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Joker is the main antagonist of a Youtube series called Joker Blogs. He is simply a sequel to the Dark Knight movie Joker. He is portrayed by Scott McClure. Link: Blogs Joker Blogs.

Serie I[]

Joker was arrested and taken to Arkham Asylum where he was interviewed by Harleen Quinzel, Joker soon tries to seduce her and shows great interest in her. Soon Joker manages to convince one of the guards named Stevie to let him stay out of his cell temporarily so he can look around Quinzel's writing, however he ends up in the wrong office that is Dr. Jeremiah Arkham's the owner of the psychiatric hospital, Joker accesses Jeremiah's computer and his computer and learns that busnessman Lex Luthor is looking for property for him, Joker after a message and offer of agreement. However Stevie tries to bring him back to cell saying that the time is up, Joker responds by killing him with a tinsel to death, and he left the body in Harleen's office as a guilt. 

However, upon the appearance of Dr. Hugo Strange, he simply hypnotizes Joker in an attempt to reach him, and Joker soon makes remarks about Strange's wife as hypnotized, and making Strange beat him in a raid attack get kicked out, Jeremiah later causes Joker to sign a forum in which he will not take any further action on the subject. Joker still keeps trying to seduce her more unsuccessfully, and he discovers she is getting married, Joker later with the help of one of the prisoners kills whom he kills after getting such an information which would motivate her to flee. Joker later kidnaps Pearl who is one of Arkham's car. And waits for him in the back seat and and when he arrives, Joker then forces him to keep driving until he arrives at Lyle Reeves's house, and when Joker arrives there he hits Lyle's head with a baseball bat and the later unconscious kidnapped.

Joker later takes Jeremiah to his house, where he knocks his wife and ties them over a duct tape, he then kills his chef and torments them in front of the cameras and about a choice for Jeremiah about letting his wife get killed or cutting his own. Eyes with a fork, Joker makes none of the altenatives, but leaves a bomb with his wife, and takes Jeremiah with him. Joker then forces Pearl to drive, where he takes Kyle to the sewers where Killer Croc is and arrests him. Then they go to Harleen Quinzel's fiance's apartment, and when they get there they find out that he's in a room belongs to brother Guy, as soon as the Kopskis show up, Joker handcuffs him in the bathroom and giving himself options like killing himself, Kopski throws his own camera that is still plugged into the bathtub killing electrocuted. Joker then leaves the apartment after realizing that a homeless person is watching. He along with Jeremiah approaches the homeless man named Theodore, who Joker tells him if he wants to die, which Theodore then tells Joker that he really wants to die, since he has lost all his wife and home. So instead of killing him Joker decides to give him a job as his cameraman, which Theodore agrees to, Joker thinking of killing him in return.  

After that Joker drives to Harleen's wedding, he makes them stay while goes to church to kill Guy, and he does so by shooting him in the stomach and making the guests scared and leaving, except for Harleen and the cameraman himself, he approaches Harleen when the lights go out and Batman appears in the church, Joker and Jack Ryder flees to the basement, but Batman grabs him who swears he should let him die, but nevertheless Batman is shot by Harleen, and Joker flirts with her, which she soon responds by calling Puddin, and throws him in the arm,  then Batman disappears, and Joker attacks Jack and steals his camera, and then it is unknown whether or not Joker killed him after that. 

Joker after fleeing out of the building, he soon drives to disfigure Pearl with a knife, and after inverting a story about bullies causing his check scar. Meanwhile, Gotham's DPG is behind Joker, in the cars, but Joker, Jeremy and Theodore escape the police by shooting them, they steal a police car, Jeremy and Theodore escape the police by shooting them, they steal a police car. While they rush out with the car, Joker soon puts a bomb on Jeremy's wife, and then Joker handcuffs Jeremy and demands that the sign the asylum for Lex Luthor, but nevertheless, Joker goes against his word and kills his wife by making her. To explode, Joker hands Theodore an envelope with last night's footage, and lets him out alive. Joker then sits next to Jeremy, who is unconscious and calls the police, before laughing to himself as he sees fireworks caused by the blast. 

Joker is then arrested and sent back to Arkham Asylum, while in his cell he soon does business with Lex in partnership shakes their hands. The episode ends when Harleen Quinzel now with Kopski confronts Joker about his marriage, and this is a time when the guards attack Joker. Harleen says Joker has no concert and razes the guards and says he'll be safe until he dies, and the episode ends when Joker before beating the guards.

Serie II[]

In this episode Joker manages to escape from Arkham and kills one of the security guards.