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Jeremy Valeska
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Gotham (fanfiction version)
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Mark Hamill
Performance model
Inspiration The Joker
Character information
Other names The Joker
Mr. J
Mr. Jenkins (faked)
Personality Mean, treacherous, manipulative, cunning, ruthless, sadistic, scheming, destructive, chaotic, megalomaniacal, fatherly, nihilistic, humorous, dark, ambitious, genocidal, insane, charismatic
Occupation Terrorist
Prisoner (formerly)
Affiliations Chaotic Evil
Goal To turn Gotham into a jail and escape it (failed)

To convince Bruce Wayne that he is his father in blood or to kill him (failed)
To get rid of Jim Gordon and whoever is precious to Bruce (failed)
To bomb up Gotham (indirectly succeeded; he died but Penguin did it for him)
To drive The Batman mad and terrorize the city (failed)

Home Gotham City
Enemies Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, Oswald Cobblepot
Minions Jonathan Valeska, Jerome Valeska, Zoe Tremor (currently)
Likes Maniacal terror, destruction, chaos, Bruce Wayne acting like a good son to him, manipulating and killing others
Dislikes Bruce Wayne resisting him, Jim Gordon's interference, loosing his power, goodness, being arrested
Powers and abilities Leadership
High pain tolerance
Weapons Gun
Fate Falls off a rooftop
Typical Saying Im the only one who can really look after you Bruce!! You need me!!! I created Bruce Wayne from nothing!! Without me, you're just a joke.. Is that what you really want Bruce? Hah? Is that what you really want??!

Jeremy Valeska is the main antagonist of the fanedited fourth season of the TV series Gotham. He is the psychotic and destructive father of Jerome and Jonathan Valeska, and is the series' fanmade incarnation of The Joker.

He is portrayed by Mark Hamill.



Jeremy was the abusive father and "creator" of Jerome and Jonathan. He abused his two genetically built from scratch kids, thus making them both emotionally collapse. It was also mentioned that he told Jerome that he, much like Paul Cicero, has beaten the kids up during their childhood.

Terrorizing Gotham on Christmas eve[]

Jim Gordon comes to investigate him under the name of Mr. Jenkins. However, he revealed himself to be Jerome's father, Jeremy Valeska. Thereafter, his other son, Jonathan has come to rescue him. He then ordered Jerome to terrorize Gotham. However, as Selina comes to stop him and Harley Quinn/Zoe Tremor, Jeremy reveals to her that he has been controlling Jerome and Jonathan all along, as they were both only his test subjects, genetically created by him. He then terminates Jerome, and goes to terrorize Gotham himself by handing Christmas gifts to children. However, some unknown force pulls the presents to the sky, where they explode. Jeremy is then once again sent to Arkham.

Attempting to bomb Gotham[]

Later, Jeremy escapes jail and disguises himself as a waiter in Gotham's city hall. He later serves everyone a cup of wine, and then reveals his true identity as The Joker/Jeremy Valeska, and he remarks that if the people want the antidote they must bring Bruce Wayne to him as a hostage. Eventually, the unfortunate citizens find Bruce Wayne, and bring Bruce to Jeremy. Jeremy reveals to Bruce that he planted many different bombs in Gotham, which will tear the city apart. One was even in a room next to Jim Gordon, who was guarded by one of Jeremy's goons. Jeremy revealed so to Bruce by saying that he will get rid of the one precious to him. He then takes Bruce to a chemical plant in which he tries to convince Bruce that he is his own father in blood. However, Bruce does not accept it, and he implies that Jeremy will never be his own father. Jeremy then attempts to kill Bruce, first with a gun and then with a knife. However, after a rough battle, Bruce knocks him out. As Bruce starts beating him up, Jeremy asks Bruce if he is sure that he doesn't want to be his own son. Jeremy states that they will have fun together, trying to convince Bruce that he should rather live as his own son then die as a nobody. He then kicks Bruce and gets up as Bruce falls backwards. Bruce is now cornered and Jeremy grabs his shirt, and angrily tries to explain things to Bruce from his own perspective, implying that he created Bruce Wayne from nothing. Once more, he asks Bruce if that's what he really wants, and he tries to punch Bruce hard enough to break the fence behind him and make Bruce fall into the chemical vat. However, Jeremy misses and because he hit so hard, he broke the fence and then fell into the chemicals.


Jeremy was later found lying, and presumably dead, in Damian's turf. However, The Joker was revealed to be alive, as he stabbed Damian and told him a story about how he educated Jerome to laugh like him and become insane. He later stabs Damian in his chest, and then Jeremy the man of jokes and chaos usurps Damian's place as a gang leader, and he burns the money of another crime lord, telling him that he is not a lunatic but he rather has a vision for Gotham. He later enters the city's ballroom where he invades into a party and he starts confronting a woman with a knife, and telling her about how Batman previously knew him as Jeremy Valeska, the father of Jerome. That was all before being confronted by Batman. Batman however fails to save everyone in the room, due to The Joker throwing the same woman off the rooftop. He battled Bruce and sent two dogs to kill him, but he failed in his plan to either kill Bruce or convince him that "fun" is the way of life. He then revealed to Bruce he has plans to bomb the city up again, but eventually, the GCPD took care of it and detached the bomb from it's plugs. Jeremy then tries to kill Bruce Wayne, implying that he will "end the fun", but Bruce overcomes The Joker one more time, and throws a lasso onto Jeremy's neck. He then throws the lasso off the rooftop, causing the chaotic and ruthless Joker to loose his concious and fall down from the balcony, together with the lasso and to his final death.


Jeremy is a ruthless, megalomaniacal, remorseless and obsessive crime lord who often takes pleasure in others being killed or suffering. He is obsessed with the idea that Bruce Wayne should become his own "son", willing to destroy Gotham for that psychotic ambition. He would later try and kill Bruce, as he realizes that Bruce does not want to be his son like figure. He seems to be manipulative towards his enforcers, killing Jerome and abandoning Jonathan, and also killing his enforcers during the finale. Though not physically appearing until the 6th episode near it's end, he does have an influence on the entire season including some previous events. He could be considered as the most dangerous, psychopathic and overtly evil villain of the series as whole, despite the fact he is a fanmade villain. However, he does have a fatherly side as he knows that Bruce would be an even better son for him that Jerome and Jonathan. However, that was only another manipulation to become better than his children in taking over Gotham. It was also explained that the Valeska family has been through a chain of abusive parenting. He was abused by his father, and thereafter, Jerome was most likely abused by him.

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