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I told her, I'm not a little boy anymore.
~ Jason after murdering his mother

Jason Thaddeus Mayberry is the main antagonist of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Pique". He is a stalker, rapist, and murderer who rapes and kills his pregnant coworker, Veronica Tandy, with whom he is obsessed.

He was portrayed by Chad Lowe. 



Jason was raised by his mother, Grace Mayberry, a wealthy socialite who later when Jason's father died in five years. His mother started harassing him when he was six years old and forced him into an incestuos relationship when he reached puberty. And Jason continued to be his mother's primary sexual partner until became an adult. And as a result of the constant sexual abuse he suffered from his mother, he grew up hating women and developed flirting as well. He also started stabbing dozens of women in the legs, back and buttocks with a hat pin that he kept with a trophy. He tried to become a police officer but was rejected by the police academy for failing the psychiatric examination. With that, he started working as a security for a software company and became obsessed with a co-worker, Veronica Tandy.

At first she tried to help him write a letter of recommendation at the police academy. However, she look the letter when Jason started harassing her, enraged he raped her and killed her by strangling her to death.



After that the SVU decided to investigate the case, and Stabler and Benson interrogate Jason and discover through their colleagues that he was bothering Tandy. After hearing abou Dr. George Huang about Mayberry, Stabler then prentends to hate woman to get Jason to open up to him. Jason then tells several conflicting stories, one that Tandy and he were just friends and that she was sexually harassing him and that she was going to leave her husband to be with him.

After that, Benson investigates Jason's life and finds out that he was chasing Tandy, and taking pictures of her knowledge and that he was telling his colleagues that she was his girlfriend. She also talks to Grace and finds out that she sexually abused him. After that Stabler confronts Grace about what she had done of him. Jason then breaks down and confesses to killing Tandy, and Grace was discovered for her crimes of pedophilia and sexual abuse of her son. However the lawyer soon says that the search was illegal and that it harms the case. His mother pays bail and the two go home. After the detectives soon return to Grace's house in the hope of finding the gun, and he finds Jason in the bed, he then tells him that he killed her while having sex with her. After that Jason is stuck off the screen.