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Jackson Gordon Cally or also known as The Grandfather, is the main antagonist in the episode ''The Trible'' of Criminal Minds in the first season.

He was portrayed by Chad Allen.



Jackson Cally was born in 1974 he spent most of his childhood in foster homes and when he was 18 he was arrested for stealing cars. While in prison he preached his religion to his companions. And then with another prisoner threatened to kill him. After his release, Cally soon began to study American Indian culture at different universities and he formed a cult in Terra Mesa, New Mexico. And Cally's plan was to instigate a war between Caucasians and Native Americans.

Criminal Minds

The Trible

Then when Cally and her cult massacre a domitory in college. This draws attention, who realize that the gang is imitating Apache war rituals in an attempt to frame Native Americans for the attack. However, when the FBI dismisses Native Americans as a suspect. Cally's cult targeted the American Defense Unit chief, killing his family and impaling their heads with spears. Soon after, BAU finds Cally and Hotchner confronts him. And then Hotch and the local called policeman named John Blackwolf subdue the members of Cally's cult, and they are all arrested.