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Joey Drew is the unseen overarching antagonist of Bendy and The Ink Machine. He is the former old friend of Henry, the game's protagonist.


While he has yet to have a physical appearance in the game, Joey Drew's voice can be heard through audio logs in each of the chapters.

In Chapter 4, he is mentioned by Bertrum Piedmont of how the former is taking full credit of his work, in particular the planned establishment "Bendy Land".

In the second teaser trailer for Chapter 5, his office can be seen beyond below the studio.

In the end, Joey Drew can be seen washing dishes and, finally, show his face.


  • Joey Drew is mostly likely inspired by both Walt Disney and Max Fleischer, two animation founders from the same time period of the Bendy cartoons. While the Bendy cartoons themselves have the same animation style as Fleischer's work, Joey's larger than life persona and own name studio is in reference to Disney.