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Jameson grew up with his mother Betty and her husband David (who was a war hero). David regularly beat his wife and son leading Jameson to conclude that even heroes could be and indeed were evil. Jameson, with his wife Joan after defending her from bullies. He grew up with an intense dislike of people he believed to operate outside of the law. After Joan was murdered Jameson threw himself into his work leading him to become chief editor of the daily bugle. During his journalistic career he supported Civil Rights and helped expose organized crime. When Spider-Man arrived Jameson was bitter that attention was stolen away from his son John's career as an astronaut. This combined with his distrust of people in masks caused him to make several (unsuccessful) attempts to show that Spider-Man was a criminal no matter how many times he proved him wrong. Jameson went to great lengths to defeat Spider-Man, such as working with Spencer Smythe's spider slayer as creating the scorpion, the latter of which resulted in scorpion trying to Kill Jameson who was saved by Spider-Man. Jameson then hired Silver Sable to catch Spider-Man. Jameson befriended Norman Osborn, not realizing he was the villain Green Goblin who he had been attempting to help fight through his power in the media. During this time a former criminal called Frederick Foswell went undercover as a criminal named Patch in order to publish illegal activities in the daily bugle, delighting Jameson with his work. Jameson also supported Kraven the Hunter against Spider-Man but disapproved when Kraven mentioned Killing the webslinger as Jameson insisted he only wanted him brought to justice. Jameson began trying to expose the crime Lord Kingpin. Meanwhile Jameson's constant smear campaign caused Spider-Man to retire. Following this Kingpin kidnapped Jameson and Foswell. Foswell and Jameson escaped. Foswell then died to save Jameson who showed Foswell as the hero he was in the bugle the following day. Jameson later hired assistant Marla Madison to create new spider-slayers as Spider-Man has destroyed the previous ones. Jameson eventually fell in love With Marla who he married. Scorpion kidnapped Marla but Spider-Man saved the day much to Jameson's dismay. When Spider-Man revealed his identity as Peter Parker, Jameson was devastated and deeply hurt. He tried to get revenge by suing Peter for all the pictures he had taken of himself as Spider-Man but the us government gave him immunity because of all the good deeds he'd done. Jameson fired Robbie Robertson for defending Peter. Spider-Man then confronted Jameson telling him to make a choice between Robbie's job or his lawsuit. Peter tricked Jameson into assaulting him so he could take pictures to blackmail him. Ultimately Jameson destroyed the film but chose to give Robbie his job back anyway. After Mephisto Rewrote Spider-Man's history Jameson had a few other confrontations with Peter until he became mayor and used his position to make things more difficult for Spider-Man Alister Smythe (seeking revenge for the death of his father Spencer) who killed Marla, who was trying to save Jameson, causing him constant grief. When Doctor Octopus took over Peter Parker's body and becomes the superior Spider-Man, he and Jameson established a good working relationship but after Oc blackmailed him into selling a piece of city property, it reignited the animosity into Peter Parker's revival. Since then Jameson has revealed that his hatred of Spider-Man is partly caused by the deaths of the people he loves and Spider-Man's inability to save them. Eventually Jameson became an ally to Spider-Man.