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Lord Cotys also known as King Cotys, is the main antagonist of the movie Hercules. He is a cruel and tyrannical king who rules Thrace with an iron fist. He is portrayed by John Hurt, who also portrayed Horned KingGeneral WoundwortMr. MoleAdam Sutler and Sailor John.          


Cotys is the king of Thrace and he hires Hercules and his group of mercenaries to help him defeat the ruthless warlord Rhesus, who is marching against Thrace. Actually, Cotys is expanding his empire by force, and he wants to kill Rhesus, who is trying to stop Cotys. Cotys hired Hercules and his men, because none of his men fight for him willingly. After Rhesus is captured, he mocks Hercules for fighting on the wrong side.

Hercules confronts Cotys, but the evil tyrant tries to convince him to become his general and lead his armies in future wars. Hercules freely refuses, but instead of killing him, Cotys simply pays to Hercules his gold he owes and sends him on his way. However, Hercules refused to let Cotys enslave his own people and returned to Thrace with his fellow friends to stop him. Unfortunately he was captured by minions of Cotys, as well the traitorous King Eurystheus and imprisoned. Cotys and Eurystheus revealed to Hercules the thruth about death of his family and Cotys ordered to execute his daughter Ergenia for allying with Hercules and thereby betraying him. Hercules managed to free himself and his friends and kill Eurystheus, but Cotys manages to escape.

After the death of Cotys's Right-Hand Man General Sitacles, Hercules leaves the prison with Ergenia and his team, but Cotys and his army are waiting for them. Hercules tries to persuade the people of Thrace to leave Cotys, but Cotys claims that anyone that will take side of Hercules will be executed. Ergenia's son was held hostage, the Hercules's men suceeds in rescuing him and battle ensues. Hercules went to the colossal statue of goddess Hera, while Cotys and his army follow him. Hercules managed to knock the statue with his superhuman strength, whick causes it to topple down the stone staircase and crush many Cotys's soldiers. Cotys himself is hit by the head of the statue, which smashes him through the wall and sends him tumbling into an abyss. After Cotys's death, the remaining soldiers were forced to surrender.