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Jeffery Fecalman.jpg
Jeffery Fecalman
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Family Guy
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Ralph Garman
Performance model
Inspiration Abusive boyfriends
Character information
Other names Jeff, Jeffory, basturd
Personality Abusive, mean, hot-tempered, angry, rude, cruel, brutish, dark, violent, aggressive, ruthless, cold-hearted, satanic, vicious, tenacious, tough
Appearance Muscular, fair skin, blonde hair
Occupation Brenda Quagmire's boyfriend
Goal To abuse Brenda forever (failed), kill Glenn and anyone who gets in his way
Home Quahog, Rhode Island
Enemies Glenn Quagmire, Brenda Quagmire, Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson
Likes Abusing Brenda, power, dominance
Dislikes Glenn, Brenda
Powers and abilities Brute strength
Weapons Shotgun
Fate Gets rammed into a tree by Glenn, and dies instantly
Quote "See you later, schmucks!"

Jeffery "Jeff" Fecalman is an antagonist in the television series, Family Guy, appearing as the main antagonist in the episode Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q, though he made his debut in the episode Jerome is The New Black. He is the abusive boyfriend of Glenn Quagmire's younger sister Brenda. He is voiced by Ralph Garman.


Jeff makes his first appearance in Jerome is The New Black in which he arrives at Glenn's door and beats Brenda. Afterwards, though, he agrees with Glenn and Brenda that people should not insult their family members.

Jeff later has a more prominent role in Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q, in which Brenda agrees to take care of Glenn while he recovers from a fishing accident, much to Jeff's annoyance. Lois Griffin later discovers that Jeff gave Brenda a black eye and attempts to convince her to leave him, but Brenda attempts to justify Jeff's treatment of her.

Jeff later has Brenda reveal that she is pregnant and that they are getting married. Later that night, Glenn, Peter, and Joe play a game of cards and they eventually decide to kill Jeff in retaliation for abusing Brenda. Joe is initially against the idea, but upon witnessing Jeff insult and beat Brenda, he agrees.

The trio invite Jeff over in a midnight hunting trip, secretly planning to shoot him. However, while in the forest, Jeff realizes their plan and holds Glenn at gunpoint. After knocking Peter and Joe unconscious, Jeff takes Glenn out into the forest to kill him. However, Glenn goads Jeff into fighting him. Jeff agrees and proceeds to fistfight Glenn, easily overpowering him. Eventually, Jeff strangles Glenn, seemingly killing him. However, as Jeff begins to dig a hole to bury Glenn, he discovers Glenn is alive, having built an immunity to strangulation due to strangling himself every day. Glenn proceeds to run Jeff over with Peter's car, slamming him into a tree and killing him.

With Jeff dead, the trio then forge a fake letter to Brenda, claiming that Jeff had left her.


  • Jeff is widely regarded as the darkest and most evil character in the series.
  • Glenn mentions that Jeff has a brother at one point.