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Kanae "Gecko" Kazama is One of the Female Antagonist from the Television Series direct to video Shows of Killing Bites who joins Miyabi Sumitomo. She cares about destroying Taiga Nakanishi after He retreats Be cuz He has to beats His Rivalry, Takeshi Kido.

She is the only Currently Alive Mafia but later Imprisoned again just like 2 Years who hates Den Oonuma for having His nasty attitudes to takes down the Girl's p***ies. She tries to abuses Gotoh Haiji who is the Best Friend Forever of Hitomi Uzaki, She doesn't more cares about Eruza Nakanishi for Having relations with Her Elder Brother.


She is also voiced by the Japanese Voice Actress, Takako Honda.

She was based as Anna Williams from Tekken who has Their Similar Relations and Their Femme Fatally Racial Purists.

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