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Jackson Storm
Background information
Feature films Cars 3
Television programs
Video games Cars 3: Driven to Win
Disney Emoji Blitz
Disney Crossy Road
Park attractions
Actor Armie Hammer
Voice Armie Hammer
Performance model
Inspiration Chick Hicks

Ripslinger Trip Murphy (from Herbie: Fully Loaded)

Character information
Other names Stormy-boy (By Chick Hicks)
Personality Fast, sleek, confident, dismissive, arrogant, egotistical, powerful, selfish, sarcastic, competitive, pompous, cocky, rude, devious, relentless, skilled, brilliant, manipulative, despicable, intelligent, advanced, dirty, unfair, careless, heartless, greedy, sadistic
Appearance Black high-tech race-car with neon blue highlights and gray eyes
Occupation Rookie racer, Lightning McQueen's Rival
Affiliations Bad
Goal To defeat Lightning McQueen at any cost in order to drive him out of the racing business by winning the Florida 500 and become the new champion of the Piston Cup (failed)
Home United States of America
Friends Chick Hicks, Ray Reverham, his trainers, Sterling
Enemies Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez
Minions His Mechanics
Likes Becoming better than Lightning McQueen, winning races, defeating other racers, gloating about his design and his speed
Dislikes Defeat, losing, Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez
Powers and abilities speed
Fate Loses when Cruz defeats him, substituting for McQueen, presumably raged and swore revenge on them
Quote "You know what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you."

"Hey, Champ! Are you alright? Listen, don't you worry, pal. You've got a good run. Enjoy your retirement!" "No no no no. You are not winning this!" "I think you heard me." "It's so great to meet "my number-one fan!"" "I am not angry!" "You DON'T belong on this track!"

Jackson Storm is Lightning McQueen's rival and the main antagonist of Cars 3.


Jackson Storm is selfish, rude and arrogant and he likes to beat Lightning McQueen in races.


Cars 3

Storm first appears during the race at Copper Canyon Speedway, where he runs past McQueen and his friends. Lightning goes to meet him and Jackson announces that he is impatient to beat him, from there begins their rivalry.

The new racer then wins multiple victories and mocks McQueen who finds himself alone in the middle of the rookies. The last race of the season at Los Angeles International Speedway, Jackson mocks Lightning again, saying it will be his last race.

Later, as McQueen tries to break his speed record, Storm is seen training on the simulator. He laughs contemptuously with a member of his staff when the latter tells him that he added McQueen to the screen for more competition.

During the Florida 500 race, Jackson meets Cruz Ramirez and makes fun of her paint on her bodywork. He leads the entire race with Lightning who himself decides to be replaced by Cruz. Despite being warned, Storm haughtily thinks she won't prevent him from winning. However, Cruz goes up more and more in the laps and Jackson tries to distract her by telling her that she has no place here and that she isn't a racer. Although she is discouraged, Lightning comforts her and Cruz speeds up again to catch up with Storm. She distracts him in turn and infuriates him. As she rolls to her right, Jackson slams her against the wall and yells at her that she doesn't belong here. Thanks to a maneuver (similar to that of Doc Hudson), Cruz frees herself and wins the race, defeating Storm.


  • Jackson Storm, Sterling and Miss Fritter are the only antagonists in Cars 3.
  • Jackson Storm is a modernized take on Lightning McQueen's design.