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Jonah Kronbach ( 2007 - 2055 ) is the main antagonist of Nate Midnight's essay based off of CSoM. This version of him portrays him with no redeeming qualities and is not above killing women or children. His original version portrays him as a guy with bigger morals and many more redeeming qualities. This version of Kronbach has killed many innocent people out of his pure sadism. He is also more heinous than his "friends," Frederick Montgomery and the Archer. He serves as the main antagonist of the first essay, the titular protagonist villain of all the Kronbach: Prison Chronicles trilogy, the overarching antagonist in the sequel of the first essay, a major antagonist of Dirty Prison, and a posthumous antagonist in Archer 2105, along with being the posthumous overarching antagonist of The Heist of 2142.

Moral Event Horizon Crossings (2): Killing Martin Butcher. Abusing and turning children into his own slaves.

You're all pets of these two men! Why in the world would you actually believe in them? They do not have a freedom of speech! This is not the free country they once had! You're all brainwashed! This country is just a bucket of slime to drown you rats in! That's all this sordid country ever was, and still is!
~ Jonah revealing his true nature to the public as he gets arrested.