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Kabukimon is a kabuki-like Mutant Digimon. He has served as a minion of Musyamon in Digimon Fusion, and as a minion of ShogunGekomon in the reboot of Digimon Adventure.


  • Cherry Blossom Storm (Cherry Blossom Blizzard): Violently sweeps the back of its head, then emits a blinding, stinging light from the faces on its hands that knocks out the opponent while they're fascinated by the beauty of that storm of petals.
  • Wedge Attack: Makes a circle with its head, sharply tapering the petals on its head where the force accumulated due to the centrifugal force, then pierces them into the opponent like shuriken.


Digimon Fusion

Kabukimon served as one of the guards at the gate of Musyamon’s castle with Kotemon and Caturamon. When Jeremy, Dorulumon, and the three red Monitamon tried to enter Musyamon’s castle to free the imprisoned Princess Babamon, they confronted her, and in the battle, Dorulumon made a whirlwind to allow Jeremy and Monitamon to get inside the castle while Dorulumon stayed to treat her. When Dorulumon fought him, it was not certain whether he would survive or be destroyed.

Digimon Adventure:

Kabukimon served as one of ShogunGekomon’s servants along with Gekomon and Dondokomon. When his master kidnapped Joe’s Digimon partner, Gomamon, Joe wanted so badly to save Gomamon, and Joe did it with his friends by making the hot spring bait, and then they lured ShogunGekomon there. And when ShogunGekomon arrived at the bait-hot spring, Joe and his friends began rescuing Gomamon, and at the same time they also had to take care of him and other ShogunGekomon’s minions. In battle, MetalGreymon shot him in ice-cold water, and when Gomamon evolved into Zudomon, he defeated him and his lord as well. Then, after the hot springs had been restored, Joe let him, his lord, and also his subordinates bathe in the hot springs as well.