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John Ryder is the main antagonist of the 1986 film The Hitcher and the remake of 2007 with the same name. He was portrayed by Rutger Hauer who also player Roy Batty of Blade Runner and Cardinal Roark of Sin City who was in the years 1986. He was played by Sean Bean who also played Sean Miller of Patriot Games, Alec Trevelyan of GoldenEye, Patrick Koster of Don't Say A Word, Ian Howe of National Treasure, and Dr. Merrick of the Island.


Ryder is a psychopath serial killer who has killed many people, he one day he constantly assaults a young couple called Jim Halsey and Grace Andrews, after he takes a ride with Rider, he then reveals himself as a psychopath and tries to kill-but John continues to attack and chase them, causing Rider to betray them, John is then thrown out of the car, however he continues to torment the couple that they are forced to be saved by their lives. And he's killed by Jim.

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Already in the remake 2007, the story is similar to not that in this one who kills it is Grace. Ryder kill Jim chained in a truck and he dies. Ryder is arrested by the police and is put in a van in order to be taken to another state, however, Ryder frees himself from the shackles and kills two policemen who were in front and two others doing the capping and falling, Ryder then kills Esteridge. Only to be confronted by Grace when she shoots him repeatedly, Ryder smiles and says that shooting him was good, so that Grace says she did not feel anything, she then shoots him in the head killing him.