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Jeremy Sayer ​is a teenage spree-serial killer homicidal psychopath and also main antagonist in episode 5 named "Safe Haven" of Criminal Minds. 

Portrayed by Stearling Beaumon.


Earlie LifeEdit

Jeremy Sayer born 1997 Newton, Iowa, older brother of Carrie Sayer and son of Kendra Sayer, Jeremy was very involved in aggression with his younger sister, Jeremy's father left him, Jeremy she also aggressively abused with Carrie, He also committed cruelty to animals and other crimes also inclunding a sexual assault making Jeremy having a juvenile delinquent record Jeremy twisted Sister Carrie's and arm made her go to the Hospital. Jeremy's mother revolted with Jeremy who ended up in his the juvenile prison, in juvenile prison Jeremy talks being Niko Bellic in nine days later, when he was there then Jeremy got the charisma of Monica and her children and killed them including Monica's husband then Jeremy later murdered several families for his mother's revenge So he decided to kill Carrie and his mother.       

Safe Heaven Edit

After killing the Bennett and the Archers then the Rev. Louis Hannum talks with Jeremy he accepts then the two of you talk Jeremy cuts the Reverend's throat then Jeremy manipulates the Rivertons to him the children of Nancy and kidnaps Nancy he stabs her plus she survives arriving there he goes to get revenge on his mother Kendra, the BAU who has been investigating Jeremy since the deaths of the Bennett and Archer families the Morgan and Prentiss arrive and save the children BAU also tells Kendra that Jeremy had come back to seek revenge Kendra is going to the house. Jeremy with skate comes home takes Carrie as a hostage Kendra arrives to confront Jeremy he with the knife on Carrie's neck, Morgam and Prentiss arrive at Sayer's house Morgan confronts Jeremy saying that being he hurts Carrie, Derek talks he would kill Jeremy that Jeremy just surrenders to be escorted out of the house He ends up being take in the police car.