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Little Carmine Lupertazzi Was a Capo in the lupertazzi organization and though his position Was heavily viewed as unearned nepotism he  Was revealed to have inherited some of his father,s skills with  diplomacy .Tony Soprano sought Little Carmine,s Counsel When he wanted to settle a dispute with his father.Tony informed  Little Carmine that  the issue wasn,t resolved his next course of action Would  be taking actions against the lupertazzis. Little Carmine approached his father with the intention to broker peace However Carmine,s respect and praise for Tony evoked feelings of envy in Little Carmine Who chose to muddy the waters by suggesting Tony had taken advantage of his friendship With Lupertazzi Underboss Johnny Sack.after his father,s death Little Carmine immediately Came up to New York from Florida to attend the funeral.he soon came into conflict With Sack over Who should surpass Carmine as Lupertazzi Boss.a War Was started When Sack ordered the death of Little Carmine,s former mistress and loan Shark Lorraine Calluzo for kicking  up to Little Carmine instead of him.Little Carmine Was very angered by this and sanctioned a hit on Sack,s protoge Joey Peeps having his supporters Angelo Garepe and Rusty Millio contract Soprano,s cousin Tony Blundetto to carry out the hit.after Angelo,s Murder by Phil and Billy Leotardo  Little Carmine decided he could no longer stomach the violence and abdicated his position.Little Carmine Was brought into help Christopher Moltisanti by investing in his movie Cleaver  and assisted Chris in an unsuccessful attempt to bring Ben Kingsley into the project.after Sack,s death from Cancer Tony approached Little Carmine asking him to take over the family,Little Carmine declined telling Tony about how his father had visited him in a dream and told him he was dissappointed.Tony saw this as evidence Carmine Sr Wanted His son to succeed him but Little Carmine told him that the dream meant he didn,t have a full life,also expressing a desire to Honor his Wife Nicole,s wish that she not become a wealthy widow.Tony seemed quite envious of this upon hearing it.Little Carmine  also helped Tony negotiate With Lupertazzi Family Members to get approval for Tony,s hit on Phil.When Tony,s son AJ expressed a desire to join the army Tony used his connections to get him a job at Little Carmine,s production company in order to keep him out of the military.