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James Norrington is a secondary antagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He is the secondary antagonist of The Curse of the Black Pearl, one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside the Kraken) of Dead Man's Chest, and a major antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist in At World's End.

He was portrayed by Jack Davenport.


He is a high-ranking member of the Royal Navy, proud of his place. Although he is an antagonist and opponent initially, he eventually sits on the right side and helps Elizabeth escape from the Flying Dutchman, which will cost him his life.


The Curse of the Black Pearl[]

He shows a real interest in Elizabeth, the daughter of the Governor whom he wishes to marry. Norrington is the one who tries to get Jack Sparrow arrested when he wanted to steal a ship and after he saved Elizabeth from drowning.

At the end of the film, he takes part in the fight against the cursed pirates of Barbossa and survives. After which, he is present at the execution ceremony of Sparrow although the latter is saved by the intervention of Will. Norrington went on to harshly come to terms with Elizabeth and Will's relationship and also postponed the pursuit of Sparrow, much to the shock of his men.

Dead Man's Chest[]

In this film, Norrington was removed from his post for his failure to capture Sparrow and is now poor and pitiful. It is by crossing the latter that he allies himself with him and becomes a pirate in his own right. However, he betrays him to get Davy Jones' heart and bring it to Lord Beckett. The latter congratulated him and offered him the post of admiral in his ranks.

At World's End[]

Norrington, however, does not like working under Beckett, finding that the latter abuses his power too much. He has Jones' heart locked aboard the Flying Dutchman to ensure his allegiance to Beckett. He also has Elizabeth locked up with her crew but discreetly frees them to allow them to escape from the ship.

On the back deck, he confronts Bootstrap Bill who alerts the escape of the prisoners. Norrington then pulls on the rope to save the prisoners who fall into the water and is impaled by Bill with a sword. The fish pirates arrive on the bridge and see the admiral on the ground. As they leave for the captain's cabin, Davy Jones asks Norrington is afraid of death, to which the latter responds by impaling Jones with his sword as well before dying.