Lex Luthor is the main antagonist of Superman Returns. He is an evil criminal mastermind and genius scientist who schemes to defeat and kill Superman, his longtime archenemy, for taking away five years of his life.

He is portrayed by Kevin Spacey who also played John Doe and Hopper.

Superman Returns Edit

Lex Luthor tries to take over the world by destroying some of the Earth and creating a huge land mass which everyone will have to pay a big amount to live there. He sneaks behind Superman's back to the Fortress of Solitude and finds out how to access the main computer that will tell him anything he wants to know about Krypton. After that, he finds and steals some Kryptonite so that he use it against Superman, knowing that it makes him weak and deprives him of his powers. Lex uses the crystals to create a Kryptonian land mass, with Kryptonite embedded in its surface, to create a new continent. His creating this first continent causes a flood which nearly destroys Metropolis, and were he to continue to create new landmasses with it, it will undoubtedly cause more floods which will kill billions and leave much current land underwater. Luthor is well aware of this catastrophic side- effect, but thinks nothing of it. After Superman lands on the mass, dubbed "New Krypton", the Kryptonite renders him powerless as Lex assaults him, before finally stabbing him with a Kryptonite shiv. With the help of Richard White, Lois Lane, and Superman's son Jason, Superman is saved. Removing most of the Kryptonite and recharging through the sun, Superman stops Luthor's plan. Luthor and his moll Kitty escape via helicopter, but Kitty's conscience overpowers her and she tosses the crystals, preventing Lex from reattempting his plan. The helicopter soon runs out of fuel and they are forced to crash land on a remote island, where there is no food.