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Laurel Hedare is the main antagonist of the 2004 film called Catwoman. 

She is portrayed by Sharon Stone.


Hedare was her husband's cosmetic heir at Hedare Beauty for 15 years. However, she was soon replaced by a young model named Drina, not only professionally, but also, but also romantically because George was having an affair with Drina. After that, Hedare soon launched a cream that reverse aging, and that according to Laurel could make a woman's skin look like a live marble if used constantly. After that, Laurel discovered that Dr. Slavicky was the product manager. Afterwards, Laurel discovered that the artist and designer heard all about the product when she visited there, after that Laurel also personally killed her husband and tried to incriminate Catwoman.

After that when she made it look like it was Catwoman who caused George's death. Catwoman is arrested, but eventually she escapes, after which the two fight, and after being scratched by Catwoman she almost falls. She then dives in and pretends to beg Catwoman to saver her.