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Jim McDonald Was introduced as the husband of Liz and Father to two Sons Andy and Setve  When they First Moved to Coronation Street Jim Was a family Man but Had a nasty temper and a bit of a jealous Streak.

In 1991 Liz announced She Was pregnant delighting Jim  However Steve's Shady activities Stressed Liz out  and When Steve disappeared due to being With His girlfriend Vicky Arden Causing Liz to be worried he,s been attacked by His associates. Which led her to miscarry their baby Katy and Jim blamed Steve Causing Much tension With in the family.

Jim Supected Liz of having an affair with Newton and Ridley director  Richard Wilmore.Jim then attacked Richard Causing Liz to tell him their Marriage Was over  However the couple Still Cared for Each Other and decided to reconcile.

However their Marriage soon Faced problems When Liz Shook Up With Colin Barnes Jim Found out and Hit Colin. Liz later shared a few Kisses With Colin,s brother Des though She ended up backing off Which Jim Found out about.

When Liz confessed to Jim that she had an affair With his army buddy Johnny Johnson Many years Prior Jim Felt used and Viciously assaulted Liz  While Drunk leaving her abandoned at a service Station.after sobering Up Jim Was horrified by What He,d done and  immediately tried to Find Liz to apologize but She Would have none of it. In a desperate attempt to Save their Marriage Jim attempted to break into Liz,s House With a Snooker Rest Liz Called the police on Jim but He Was quickly released however he refused to leave  Liz alone Causing him to spend three Weeks in strangeways Jail later that Year the Pair divorced Ending twenty  two Years  Of Marriage.

despite the divorce Jim Maintained a relationship With His Children Visiting Steve in Prison  and living With Andy.Jim took a liking  to barmaid Samantha Failsworth as they both Shared an affinity for Motorbikes Jim Wished to tell Her how he felt but never got the Chance.When Steve Was released He hoped to Win his Ex Fiona Middleton back.due to her relationship problems With Alan McKenna Fiona relied on Jim For Support Causing them to develop feelings for Each Other.Things Were Further Complicated When Liz Warmed to Jim again  and the reconciliation Which Came as a result  With  Jim agreeing to try again With Liz though He Was reluctant due to his feelings For Fiona

.Jim later had Sex With Fiona in the salon  Jim then went and told Liz there Was No Future between them Leaving her Alan and Fiona,s Wedding Which He interrupted Jim told Everyone about what happened between Him and Fiona.after this Steve Practically disowned Jim  As he felt betrayed by Jim,s Sleeping With Fiona and Was angry that Jim had given Liz False hope. Steve did Everything He Could to Make his father,s life hell at Work. . When Jim secured a job at the garage ran by his friend Kevin Webster he went to gloat to Steve about not needing him any more this led to them having a scuffle on the builders site Which ended in Jim Falling off and being paralyzed though Jim could not remember the fight with his son and thought he had simply fell. pitying him Liz moved in with Jim to care for him the couple grew close and Jim thought she still had feelings for him unaware she was only going on dates out of sympathy for his situation unknown to Jim Liz began an affair with his occupational therapist Michael Wall. upon finding out of Steve,s involvement in his accident Jim began to have suicidal feelings and unsuccessfully tried to act on these by wheeling himself in front of Mike Baldwin,s car.

Maud Jones witnessed this and visited Jim as he was trying to drink himself to death.Maud brought Jim out of the state of self pity he was in and Jim decided to make a better life for himself .after months of trying Michael had finally gotten Jim out of his wheelchair and planned to propose to Liz as he thought their relationship Was going well When Jim went to follow through on his plan he saw Liz having sex with Michael and threw her out and intended to make life hell for Michael as payback but after giving things much thought Jim let go of Liz knowing she would never love him and he was hurting himself by trying

.Jim began a relationship with Factory Worker Gwen Davis and was there for his friend Gary Mallet when he lost his wife Judy attending her funeral to support him and regularly visiting Gary to check if he was okay.Jim later broke up with Gwen when he realised she had used him for money. When local drug dealer Jez Quigley beat Steve up for testifying against him over the murder of Tony Horrocks Jim went round to Jez,s flat and accidentally beat him to death Wracked with guilt Jim turned himself into the police and was sentenced to 8 years for manslaughter.before he was sent down Jim once again married Liz . upon becoming suspicious Liz was playing away with her boss Laurie Dyson Jim broke out of prison and met Liz in Blackpool where they made arrangements to flee to Ireland together.

However the pair put their plan on hold in order to help Claire Casey and Ashley peacock who were trapped adrift on a boat leading to Jim,s arrest. Jim became Eligible for parole but this ended When He Was charged With attacking a cellmate Causing Liz to Walk out on him again.

In 2007 Jim Was released  for good behavior  on the day of Liz,s Wedding to Vernon Tomlin She Shared a kiss With Jim Causing  Jim and Vernon to get into a fight Steve broke it up and told Jim He Was not Welcome With His Family despite this Jim returned to attend  Steve,s Wedding to Becky Granger  Jim then turned Up a year later Wishing to Visit Family and Friends Showing interest in Liz in particular however Liz,s jealous boyfriend Owen Armstrong arranged for His Mates to attack Jim resulting in Liz dumping Owen.

Jim Made another return When Liz had fallen out With Steve and Becky as Liz believed Becky had made a mess of her son,s life. Becky and Steve came up with a plan to have Jim buy the rovers to pay their debts as Becky and Steve had bought Becky,s nephew Max Turner from her half sister Kylie Turner. While Jim and Liz were excited at the prospect of running a pub together Jim didn't really have the money and attempted to get it by robbing a building society and holding everyone inside hostage however Liz got through to Jim over the phone which made him decide to let the hostages go but this didn,t change the fact Jim had once again landed himself in prison. When Liz refused to attend his trial worried it would be humiliating Jim told Steve he didn't want anything more to do with his family though he later began to miss them.

during his time in prison Jim started selling alcohol and later served booze to Steve,s friend Peter Barlow who,d been falsely imprisoned for the murder of Tina McIntyre. Jim told Peter he,d give him More drink if He Could Organize a visit With Steve  While Peter begged Steve to do So Jim Was instead Vsiited by Liz Who told Him to leave her and Steve alone. Peter Collapsed after Stealing Jim,s Supply but Jim Saved his life Which Earned the respect of Steve and Made him decide to make peace with his father  However Jim Made the mistake of goading Peter about other inamte,s anger at him and lack of Familial Support He Was getting.  in revenge Peter told His Step-Sister Tracy Jim gave him the booze Who then informed Steve Who then once again cut Contact With His Father furious over this Jim Arranged for Peter to be beaten . in the aftermath of this Liz turned up to Visit Jim for the sake of Peter,s Stepmother Deirdre Who Was a friend of her.s Jim then Chose to blackmail threatening to Continue tormenting Peter unless She Visited Him on a consistent basis.

While Liz initially Complied She Ended the visits When it caused Problems in her relationship With Tony Stewart .Still not Wanting to lose her Jim acquired a mobile Phone  and Harassed Liz But Steve grassed Jim up For this getting time added to His Father,s Sentence Jim became resentful of His Family And felt they,d abandoned Him .

Jim developed Mytopic Dystrophy Which He told Steve about over the phone.During the next few years following his feud With Peter Jim Was visited in Prison by Hannah Gilmore Who fell in love with him  and suggested Jim they scam Liz into paying for His Medical Care to accomplish this Jim Concocted a cruel Con in Which he had Hannah to pretend to be Katie  as time Went on However Jim became More Conflicted .

None the less after learning of Liz,s affair With Johnny Connor Jim Chose to blackmail Johnny for money  though Johnny Soon learned Of Hannah,s involvement in the blackmail.

Jim,s guilt reached new heights When Steve asked him to be his best Man for his wedding to Tracy Barlow.  later Jim Shared a tender moment with Liz and they kissed unaware Hannah had seen Everything  When Confronted by Hannah Jim lied saying he had nothing but hate for Liz and  that the kiss Was part of the con .

Hannah then lured Jim into a kiss for Liz to see and spitefully told Liz the truth  Which left her furious Jim Caught Up With Liz at Katie,s grave Liz angrily called him a monster and considered beating him with his walking stick but decided against it as it would make her as bad as him.

After spending some more time at Katie,s grave Jim Was picked up by Hannah Who told Him that she forgave him for Everything.Jim Was grateful Saying she was the only One who still Cared  the Pair then left for pastures new there Was later mention of their arrest but they Were allowed to Walk free due to lack of Evidence.