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Les Battersby was working a traveling fair ground and shared a holiday romance with Moira Kelly which led him to conceive his son Greg, who he remained unaware of for the next twenty eight years. Les moved on and began a relationship with Stella Price who fell pregnant with their daughter Leanne While Les initially intended to stay to help the raise the child the novelty soon wore off and he began to drink heavily and neglect his wife and child, which caused Stella to leave him .Les and Leanne then moved in with Les's mother Betty who refused to let Stella have Leanne back when she came for her .

Les went onto Marry single mother Janice Lee and was very protective of her daughter Toyah on their wedding night Les snogged Janice's sister Janet in the ladies toilet, though Janice was unaware of this after moving into Coronation street the family was not met with a very warm welcome and Les quickly made enemies out of Curly Watts and Des Barnes. Les headbutted Curly after he broke in and destroyed the girls cd player due to his frustrations over the loud music However Samantha Failsworth got Les to make the girls turn the music down by utilizing the fact Les clearly fancied her.

Les enjoyed wondering around interconnected loft spaces to look around other people's homes he would move objects around and engage in minor vandalism which Scared Percy Sugden out of the area. When Greg came back into his life Les tried to seduce Moira but she turned him down this caused a falling out between Les and Janice but he eventually won her round again meanwhile Greg was ran out of town after using Sally Webster for money and beating her.

When Les learned money was being offered for cobbles he dug one up but dropped it on his toes. During his stay in hospital Les made life hell for nurse Martin Platt. He overdosed on drugs he stole from the unlocked trolley and tried to say Martin was to blame which caused Martin to resign as he was hurt the hospital believed Les over him, however Janice told the hospital the truth when she learned he planned to use the compensation money on a holiday with Jackie Dobbs.

When Toyah took English lessons with Ken Barlow Les mistakenly believed Ken was a pervert and assaulted him, sickening Toyah who then ran away to meet Neil Flyn who she thought was her real father Neil Flyn concerned Les and Janice went to London and found her after she'd ran away from Flyn. Les further alienated Toyah when he attacked her boyfriend Spider Nugent thinking he was too old for her. However when Spider discovered Les had been had fraudulently claiming benefits he was forced to leave him and Toyah alone.

The DSS ultimately discovered Les's scam without Spider's help. in court Les tried claiming he had only committed his crime for the sake of his family and lied that Janice was expecting a third baby and though the judge saw through these lies Les still got of quite easy being punished with 150 hours of community service .Les had made fun of Tyrone Dobbs for being illiterate so Tyrone got his own back by spraying more graffiti each time Les cleaned a wall and when Les helped out at a local park removing his rowing boat so he was stranded on an island over night. Les continued to alienate Janice by wasting money and when Owen Williams made a pass at her she considered it, but after Les was electrocuted she realized she couldn't bring herself to cheat on him.

When Owen turned up asking Janice to join him in Wales, Les beat him up. Les bought Janice a fryer pan for her anniversary and admitted to his liaison with Janet while hypnotized in the rovers, which caused Janice to have enough of him and start an affair with Eileen Grimshaw's fiancé Dennis Stringer and ultimately leave Les for him. Les became depressed after the break up and even tried holding Janice hostage to make her get back with him. When Les tried to gas himself Dennis came to his rescue, but when Dennis tried getting Les to the hospital the car he was driving flipped over, resulting in his death and Janice vowing to never forgive him.

Les took every opportunity to goad Janice's policeman boyfriend Mick Hopwood until Mick attacked him, however Mick lied saying he was assaulted by Les, which got him a six month prison sentence. After getting out Les went to Mick's house and threatened to beat him to death with a crowbar. Janice then left Mick when she learned the truth about the attack.

Les married Cilla Brown in order to get wedding presents, but it didn't last long as an over excited Les smashed the presents in an attempt to be a rock star. Cilla then left him and went on the honeymoon with her best friend Yana Lumb Les had a one-night stand with Janice which infuriated Cilla, who only took him back after he offered to crawl over the street cobbles regretting his mistakes with Leanne and Toyah Les tried to be more of a father to Cilla's son Chesney.

When Chesney asked Les to adopt him he was delighted and despite resentment from Cilla Les was recommended by a social worker. When Cilla was receiving treatment for skin cancer Les believed she was having an affair and slept with Yana, who was angry at Cilla for not confiding in her. When Cilla found out about this she was furious pretending the cancer was still terminal in order to guilt Les and Yana into sitting in a bathtub of mushy peas in freezing temperatures. Les left to go tour as a roadie and has not been seen since.