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Kaori (The Civet) Rikujo is the Minor Femme Antagonist from Killing Bites who joins Taiga Nakanishi. She cares about torturing Ui Inaba in any slights after Hitomi Uzaki assails and punches Eruza Nakanishi for having Her Self Awareness.

She is a Friend of Ryoko Arashina who is defeated by Ichinosuke, Enemy of Seira Son, Archenemy to Youko Mitsukado, All Time Rivalry of Kanae Kazama, Ryuuji Shiina and Den Oonuma and Nemesis to Takeshi Kido.


She is also voiced by the Japanese Voice Actress, Yuu Asakawa.

She is based as Nina Williams from Tekken who has Their Similar Appearance and Ruthlessly gets Their Both Rivals, Kanae and Anna Williams.

She was similar to Cammy White from Street Fighter just like Examples.

  • Both Have Yellow Hairs
  • Both Gets Muscular Breasts
  • Both Were A Good Secret Agents
  • Both Are Rivals of Kanae Kazama and Crimson Viper with Their Similar Images
  • Both Are Anti Villains of Them in Series (lately, Cammy redeems villain and joins Ryu Hoshi, Chun Li and Street Fighters Where as Kaori stays Evil but Presumed Died by Ui Inaba).

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