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Lilith is a white-eyed-demon and also main antagonist of seasons 3 and 4 who appeared in TV series Supernatural.

Lilith also is portrayed by Katherine Boecher, Katie Cassidy, Sierra McCormick and also Rachel Pattee.


Lility is the first demon created by Lucifer , who God ordered for all the angel for who if bow to for the humanity's only who Lucifer if refused because he believed in what humans are unworthy and imperfect God creation's, because of this he who God banished Lucifer from Paradise he playing Lucifer in Hell, after for if take revenge Lucifer it is torturing Lilith's soul, Lilith is also the corrupted for Lucifer, what he wanted demostrate who God was wrong about humans, what Lucifer wanted exterminate the humans so God imprisoned Lucifer in a cage, had a way to releases cage of Lucifer.

Lilith was demon first who was created by Lucifer who also it was one of the seal of Lucifer, if she die the seal it will be broken and Lucifer go leave cage, being the demon more ancient who already exist in Earth being the others Caim and Abaddon also the Knight of Hell, and others four humans who Lucifer turned the in demons, what are Azazel, Asmodeus, Ramiel, Dagon, what forms The Princes of the Hell, would be the demons more ancient already created losing only for Lilith who was first demon creations who Lucifer created.

After some years more later of death from Azazel for Dean Winchester with the Colt legendary weapon, Sam was for if the leader of demons more he not wanted or non know of this, being this Lilith the leader of demons.

Season 3[]

Jus In Bello[]

Sam and Dean Winchester are imprisoned by police after talk with Bela Talbot for to know about who kill demons supernatural being, Lilith sends your demons go behind of Winchester Brothers for kill them, arriving in police stanton them kill very cops who them find for there, an of police is possessed for one demon he try kill the Winchester only what he escaped before what them exorcizes, the cop Hendricksen is possessed for an demon he go until where are Sam and Dean Winchester for before try kill them he killed the Sheriff after in attempted kill the Winchesters only he is exorcised for them, after of recused the help of Ruby them has is fight against the demons who them exorcised all them.

Lilith appeared in police staton asking about the Winchesters with appearance of children for the cops and Nancy, she if to present being the Lilith after them to perceive what she is an demon, Lilith kill all them.

No Rest For The Wicked[]

Dean go for going hell, less what have the contract, after Ruby appeared wanting help Dean recused and also he insult she and what two begins fight Dean in an moment distraction Dean imprisoned Ruby in an circle of the demon.

Lilith possessed other child she tortured psychologically fathers of his vessel after she killed grandpa of your vessel because was irritated with he, after Dean begins see the forms reals of demons what he see, after Dean go behind of Lilith's vessel thinking were she, Lilith had possessed Ruby's vessel who the expulsed for out, Lilith comes with your Hellhound she use power of telekinetic against Sam, she sends Hellhound for kill Dean who he died and was for the hell's.

Season 4[]

Yellow Fever[]

Dean is infected for a ghost what he begins staying totally paranoid and seeing things, he begins hallucination about Azazel returns the life and possessed Sam, what same in try of save Dean, Dean has more hallucination is only what is about Lilith who appeared tortured Dean Psychologically, after what Sam and Bobby defeated Luther Garland ghost's the hallucination in form of Lilith disappear.

The Monster at the End of This Book[]

Prophet Chuck predicted what Lilith would go do sex with Sam for if rid of seals, arriving in motel Lilith seduced what he Sam refused in moment of distraction of Lilith, Sam attempted kill Lilith after Dean appeared with Chuck what Michael begins if manifest in form of light what Lilith go though.

Lucifer Rising[]

Lilith appear with other demons in ceremony of Lucifer she talk with an demon, about your orders Ruby attracts Sam until Lilith for kill she, Sam and Ruby arriving Sam use your powers of telekinetic against Lilith what she insult Sam what with rage killed Lilith who breaked Lilith who final seal liberted Lucifer for out of Cage. 

Season 15[]

Proverbs 17:3[]

Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven[]


  • Possession: She is able from possess humans and demons with facility. 
  • Telekinetic: Lilith can to move people with his mind. 
  • Teleportation: Lilith is able of teleport to any place which she want.
  • Super Stregth: She also can raise thing and people heavy. 
  • Invulnerably: Not can if dead to cause natural and neither for fire weapon, and also none white gun.
  • Immortality: As she being the first demons created to Lucifer she is immortal being able if dead for the Colt or angels blade.