune to this trickery, as he is merely able to sense Zalgo's presence and detect where he is.
    • Creation: Zalgo can create monsters of any shape or size, from demons, giant fiery lizards, and dragons. This also applies to objects like money, furniture and weaponry.
    • Flight/Interstellar Travel: Zalgo is capable of flying both in air and in space at amazing speeds well beyond the speed of light.
      • Levitation: Zalgo can "fly" several feet off the ground and slowly descend back to the ground with ease. And while doing this he can dash upward and he will gain altitude quickly (therefore making his flight ability superior to that of Slenderman's) before descending.
    • Enhanced Hearing: Zalgo is able to hear what Jeff and his friends while inside space, which is physically impossible considering sound cannot travel through space.
    • Spying: Zalgo is also able to look through the eye of anything that is made in his image, allowing him to know what occurs even when he isn't around, as shown with the Children of Zalgo's statue, the banner of him in the White House, and the painting of Zalgo in the Unwanted House Guest's home.
    • Madness Inducement: Zalgo had the ability to affect the sanity of other beings, usually in a manner that causes them to become insane. One peek at Zalgo drove Malitch to insanity and even caused him to lose his memory. Despite being a very useful ability, this was the only occasion Zalgo used this power, which is interesting considering Malitch had seen Zalgo in person several times prior. It is possible that Zalgo's Madness Inducement is entirely by his choice, only affecting those he wants to get affected by it.
    • Fourth-Wall Awareness: Zalgo is fully aware he is a character in a webcomic and even claims that he can "see" the viewer or hear them breathing. He also was able to warp the comic's intro into a demonic version of it featuring him.
    • Brainwashing: Zalgo has the power of brainwashing several minds simultaneously. This also suggests that Zalgo has the ability to erase particular things from a person's memory or knowledge, as shown during his brutal brainwashing of the Shadowlurker.
    • Possession: Zalgo can possess people, whether they made a deal with him or out of his own will. While in the host's body, their eyes' turn into Zalgo's red eyes. Generally, it appears that the weaker willed succumb to Zalgo's powerful mind control much faster. This ability presumably has no effect on Slenderman, Splendorman, or the Shadowlurker.
    • Corruption: One of Zalgo's most powerful abilities. Using dark magic, Zalgo could mutate normally harmless beings into monstrous versions of themselves. During one of his encounters with the Unwanted House Guest, Zalgo used that ability and transformed three small trolls into monsters in order to trick the Unwanted House Guest into killing them. It was also shown that if the corrupted creature died, the spell was broken and the creature transformed back to its original form. Zalgo could also corrupt Slenderman into turning into his true demonic form by merely using his mind.
    • Healing/Regeneration: Zalgo can heal himself from any given injury in quick succession, making him extremely difficult to kill. His healing factor allows him to heal from a single cell or drop of essence. However, divine power and objects are capable of nullifying his healing factor, rendering him unable to heal.
    • Earth Manipulation: Zalgo can cause earthquakes, move mountains and even shift a planet's tectonic plates using telekinesis.
    • Pocket Reality Creation: Zalgo had the ability to create a pocket dimension, a small personal world in which he has absolute control over its aspects. This was shown when he created Sallyland, a dream world for Sally Williams full of sentient creatures in order to trap her within.
    • Gravity Manipulation: Zalgo has the ability to turn off gravity around him to where it only affects those around him.
    • Resurrection: Zalgo had the hidden ability to resurrect once-dead beings back to life. Unlike his necromancy, this ability fully restores the beings to their original form and personality. Zalgo used this ability only once to restore Slenderman when he was mercy-killed by Ms. P, only to kill Slenderman again and take his power.
    • Matter Manipulation: Zalgo was capable of controlling matter, being able to remove the atoms in organic beings and re-shape them into another for, or even remove them reality.
    • Necromancy: Zalgo was capable of resurrecting the dead and bending them to do his bidding.
    • Portal Creation: Zalgo had the ability to open gateways to any part of the universe or other dimensions, allowing him to effortlessly teleport himself to anywhere he desires at will. As such, Zalgo instantly warped himself to the Under Realm, the Pit and later Arcosia with ease. He can also take others with him, warping both himself, X and Shadowlurker out of the Under Realm upon capturing the Multiverse Crystals.
    • Curse-Bearing: Zalgo was capable of putting curses on people or even entire landscapes. In terms of people, Zalgo could turn them into monsters against their will and even bestow immortality upon them to prolong their suffering, as show with Mr. Widemouth. Zalgo's curses also worked on entire landscapes, as he cursed the realm of Wonderland into becoming a dark, desolate wasteland and turned its inhabitants into monsters as well. He also cursed Shadowlurker with a spell that caused him crippling pain almost all the time, causing Shadowlurker to suffer from sleep deprivation and agony.
    • Elasticity: Zalgo can stretch and extend his limbs without any consequences.
    • Light Manipulation: Zalgo is capable of emitting a powerful light upon teleporting, essentially blinding whoever was looking at him.
    • Power Bestowment: Zalgo has the power to grant other beings power as well, both as a curse or a gift. This was shown when he gave Mr. Widemouth and Alice Liddell immortality in order to prolong their suffering. He also gave Shadowlurker powerful abilities similar to his own, making Shadowlurker incredibly powerful without the need to train his abilities.
    • Precognition: Zalgo has the ability to foresee the future and future events. This is best showcased when he was able to foresee the destruction of the Ender-bot and implied at one point that Alice Liddell would die from a heart attack when she was 92. He also once implied he knew the exact time and date of Jeff's death and asked Jeff if he wanted to hear it, although Jeff did not take interest in Zalgo's question. How he was unable to foresee Shadowlurker's betrayal and his own death is likely just Plot Induced Stupidity.

  • Dealing: One of Zalgo's most noticeable abilities is that he can make a deal with someone to give the said someone who made a deal with him fame, power, or a request. Zalgo's hand become surrounded in a red flame and once the person exchange a hand shake, while the flame doesn't harm the person, the deal will be sealed. However, once the deal is sealed, Zalgo will want something in return that often ends up in his twisted methods. If the person breaks the deal, Zalgo's powers won't have any effects on him, as Enderman broke his deal with him when Zalgo failed to get the combination for Slenderman's safe. Also, making deals is the only way Zalgo's powers could have an effect but only to the ones who made a deal with him.
  • Manipulation: Another one of Zalgo's traits is that he is quite manipulative. Zalgo can flatter others, deceiving them by promising them anything, he can go as far to make deals with them only to betray at the end. Zalgo manipulated Masky on how he sacrificed everything to make the Proxies happy while they never returns the favor, trapped Sally in a dream that contains her desires, he even tricked the Unwanted House Guest and Enderman, with the former admitting he lied and the latter being a skilled deceiver himself.
  • Master Torturer: Zalgo is shown to be highly accomplished and creative in many fields of torture, with his skills in torture being quite famous, as Shadowlurker implied Zalgo can cause so much suffering to the New Elite that they would beg for death itself. His mastery of torturing techniques allows him to inflict the maximum amount of damage without killing the subject, as when he tortured a young Splendorman and Slenderman in their childhoods. Zalgo even used his powers to slowly rip Shadowlurker's arms off, but he was casually able to give Shadowlurker immortality in order to cause him severe pain without killing him. The torture was effective enough that Shadowlurker claims that he would rather die than be tortured by Zalgo.

  • Despite his omnipotent powers and immunity, Zalgo does have a few weaknesses. 

    • Divine Power: Other god-like beings, such as Slenderman and Alton, are capable of killing and harming him.
    • BEN's Black Stuff: BEN's Black Stuff is capable of melting Zalgo's skin on contact and even capable of nullifying his healing factor. This is because BEN's Black Stuff was created by Aton, thus technically making it a holy object.
    • Arrogance: Although he is undeniably one of the most powerful characters in the entire series, he underestimates everyone else. He constantly and publicly belittles his loyal minions while showing everyone else less respect than even that. He is so sure of his victory and minion's loyalty, and so confident in the belief that his immensely strong demonic abilities render him essentially untouchable, that he is utterly blindsided and left puzzled when his henchmen disobey him or his enemies gain the upper hand.

  • Name: Zalgo
  • Origin: Creepypasta (originally), Pastamonsters
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Age: Over a trillion eons old.
  • Tier: 2-C| High 2-A
  • Attack Potency: Universe Level+, likely far higher (destroyed at least two universes as a baby. The Pastamonsters novel, which is entirely canon, further backed up the Unwanted House Guest's claim that Zalgo is a threat to the multiverse. A multiverse that has been stated to be infinite numerous times.) | Multiverse level+ (in this state, he became one with the multiverse and overid its law and order. Additionally, he was even shown to have merged all universes together, universes that are said to be infinite.)
  • Speed: Massively FTL (capable of interstellar travel), likely Omnipresent within the Pit | Omnipresent (became one with spacetime)
  • Lifting Strength: Class E, likely higher | Unknown
  • Striking Speed: Universal | Unknown
  • Durability: Universe Level+ (survived multiple attacks from Slenderman) | Unknown (he was never shown to be hurt by anything)
  • Stamina: Incredibly high, if not limitless
  • Intelligence: 'Nigh-Omniscient (Is said to know "lots of things", such as the truth of many well-known conspiracies as well as future events, like the destruction of the Ender-bot and knew that Shadowlurker would discover his past. Zalgo is also able to look through the eye of anything that is made in his image, allowing him to know what occurs even when he isn't around as shown with the Children of Zalgo's statue and the painting of Zalgo in the Unwanted House Guest's home. He is aware and can view infinite versions of himself in infinite timelines and knows of the past and future.)
  • Key: Base Form | After absorbing Slenderman and the Multiverse Crystals


    Part One

    Mercy is for the weak!
    ~ Zalgo's motto
    For eons I have terrorized this land. Every miserable creature trembled at the mere mention of my name. The pitiful mortals fright before my astounding power. But now, I am openly mocked by these measly urchins. Tales of Aton's heroics have spread through the multiverse like a virus, but I will cure the multiverse of this plague of hope. I will unleash such evil that even the most innocent soul will be consumed by terror!
    ~ Zalgo's speech to his army.
    As far as the eye can see, the land is deoslute and full of despair. Shadows crawl across the Pit and block out the light. Darkness oozes from every crevice. Hope has been eradicated. Only terror reigns. Yet, there is one that mocks my omnipresent evil with his existence. He possesses the power which could destroy me. They call him... Aton!
    ~ Zalgo to a young Slenderman.
    Children, to me.
    ~ Zalgo summoning the Children of Zalgo.
    Mortals are nothing more than a disease and an unfortunate coincidence. Together, we will wipe this filth off the face of the multiverse and remind all who is the master of this multiverse. NOW BEGONE!
    ~ Zalgo to the Cult of Zalgo.
    I call it my Magnum Opus. It is my purpose... and now it is yours as well. It's beautiful. Over thousands of years... I traveled across the cosmos, studying the little skin puppets known as mortals. Spoiler alert: Mortal life is booooooring! I needed to spice up their lives and to do that I needed to unleash my friends upon theme to show them a good time. I need to fulfill life's one true purpose... To grow and spread... covering all that exists... until everything is... Me! I only had one problem: Aton. I hate to admit it but even I am no match for that fat idiot. One single divine being cannot stop Aton. But two divine beings... Well, now, that just might do. Out of all my labors... the most beguiling was... attempting to graft my divine genes with that of another species. I hoped the result of such a coupling would be enough... to help me conquer the multiverse. I had your uncles, Sexual Offenderman, deliver some of them to me. It broke his moral code, but I compensated him generously... and to ease his conscience, I said I'd never hurt them. But one after the other, they failed me. Not one of them carried the godly genes. Until you, Slenderman. Out of all my spawns... only you carried the connection to the light. For the first time in my existence... I am truly not alone!!!!
    ~ Zalgo revealing his plans to Slenderman.
    Such fragile creatures you are.
    ~ Zalgo slaughtering and taunting villagers.
    You are one of my most powerful minions. You possess the ability to steal the essence of the mightiest of warriors or the deadliest of beasts. You have never failed me.
    ~ Zalgo brainwashing the Shadowlurker.

    Part Two

    I'ḿ̱̪̦̫̩̫͕͉̝͓̀́ ̕͠͏͓̬̝̫̟͘s̢̱͙̤̱̘̮̼͟t̵̨̼̮̠͕͚̬̳͈̯̭̠̼̯̩̀̕i̶̺̬͈̦̹̰͓͚͎͖̜̯͉̠͟l̡̢͏̹̝̺͇̹̲̫̦͙͙͜l̸̛̺̘̞͙̠͟͠ ̶̡̙̳͚̜͚̲̼̥͝h̵̪̪̗̜̠̪͘͜ͅͅe̴̶̳͈̙̞͖̠̮̟̼̞̳͖̼̕̕͜ͅͅŗ҉̳̦̬̗̜͈̣͇̤̦̮͈̭͎͞e̸̡͏͎̙͔͕̮͍̱̞̰͖̬̹͖̠̩̥
    ~ Zalgo's secret message in the Season One intro
    Zalgo:Oh, oh, Under Realm, it is good to be back! Name's Lord Zalgo and I take it you're some kind of living Lincoln Log? (laughs) Just kidding, I don't know who you are, Enderman.
    Enderman: W-what are you? H-how do you know my name?
    Zalgo: Oh, I know lots of things! (*voice changes*) Lots of things.
    ~ Zalgo's first lines in the entire series.
    Hahahahaha!! You kids are adorable! Now turn around and I might let you live.
    ~ Zalgo taunting BEN and Sally.
    OH, the look—HAHAHAH—on your FACE! Ahaha! "BEN, noo!" Ahahahah!! Thought— your.. friend... Died!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!! Boy, you kids sure are gullible! (Laughs) It's funny how dumb you are.
    ~ Zalgo mocking Ms. P and Sally's reaction to BEN's "death".
    YOU! You can't even imagine what you just cost me! Do you have any idea what I'm like (voices changes to a low, demonic tone) WHEN I'M MAD??!!
    ~ Zalgo's villainous breakdown.
    GO TO SLEEP. ...Hahaha!! Get it? That's your stupid one liner. Hoo boy, I crack myself up. But now I gotta kill ya, so it was nice knowing you. Oh wait, it WASN'T!!!
    ~ Zalgo to Jeff.
    Zalgo: I'm been impressed with you guys. You're more clever than you look. Especially the ugly one.
    Jeff: (to Ms. P) He's talking about you.
    Zalgo: So I'm gonna let you kids off the hook. You might come in handy later. BUT KNOW THIS: A darkness approaches. A day will come in the future where everything you care about will change...until then I'll be watching you! I'll be watching you...
    ~ Zalgo's warning to Jeff, Ms. P, BEN and Sally.
    You worthless slime! I'll have you for dinner, you worm! I'll eat every last mortal in this world, I'll devour you all just as I had all the others! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!!
    ~ Zalgo as he takes control of Slenderman.
    Name's Zalgo! And your name's Jeffery Woods, the man who killed his family. Rumor is.. I heard you finally befriended Eyeless Jack! Nice work. No, really! I applaud you! To bad you couldn't keep him alive. But I'm getting ahead of ourselves; let's relax! Care for a game of interdimensional chess? Have a cup of tea.
    ~ Zalgo pretending to be nice to Jeff
    Zalgo: Look, Joker, I know we've had our problems in the past, but it seems an ancient artifact that can defeat me is out there and I need your generous assistance getting him back.
    Jeff: Yeah? Well, why should I give a fuck? All you've done is tried to kill me and my friends.
    Zalgo: (laughs) I hear you! Now, what's in it for you? Well, as soon as I dispose of that little crystal, I'll give you your family back?
    Jeff: Bullshit!
    Zalgo: No, seriously. I have their souls in the Pit! Help me destroy that crystal and you can get all the family time your little dark heart desires. Now.. do we have ourselves a deal?
    ~ Zalgo making a deal with Jeff.
    Jeff: What have you done?
    Zalgo:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, Jeffery. You have been betrayed. That wasn't the crystal you destroyed, it was your family's souls! I destroyed that silly thing eons ago!
    Jeff: We made a deal you cocksucker!
    Zalgo:Actually, if you remember correctly, our deal was at best implied, and even then (points to himself) bad guy! ...You see Jeffrey, you may think this is cruelty, but this is actually a lesson; No matter how hard you try, you will always be alone! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! FOOOOL!
    Jeff: Fight me, YOU DICKHEAD!
    Zalgo: Soon enough, Jeffery, but not until I find a way to defeat you and Slenderman. Now, what was I saying? Oh, yes! You will always be alone.. but I will never be alone as long as I have you. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    ~ Zalgo deceives Jeff.
    Foolish, unknowing, innocent little Proxies. Little do you know that the path l have chosen for you will lead you to your doom! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
    ~ Zalgo tricking the Proxies.
    Enderman: Do you have them where we want them?
    Zalgo: (in hologram form) Of course! Those silly Proxies get stupider everyday.
    Enderman: Excellent. I just hope you don't screw up like you did last time.
    Zalgo: Relax, Blocky Boy. Also, I don't quite like your tone. (Snaps fingers; Enderman is levitated in the air and dropped into a pool)
    Zalgo: HA! HA! HA! HA! Alright, but as long as you remember who the true master is! Now run along, worm. I have better things to do than play with my toys. HA! HA! HAAAA!!
    ~ Zalgo asserting his dominance over Enderman.
    It's funny really, how pathetically easy it was to manipulate him... Poor little Eyeless Jack, bullied by his friends. Just wanting to help out, desperate for help and attention. So sad, so hopeless, just needing a friend. Wanting to run with the big dogs. He was so easy to manipulate, Jacky! And once we were "friends", it was all so clear. Using him as a pawn was so wonderfully obvious! You may have not known it, but this whole time I was always there. Watching him be rejected and abused by Jeff, mocked by all the girls, and made fun of by none other than you, Tobey! I sat patiently and waited until he finally achieved some sort of happiness, and just waited for the right moment to swoop in and take it all. It was like lining up dominoes. It all fell together so perfectly. While he was working under Enderman, I was in my throneroom, planning. ...You know, I really should thank you and the other Proxies, Tobey. All of this could have been avoided if you would've just let him in on your childish games. Any regrets, Tobester? Looking forward to the wasteland that your life is about to become? After Eyeless Jack destroys this universe and has his fun with all of you, I'll give him a proper sendoff: by betraying him and trapping his tormented soul in the Pit for all eternity. HAA-HAHAHAHA-HAAA!!!
    ~ Zalgo revealing himself as the true villain in "To Proxy Mountain".
    You can no longer deny it, Eyeless Jack is now nothing more than a toy at my disposal. As of now, you, your friends and he, belong to ME.
    ~ Zalgo taunting Ticci Tobey.
    By the end of today I will have you and your friends screaming for mercy, I guarantee that.
    ~ Zalgo to Eyeless Jack and Jeff.
    Come now. I can't have you giving up after such a glancing blow. No, I'm afraid your torment is only just beginning. There are so many horrors I have yet to show you.
    ~ Zalgo during his fight with Jeff.
    How's that? Are you beginning to regret you're foolish decision to the defy me? Or shall I remind you of your place, you worthless, inferior insect?!
    ~ Zalgo taunting Jeff
    Before you die, Jeffery, tell me. How did it feel killing him? You can convince yourself it was an accident, but we all know the truth.
    ~ Zalgo taunting Jeff about Eyeless Jack's death.
    Zalgo:Well, would you look at that. It looks like I was wrong, for once. Looks like your friends really do care about you, Jack. And you care about them...(*Voice turns deep*) D͍̙̤̜O̴̯͍͙͜N̦̱̖̥̹̤͕͜͞'̨͕̣̥̝̮̙͙̲͎͢T͍̩̞͢ ̠͚̭̮͍̬͚͘Y͎̪͓͕̤O҉̙̻͔U̼͎̲̣͢?!
    Eyeless Jack: What are you.. No! NO!
    Zalgo: Perhaps killing your friends will make you think twice about this betrayal.
    ~ Zalgo to Eyeless Jack before torturing Jeff.
    Do your worst, inferior one!
    ~ Zalgo before his defeat in To Proxy Mountain.
    Did you miss me? Admit it, you missed me!
    ~ Zalgo to Masky.
    Hahaha... The point is, I like you. How's about you let me give you a hint, huh? I only ask for a small - (Voice gets low and hand and eye light on fire) FAVOR (Normal:) - in return.
    ~ Zalgo to Masky.
    Right, you "defeated me", sure. Well if you ever change your mind (pretends to grab Masky's brain) I'll be here for you, ready to make a deeaaall. Hey, wanna hear my impression of you in about three seconds? AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
    ~ Zalgo to Masky.
    Masky: Uh, what crazy thing do you want anyway? To eat my soul? To rip out my teeth? Are you gonna replace my eyes with baby heads or something?
    Zalgo: Yeesh, relax. All I want is a puppet!
    Masky: A puppet? What are you playing at?
    Zalgo Everyone loves puppets. And it looks to me that you've got a surplus.
    ~ Zalgo making a deal with Masky.
    Seems to me one little puppet is a small price to pay to learn all the secrets of the universe. Besides, what have your friends done for you, lately? How many times have you sacrificed for them, huh? And when have they ever returned the favor? Tick tock, mortal.
    ~ Zalgo manipulating Masky
    Masky: So which puppet are you going to pick?
    Zalgo:Hmm, let's see... eenie... meanie.. miney... YOU.
    ~ Zalgo preparing to possess Masky.
    You humans never fail to slink back down a couple rungs on that evolutionary ladder. All your advances in medicine, science, exploring space, all your good will - just when you think you've got it all together - you revert and devolve into the animals that you are.
    ~ Zalgo after tricking Masky.
    Man, it has been so long since I've inhabited a body. (slaps himself in the face) Woo! (slaps the other cheek) Woo! How the hell did all this skin get on my arm? (rips the skin on his left arm off, revealing bone and muscle) Haha! Pain is hilarious!! And a beating heart? Lungs? A NOSE?! This thing's deluxe!
    ~ Zalgo after taking Masky's body.
    Masky, you've been getting way too close to figuring out some major answers. I've got big plans comin' and I don't need you or your friends gettin' in my way. Destroying that laptop was a cinch. Now I just need to destroy those notes. Race ya to the bottom of the stairs! (tips backward and tumbles down the stairs)
    ~ Zalgo to Masky's soul after taking his body.

    Oooh, is this bleach? This what the cool kids drink! I'm gonna drink it like a human! (He pours it into his face and eyes, laughing.) Where do you keep those damn notes anyway? (Opens a drawer and reaches in, slamming the drawer on his arm repeatedly) It's gotta be around here somewhere. (Continues slamming drawer, occasionally wincing) Boy, these arms are durable.
    ~ Zalgo (possessing Masky) searching for the Unwanted House Guest's notes across Proxy Mansion.
    Masky: I'm gonna stop you, Zalgo! I'm gonna find those notes before you do and I'm gonna stop you!!
    Zalgo: But how can you stop me.... If you don't exist? HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
    ~ Zalgo to Masky.
    Bold of you to assume you worms have a chance of beating me. Hey Jeffrey, wanna hear the exact time and date of your death?
    ~ Zalgo (in Masky's body) taunting Jeff, Ms. P, and Masky.
    Jeff: I say unto the... the power of Aton compels you!
    Zalgo: Oh, does it? Does it compel me?
    Jeff: The power of Aton compels you!
    Zalgo: Does it, Jeff? Is the power of Aton compelling me? Is that what's happening?
    Jeff: The power of Aton compels you!
    Zalgo: Guess what? It's not that compelling.
    ~ Jeff trying to exorcise Masky.

    Ah! What is this feeling? (Wheezing) My body is burning! I can't move these stupid noodle legs! Curse you, useless flesh sticks! Body...shutting down... infection... spreading... through the body... ... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa.. hey!
    ~ Zalgo beginning to feel the effects and weaknesses of being a mortal.
    You can't defeat me! Big things are coming! I'm a being of pure energy with no weakness! I'LL BE BACK!!! (begins speaking in reverse) !!!HGIN SI ESPYLACOPA EHT .OGLAZ DROL FO WODAHS EHT NI REVIUQ LLIW UOY .EREH SI SYAD FO DNE EHT .DOOLB FO REVIR A NI NWORD LLIW UOY
    ~ Zalgo after being exorcised out of Masky's body by Hoodie.
    Zalgo: (to Masky on the phone) Hello? Hello, hello? Oh, hey. This is one call you probably weren’t expecting.
    Masky: How?
    Zalgo: It’s probably obvious now, but I didn’t die in that exorcism. And when the police raided that vault they also found some rather incriminating evidence on those security cameras...or what was left of them anyway. I thought to give you one last ring. For old time sake, to remind you there is no where you can go where I won’t find you. There’s no place you can hide that I won’t kill you. And I’ll think about it every night until I get out of here and when I do I-
    Masky: I’m sorry, Can I put you on hold for a minute? Thanks.
    Zalgo: What? No! You can't put me on hold! I AM LORD ZALGO AND YOU WILL NOT PUT ME ON HOLD!! I WILL CHEW YOUR SOUL UP AND SPIT IT OUT YOU PATHETIC LITTLE BU- (Masky tosses the phone in a nearby trash can before casually walking off)

    Part Three

    HAAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!! FOOOOL! You were so blinded by your quest to find your WORTHLESS family that you couldn't see the truth right in front of your face!
    ~ Zalgo (in disguise) mocking Alice Liddell for falling for his trap.
    Zalgo: Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well! Aren't you a sight for sore eye! Alice Liddell, my have you grown!
    Alice: YOU MONSTER!! (she tries to attack Zalgo but he immobilizes her in a magic beam)
    Zalgo:Woah, don't have a heart attack, you're not 92 yet.
    ~ Zalgo after seeing Alice Liddell again.
    Zalgo: Hoho! Looks like Mr. Brainiac finally got smart! Let's just say that when that portal finishes charging up, your dimension is gonna learn how to party! (looks at his minions through the portal) Right, guys?
    The Unwanted House Guest: I trusted you as a friend, Zalgo! I shared my hopes and dreams with you! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!
    Zalgo: Meh, one thing you gotta know about me, I'm no friend of anyone. Especially not a worthless freak like you.
    The Unwanted House Guest: No.. I'll stop you. I'm shutting the portal down!!
    Zalgo: A deal's a deal, pleb! You can't stop a bridge between our worlds from coming, but it'll be fun kick back and watch you try! Cute even!
    ~ Zalgo betraying the Unwanted House Guest.
    I guess I can't possess any of the Proxies, so I'll just have to find my next pawn on the OUTSIDE. (Eyes flashes between several characters)
    ~ Zalgo after the Proxies put an anti-demon shield around Proxy Mansion.
    Slenderman: Lord Zalgo. What do you want from me?
    Zalgo: Oh, quit playing dumb and just call me dad, Slendy! The Proxies already found that one out! (Slenderman tries to talk but Zalgo interrupts) Don't ask me how, let's just say I've done a little spying. You knew I'd be back! You think the Unwanted House Guest shutting down that portal could stop what I have planned? (floats over Slenderman) I've been making deals, chatting with old friends, preparing for the big day! You can't keep the Under Realm or your precious Proxies safe forever. (snaps his fingers and a copy of the Multiverse Crystals appear in his hand) You'll slip up, and when you do...! (crushes and absorbs the fake crystals, where it creates a massive portal in the shape of an upside-down triangle, burning the wheat field around Slenderman)
    Slenderman: Enough! Get out of here, demon! You have no power in our world!
    Zalgo: Maybe not right now, but things change, Slendy! Things....change.
    ~ Zalgo and Slenderman.
    Thanks, Jeffery! I couldn't have done it without you!
    ~ Zalgo mockingly thanking Jeff for helping him steal the Multiverse Portal.
    Zalgo: (Zalgo and X laughs as they capture BEN and Ms. P. Shadowlurker eventually joins in) Shut up! Who said you could laugh? (to Jeff) Face it, Joker. You and your friends belong to me. (Zalgo holds up Jeff's friends in doll form and laughs evilly) And you are going to do whatever I say for the rest of your pathetic lives. You are my slaves, just like Shadowlurker over there.
    Jeff: Shadowlurker, you don't need to be anybody's slave. You were Slenderman's best friend. He taught you everything and protected your ass from those bullies. He would never call you a slave!
    Zalgo: Don't listen to him, Shadowlurker. That life of yours is over and done with. You serve me now. Now kill him, you sorry excuse for a minion. Get him.
    Jeff: Slenderman would've protected you if given the chance. Is this how you're gonna repay us? HE TRUSTED YOU! We gave you a chance to quit this life and you still go back to being Zalgo's little BITCH!
    Zalgo: I gave you those incredible powers, expanded your lifespan, and let you live in my palace! Who are you gonna listen to? Him or me? (after a long pause, Shadowlurker knocks Jeff back with a magical attack) HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! You see? There was no contest.
    ~ Zalgo preventing Jeff from redeeming the Shadowlurker.
    Mancala: The hour is near. It's time for my payment.
    Zalgo: Payment? For what? You getting me the Multiverse Crystals? Your wiring must be screwed up because if I remember correctly, you did not get them. I did.
    Mancala: We had a deal. I held up my part of the bargain.
    Zalgo: Well, you shouldn't have made a deal with the devil! It's common knowledge, Tin Man! (laughs) (Mancala throws a magic blast towards Zalgo, only for Zalgo to turn the blast into a stuffed animal) I granted you these powers, and I can take them away, you bucket of bolts. (blasts Mancala out of his castle) Not much of a threat now, are you?
    ~ Zalgo betrays Mancala
    Zalgo: Now can anyone remind me what I was trying to do?
    Shadowlurker: Stopping the Proxies from getting the House Guest's notebooks, sir.
    Zalgo: THAT'S RIGHT! Shadowlurker, get me a glass of blood, prepare for an invasion and send out the invites for my taking over the multiverse VIP party. Oh, and X, you've earned a treat, have the Elite for a snack. The day of chaos is upon us, my minions. Now begone.
    ~ Zalgo preparing to invade more planets and sending X to kill the New Elite
    Shadowlurker: Sir... Have you ever loved someone? Cared for someone? Have you ever felt what it's really like love someone?
    Zalgo: No.
    ~ Shadowlurker questions Zalgo.
    Slenderman.. Your friends have fought valiantly, but in vain. I now speak directly to you. On this night, you have allowed your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself. There is no greater dishonor. Therefor, I have a proposal. My army is currently planning to invade the planet Arcosia. Simply meet with them in Arcosia and it will be just me and you. Can you hear me? Just you and me. Mano A Mano. However.. If you aren't on that miserable rock in due time, I will have my men massacre every last man, woman and child on that planet and destroy it myself. Think it over, will you?
    ~ Zalgo challenging Slenderman to a fight by telepathically speaking through the heads of him and his allies.
    Alright, listen up, you one-lifespan, three-dimensional, five-sense skin puppets! For one trillion years I've been trapped in my own decaying dimension, waiting for the time where I could call the multiverse my own, and that time is upon us. The name's Lord Zalgo. But you can call me your new emperor and master for all of eternity! What's with the long faces? Don't blame me! Blame Slenderman for not showing u- (the army fires all their weaponry at Zalgo, but to no avail)...Okay. On seconds thought, slaughtering you pathetic worms is the perfect warm-up before the fun really begins!
    ~ Zalgo arriving to the Battle of the Pit.
    Zalgo: Delighted to see you again, my son... Too bad it also might be the last time.
    Slenderman: You're going to suffer for what you did to my mother, Zalgo.
    Zalgo: Interesting for you to sacrifice yourself for your worthless Proxies. What have they ever done for you?
    Slenderman: Unlike you, Zalgo, I have a sense of honor. The Proxies are under my protection.
    Zalgo: I won't have my honor questioned by you.
    Slenderman: I'm not questioning your honor. I'm denying it's existence.
    Zalgo: What a fool to give up your life....For your underlings.
    ~ Zalgo and Slenderman's exchange before their final fight.
    Slendy, you have to bring out your best to defeat me, and your best part is ME!!
    ~ Zalgo before corrupting Slenderman.
    At last! At long, long last! The Multiverse Crystals have been absorbed! The event 1 billion years prophesied has come to pass! The day has come! THE MULTIVERSE IS FINALLY MINE!
    ~ Zalgo after absorbing the powers of the Multiverse Crystals.
    ~ A cryptograph from Zalgo's perspective seen at the end of "Legends of the Multiverse Part 4: The Battle of Arcosia".

    It's time we do a little redecorating. I could really use a castle of some kind! (Zalgo rises his castle from the ground) And how about some river pools of blood?!? This party never stops! Time is dead and meaning has no meaning! Existence is upside down and the multiverse is mine to torment! WELCOME, ONE AND ALL, TO THE ETERNAL RULE OF LORD ZALGO!!
    ~ Zalgo finally achieving his goal of multiversal domination.
    Ah, nothing beats the sweet sound of hundreds of voices screaming in pain and terror!
    ~ Zalgo while carving his name into a planet.
    Zalgo: Well isn't this...Í̥͚̣̠͡Ǹ̳͚̤̲̲̠̲̪T̵̙͙͉̝̳̞̺̤̀́Ȩ̷̢̱R̶̷̨͎̱͍E̠͉͚͠Ş͏͙̝̲͖͈͚T̨̛͍͓̻Į̢͕̤Ń̝͓̗̕G̢̢̛̟̱̭. (circles Jeff, Ms. P and Smile Dog) Long Neck, Ugly, and the mutt themselves has come to face me. You think you can stop me? Go ahead, Witch, show me what you've got.
    Ms. P: I um... I-
    Zalgo: Do it, witch. Do some brilliant spell that takes me down right now. Whattdya got, Long Neck, everyone's waiting. DO IT.
    Ms. P: Uhh... DAMMIT!! (she fires a magical blast at Zalgo, who harmlessly catches the blast with his mouths)
    Zalgo: Neat trick. Lemme show you what I can do! (he waves his hand and sends Ms. P backward into a tree) That's right. Don't be a hero, girl. Remember what happened to the Unwanted House Guest? The Arcosians? ....Slenderman? That's what happens to heroes in my world. (burns Ms. P's spell book along with Unwanted House Guest's notes)
    Ms. P: NO!!! MY SPELL BOOK!!!
    Zalgo Yeah, that's right. (faces his henchmen) HENCHMEN!! Whoever kills the witch gets their own universe! Two universes if you kill her boyfriend, three if you kill the dog!
    ~ Zalgo dealing with Jeff, Ms. P and Smile Dog.
    Minions, this new multiverse wouldn't be possible without this guy! Give him a demonic round of applause! (the monsters all clap and resume partying) Ok, get outta here. (Zalgo shoos Shadowlurker away) Hahahaha! Go nuts, guys! When we're done partying, I unveil Phase 2.
    ~ Zalgo during his "King of the Multiverse" ceremony.
    Time Police: Open up! This is Aton's Elite.
    Zalgo: Just play it cool, ditch the time-beer. Let me do the talking.
    Cronos: Lord Zalgo.
    Zalgo: Aton's elite, seriously? I just defeated the new one!
    Cronos: You are in violation of the rules of space-time, enslaving innocents, massacring planets, and worst of all.... Your demons egged my car! Who the fuck does that?
    Time God: Hear this, Zalgo!
    Zalgo: Ugh, Time God.
    Time God: (projects a hologram of the universe) If your rip in this dimension continues, it could destroy the very fabric of existence! (the universe in the hologram explodes) Surrender now, or face my tantrum!
    Zalgo: Oh, no, a tantrum! Whatever will a do about that? HOW 'BOUT THIS?? BOOM. (vaporizes the Time Dog and Aton's Elite; blows the smoke from his finger)
    X: Ah, snap! He just killed the Time God! (X and the demons cheer and resumed partying)
    ~ Zalgo "killing" the Time God and Aton's Elite.
    ~ A cryptograph from Zalgo's perspective at the end of "Legends of the Multiverse Part 5: The Return of Zalgo".

    Ladies, gentlemen, that creature with like 87 different faces. (Creature with 88 different faces: 88 different faces!) Whoa-ho, sorry - touchy subject. Anyways, it's been fun turning this multiverse inside out, rounding up all its terrified inhabitants and then stacking them into this massive throne of frozen mortal agony. Don't worry, they're not conscious anymore. Probably. (Time God: Uh, my omelettes. They-they have friendly faces.) Whoops. Hehe, back, back you go there. But this multiverse is just the beginning. It's time to take our chaos omniversal! Alright boys, to Aton's realm we go. Set the world aflame with your weirdness. This omniverse is ours! Ah, omniversal domination. I could get used to - (the demons hit an invisible shield and fall down) WHAT??!!! Fools! Of course only I have to power to destroy the shields. (Zalgo extends his arm and puts hand around the shield, causing it to melt his arm off) AGHHHHH!!!! (a not suddenly appears in front of Zalgo, Zalgo reads it. I reads "Better luck next time, fuckboi - ♥ Aton) DAMN YOU, ATON!!! (Paci-Fire: I think I broke something.) Walk it off! This might be more complicated than I thought.
    ~ Zalgo, ordering his minions to spreed their evil across the omniverse by invading Aton's realm, only to discover there is a barrier keeping all of them, including himself away from Aton's home.
    Zalgo: Alright, can anyone explain to me why, even with our newfound INFINITE POWER, (kills two of his henchmen with lightning, Zalgo's eyes glow brigh red) none of us can escape the borders of this FUCKING WORTHLESS, PLEB MULTIVERSE!!!! (Sits in throne) There's some kind of force field keeping us in, but who would know how to fix it? Hmm, there was that duck that someone stopped me...
    Shadowlurker: My Lord, the black one failed to stop the Proixes. They are in Sally's bubble as we speak.
    Zalgo: Ha! Teddy Bear's bubble is the most diabolical trap I've ever created. It would take a will of titanium not to give into its temptation.
    Shadowlurker: In more important news, I've discovered that this New Elite are all powered by Aton's magic. One drop of their blood is the driving force we need to crush Aton's shields
    Zalgo: (Zalgo stares in disbelief before slowly forming an evil grin) Alright then. Shadowlurker, meet me in here in a few more hours. Things just got a little more interesting...
    ~ Zalgo to Shadowlurker.

    Part Four

    'We'll meet again. Don't know where. Don't know when. Oh, I know we'll meet again, some sunny day.
    ~ Zalgo singing at Shadowlurker's appreciation party.
    Ah, sharp as ever, my thin-skinned adviser. As you may have noticed...I've recently had a (Voice echoing:) multiversal makeover. I control space, matter, and now that that dumb clock's out of the way, time itself! But I wasn't always this way. You think those chains are tight? Imagine torturing the same souls everyday. Sure, it never really stops being funny, eventually, you just get tired of torturing the same damn people every single day. So one day i decided screw it! Why torment the mortals in my Dimension, when I could torment the whole Omniverse? Here's just one hitch. As it turns out, my evil can't enter the confines of Aton's realm. There's something keeping me out.
    ~ Zalgo revealing his motivations for universal conquer in "Legends of the Multiverse Part 8".
    Listen, Shadowlurker, once I absorb that dumb gods power, finally the Pit will take over. Anything will be possible. I'll remake a fun world-- a better world- for us, of course. For the mortals it will for 24/7 suffering, torture, murder and death. But for you and all the other demons, it'll be a party that never ends with a host that never dies! No more restrictions! No more laws! You'd be one of us. All-powerful. Greater than anything you've imagined! And all I need is your help.
    ~ Zalgo to Shadowlurker about the intentions of his plans.
    Shadowlurker: But, my lord, the New Elite are still out there, planning your defeat!
    Zalgo: I will destroy them all! I will take everything they fear to lose! I will destroy them like I did Slenderman! They will all suffer for daring to oppose me! Everyone in the multiverse as well!
    Shadowlurker: But if you kill everyone else, you'll have no one to rule!
    Zalgo: Hee-Hee-Hee... What's the fun in destruction if there a no "precious" lives lost?
    ~ The Shadowlurker's realization of Zalgo's villainy.
    Well, anyway, for all your years of service, you deserve a reward. Here, have the still-beating heart of a hydra (snaps his fingers and a beating heart appears in Shadowlurker's hands). Now run along and have fun! I have places to be. Mortals aren't gonna torture themselves you know. Ciao!
    ~ Zalgo to the Shadowlurker.
    It's always a pleasure to mess with your heads, Proxies.
    ~ Zalgo taunting the New Elite.
    Welcome to my personal Hell, Jeffery! Come stay a while.
    ~ Zalgo taunting Jeff.
    Are you enjoying your new home? That's all that matters in the end.
    ~ Zalgo to the New Elite.
    Does the little slug want some salt?
    ~ Zalgo to Bigmouth after turning him into a snail.
    So the mortals are trying to fight back, huh. Adorable! X! Take that robot out! I have a resistance to crush.
    ~ Zalgo to X, upon the New Elite trying to get into Zalgo's fortress.
    HAHAHAHAHA! You are nothing but insignificant insects to Zalgo! And insects get... SQUASHED!! And... Exterminated!
    ~ Zalgo fighting off the Under Realm refugees.
    Oh no, it's Zalgo! Right? Isn't that what you're all thinking? Hey, Bigmouth, why aren't you dancing? Chop chop, huh?
    ~ Zalgo discovering the heroes in his lair.
    Ha ha ha ho! This is just too perfect! Didn't you worthless maggots know the zodiac doesn't work if you don't all hold hands? And what's better, you've brought every threat to my power together in one easy-to-destroy CIRCLE!!! (destroys the zodiac) HAHAHA!!! That stupid old Aton really messed up making you guys the Multiverse's only hope.
    ~ Zalgo to the Proxies and their allies as he destroys the Zalgo Zodiac.
    Zalgo: (sees Eyeless Jack) Well, well! If it isn't my little former slave! Did ya miss me? Want some of those amazing powers back?
    BEN: You leave him alone!
    Sally Williams: Yeah, he isn't your slave anymore!
    Zalgo: Sure he is! Just look! Hey, Eyeless Jack, you wanna hear a paper joke? (snaps his fingers and turns Eyeless Jack into still-concoius shreds of paper) Never mind, it's TEARable! HAAAHAHAHAHAA!!
    ~ Zalgo transmutating Eyeless Jack.
    Zalgo:Ah, Shadowlurker told me you might have been powered by Aton's magic!
    Jeff: Feeling a little scared, Zalgo?
    Zalgo: Not at all, Joker! Now I get to rip that essence from your bodies one cell at a time! This day just gets better and better!
    ~ Zalgo to Jeff.
    Oh, don't you mess with me, Teddy Bear. I'M.. All.. Powerfu- (BEN throws a handful of Black Stuff at Zalgo's face, which begins to melt his face off) AAAAH!! DAMN INSECTS!!! ARRGHH!!! WHEN MY FACE REGENERATES I'M GONNA RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!!!
    ~ Zalgo's rage over BEN throwing Black Stuff at his face.
    Not so fast. You three wait here! Shadowlurker, hold down the ship. (Turns into an even more demonic version of himself) I've got some children I need to make into CORPSES!. (Deep voice:) Seeya real soon.
    ~ Zalgo to Jeff, Smile, Ms. P, and Shadowlurker before chasing Sally Williams and BEN.
    ~ Zalgo while perusing Sally and BEN across the universe.
    ALRIGHT, JEFFERY! I have your best friend in one hand and your surrogate daughter in the other! Have you made up your mind yet? Times ticking...I got the kids! Bah, this is taking too long. I think I'm gonna kill one of them now, just for the hell of it!
    ~ Zalgo forcing Jeff to give up his energy faster by almost killing BEN and Sally.
    HAHAHAHA! Oh, even when you're about to die you mortals can't get along, can you?
    ~ Zalgo mocking Smile Dog's attempts to save Jeff.
    Hold on. If you all let me go, I'll give you anything! Money, fame, infinite power, YOUR OWN UNIVERSE! Have mercy! (Jeff leaps in the air and stabs Zalgo with the Sword of Splendorman; Zalgo's power begins to be absorbed) 'NO! What's happening to me?! NRUTER YAM I TAHT REWOP TNEICNA EHT EKOVNI I ,NRUB OT EMOC SAH EMIT YM , .N .O .T .A!
    ~ Zalgo pathetically begging for his life after being brutally beating by the Proxies.
    Shadowlurker! Shadowlurker, help me! ... What are you waiting for you worthless slime?! DON'T JUST STAND THERE!! SAVE ME YOU INFERIOR, SECOND-RATE, WORTHLESS LITTLE BUG!!
    Shadowlurker: That is enough! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!!! (Sends a blast of energy at Zalgo)
    Zalgo:No, WAIT!! SHADOWLURKER!!!
    ~ Zalgo's last words before being obliterated by the Shadowlurker.

    Handbook Entries

    Oh, boy. This guy. Really no introduction needed, but this is a biography so I'm bound to pull something out of my ass. Throughout my life I've seen rapists, homicidal monsters, real estate agents, and all the most fucked begins you can imagine. But I've never seen anyone like Zalgo. Trust me when I say, this fucked up sack of shit is by far the most twisted fucktard I've ever met. Yes, even more than Laughing Jack. Zalgo used to basically rule the universe until Slenderman was born. Zalgo tortured Slenderman everyday of his life, dipping him in fire, zapping him with lasers, psychological torture, and routine beatings. Sick fuck. Anyway, this bastard was about to take over the omniverse until Shadowlurker killed him. My only regret is that he doesn't have a grave for me to shit on.
    ~ Jeff's bio of Zalgo in the Pastamonsters Handbook.

    Is he watching me?

    Zalgo has proven himself to be one of the friendliest and most trustworthy individuals that I've ever encountered in my life. What a guy! I honestly can't trust him more. Not evil in any way, Zalgo is a true gentleman.


    Beware of Zalgo. The most powerful and dangerous creature I've ever encountered. I should have listen to the stories about him. This nightmare in disguise will seduce you with never ending flattery until he gets what he wants- And what he wants is the destruction of reality itself.

    I was desperate, so desperate I trusted a demon who murdered his entire family. I sent him back to the Pit from which he came, but he'll be back eventually.

    When I summoned Zalgo I found several symbols in a cave. Aton had prophesied that these symbols could create a force strong enough to vanquish Zalgo. I don't recognize any of the symbols, but time will tell what they mean. None of them seem connected to Aton's current elite. Perhaps it belongs to... a New Elite?

    Whatever you do, never fall for Zalgo's tricks, and NEVER let him into your mind.

    ~ Zalgo's entry in the Unwanted House Guest's notes.
    Note to self: Possessing people is hilarious! To think of all the sensations I've been missing out on- burning, stabbing, drowning. It's like a buffet tray of fun! Once I unleash the Pit upon the mortal worms, I'll enjoy giving this body the grand finale- by throwing it in the Under Realm's acid pits! Best of all, people will just think Masky lost his mind, and his mental form will just wander in the Pit forever. Want to join him, Zelda?
    ~ Note left by Zalgo and discovered by BEN after Zalgo possessed Masky, revealing Zalgo's plans to kill Masky and make it look like a suicide

    Deleted Scenes

    And now, the end is nigh. It seems that I am not immortal.The foolish Proxies refused to DIIIIIIE!!! The Shadowlurker betrayed me... Delight filled all my days. I slaughtered BILLIONS!!! Every Tuesday. Oh, yes... Oh, yes I did... I did it Zalgoooo's Way. But now I'm gone.... And now I'm dead. A stupid beam struck through my chest. I RULED THE WORLD! MY WORD WAS LAW!! BWAHAHAHAHA! BWHAHAHAA! The end was quick and EXTRA THICC!!! I did it ZALGOOOOOOO'S WAAAAAAAAAAAY!
    ~ A deleted scene of Zalgo singing to the unte of "My Way" in the afterlife, reminiscing about his life as he comes to terms with death.


    • Zalgo ignites a red flame in his hand when, in order to seal a deal, he shakes the hand of the other party.
    • The mouth on Zalgo's head is used for talking while the ones on his abdomen are used for eating.
    • Second to Enderman, The Rake, and B.O.B, Zalgo is the most recurring villain in the series, ignoring Villain Protagonists like Jeff, BEN, Ms. P, etc.
    • Zalgo is overall considered to be the most evil Pastamonsters villain. He's a sadistic, tyrannical dictator who loves to inflict pain and suffering on others (children included), but what sets him apart from the other villains is that while most villains usually have some form of a redemption arc or are at least some redeeming qualities, he continuously refuses to be redeemed even when given mercy. He lacks any kind of virtues, being lazy, spoiled, a dirty fighter, not particularly smart, and wanting only his own gratification. The only other villains in the series to come remotely close to Zalgo's level of evil are Malitch and Mancala.
      • This is even backed up by the show's creator, Comickit. Comickit once said in an interview "Zalgo is the literal embodiment of evil. You should base your question within the Pastamonsters world and not ours, in the universe of Pastamonsters, there is nothing more evil than Zalgo."
      • Zalgo has even managed to disgust other villains in the series for his vileness, Aton calls him the vilest creature he's ever met, Malitch outright compares him to cancer, Slenderman calls him the "darkest soul in the Under Realm", and Enderman calls him insane and a madman.
    • Towards the end of the Pastamonsters theme song, a whisper can be heard that sounds like "I'm still here." It is heavily implied that the voice is Zalgo warning the viewers of his second coming.
      • Through the first half of season 2, the whisper changes to "Aton is not what he seems".
      • Further evidence that the voice is Zalgo is when the first apocalyptic version of the Pastamonsters plays in the beginning of "Legends of the Multiverse Part 6" is played backwards, a voice that is clearly meant to be Zalgo can be heard saying the words "I'M WATCHING YOU NERDS." The second one has him saying only "HE COMES!" sounding much angrier. The final one says "Good bye, Pastamonsters."
      • In any episode after "Legends of the Multiverse Part 8", the whisper is gone, since Zalgo is finally killed towards the end of the episode.
    • Zalgo was redesigned at least once; Comickit felt that his original design was not scary enough.
    • It is stated numerous times that he is made from pure energy, not skin and bones, which Zalgo states himself in one episode. Despite this, when he gets his face melted in "Legends of the Multiverse Part 8", one can see bones and sinew under his face.
    • President Bush and Smile Dog seems to be capable of sensing Zalgo's presence.
    • In Season 1, he was originally a one-shot villain, but with so many cameo appearances and having some connections to Slenderman and the Pastamonsters lore, he became the main villain of the entire series.
    • Zalgo hates Eyeless Jack the most out of Slenderman's proxies because he is the only one Zalgo has never been able to traumatize.
    • BEN has stated that Zalgo once shook hands with Stalin.
    • In the Summoning Gods, Demons, and other Anomalies section of the Pastamonsters Handbook, the steps to summoning Zalgo are scribbled out with a message to the side that reads "DO NOT SUMMON. ZALGO CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!". It is implied the Unwanted House Guest was the one who scribbled it out.
    • Contrary to popular belief, Zalgo cannot be identified as male or female, as he is a being above the concept of gender or race. He also claims his home dimension has 14 billion different gender identities and there is paperwork involved in determining sexual orientation and he's not exactly been keeping track of his.
    • Unlike other members of his race, Zalgo keeps his mental state and can speak, as opposed to simply roaring. This is because he was already extremely violent, murderous, sadistic and insane and his demonic instinct had no effect on his mentality.
    • Contrary to popular belief, Zalgo is not the cause behind the evil in the Under Realm. In fact, it's the evil that attracted Zalgo to the realm.
    • A character heavily resembling Zalgo appeared in the Sonic Boom episode Nominatus Rising.
    • Originally, Zalgo's death involved him getting violently bisected by Jeff with the Sword of Splendorman, but Comickit chose to have Shadowlurker kill Zalgo because it felt more "satisfying".
    • Comickit has once said in an a interview that if Zalgo had a human form it would look nothing like the human Zalgo one would see on Tumblr, but he would look like a horrifying, grotesque barely-human monster instead.
    • Zalgo was originally going to be an omnipotent neutral trickster similar to Q from Star Trek or Discord from My Little Pony, as opposed to the much more malevolent and chaotic deposition that would later characterize him.
    • Zalgo, at his most powerful, is the second strongest character in Pastamonsters, with Aton being to only one to surpass his power.
    • Zalgo originally had a song called "Zalgo's Way" that was to be heard during the end credits of "Legends of the Multiverse Part 8". The song was going to be sung to the beat of "My Way" by Frank Sinatra and was going to be a semi-comedic about Zalgo coming to terms with his death, also serving as a way of showing that Zalgo was dead for good. The song was cut in order to keep the audience guessing whether Zalgo was truly dead or not.
    • It is implied on some occasions that Zalgo believes himself to be a hero and liberator among non-mortal lifeforms. He claims he wants to liberate all dimensions and make it a fun world with no rules or restrictions. However, that would render it pure chaos inhospitable to non-demonic life. Considering his sadism and how he admits he's insane either way, it's very likely his claim is just an excuse for his own enjoyment.
    • According to Comickit, Zalgo's favorite holiday is April Fools Day. On this day, he enjoys playing (albeit incredibly lethal) pranks on nearby planets and his enemies, like making it rain acid, mix and matching random objects, causing the entire planet to roll in place, and carving "ZALGO WAS HERE" into the planets using his lasers.


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