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John Cena
Background information
Feature films Scooby Doo

The Flintstone

Television programs Raw

Total Divas

Video games Varies
Park attractions
Actor Himself
Animators Hunter Cain

Agent Jack Burns

Voice No information
Performance model
Inspiration Izaya Orihara

Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Character information
Other names John Cena

Orange Crap Guy

Personality Arrogant Anti Villain
Appearance His muscle, Orange cap and T-shirts and denim Shorts and jeans
Occupation Wrestling Rapper
Affiliations Anti Evil Characters
Goal Became the WWE Worldwide Championships
Home WWE
Friends Daniel Bryan (His Best Friend Forever)

CM Punk
Nikki Bella (His Fiancee)
Brie Bella
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins (Now)
Sami Zayn
Shinsuke Nakamura
Finn Balor
Christian Cage
Rey Mysterious
Enzo Amore
Lio Rush
Beth Phoenix
Ronda Rousey

Enemies Batista

Big Show
AJ Styles
Luke Gallows
Karl Anderson
Bray Wyatt
Luke Harper
Braun Strowman
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Brock Lesnar
Bill Goldberg
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels
Triple H
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stephanie McMahon
Shane McMahon
Vince McMahon
The Miz
Chris Jericho
R Truth
Michael Cole
Jerry ''The King'' Lawler
John Bradshaw Layfield (His All Time Rivalry)
John Laurinaitis (His Former Father, For Betraying Him)
William Regal
Vladimir Kozlov
Ezekiel Jackson
Corey Graves
Alexander Rusev
Samoa Joe
Kevin Owens
Big Cass
Tommaso Ciampa
Heath Slater
Justin Gabriel

Minions JTG (His only Sidekick)

Shad Gaspard+

Likes Collects Wreslers
Dislikes His deeds loses
Powers and abilities Muscle


Weapons Barbecue Sauce


Fate Alive
Quote THE CHAMP, Is Here!!!!!

John (Felix Anthony) Cena is the Villainous Protagonist from WWE who joins Nikki Bella. He likes to defeats all of His rivals alongside CM Punk after Triple H takes down and fires someone who gets in His way.


Cena gets Manly Muscle. He has Short Brown Hair covered up by Orange Cap and T Shirt and wears Blue Armbands, Shorts and Shoes.


He is seem as a Face sometimes He is a Freedom, Chosen and Legend. In Beginning, He honors His Wrathful and Vengeance to seeks for His Justice.

Lately, He is now Heel Turn. Despite that Cena stays Heels, He was Misanthrope, Bully and Tyrant. He wants to be God and show His No Mercies having His Remorseful Lives to takes down Everyone. He collects JBL's Limos alongside with His Sidekicks, The Cryme Tyme, JTG and Former Living Shad Gaspard.


Evil Acts

He takes down JBL's Limo with His Sidekicks, JTG and Late Gaspard. Lately, tortured by Him in any slights.

He smacks and hurts Lesnar after His returns while Laurinaitis and all of the Rosters with Daniel Bryan and Everyone.

He completely brutalizes Randy Orton while CM Punk strikes back, Shawn Michaels superkicks and Stephanie McMahon was Ko'ed.

He tortures Laurinaitis for betraying Him.

He spilts Michael Cole who cries out loud over Everyone while humiliation.

He takes down Undertaker and Kane's Animals and Natures and gets Both of The mad.

He ruins Ryback for His Retributions. But was been several times to be taked down by Him.

He is mad and fights Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan for His Vengeance.

He lately meets up and assails Braun Strowman for having His Height Worst and looks like that He is Friends with Big Show and Mark Henry.

He tells AJ Styles what to do that He SHUTS UP!. He goes wild and battles Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson for having His relations with Him.

Once again in 2018, He may have been a win with AJ Styles but Batista interrupts and punches Him.

He calls The Big Show fatso without calling Him in Nice Ways.

He and Bray meets again and lately takes down by Him.


He is also portrayed by the English Voice Actor, Himself only who is also known as Hunter Cain from Generator Rex.

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