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Isuzu Sawatari was the main antagonist of manhwa Freezing. She was a former West Genetics Pandora member and Chevalier member, and joining the Busters at Operation Cat Killer. She is a black widow whose main tactic is the seduction of boyfriends and spouses of other women, and then when she kills by shredding, and claiming self-defense.



Isuzu attented West Genetics and also a member of the 25th Generation, where she developed a tense rivalry with another Pandora, Su-Na Lee whom she just as much hated she feared her. And during her time in the academy, Isuzu was responsible for the deaths of various Pandoras, and those she was always acquitted of guilt due to combat in self-defense. She made several attempts to kill Su-Na Lee but always failed.

However after the transfer of her rival Su-Na Lee to the United States of America to become Gongo Aoi's bodyguard, Isuzu welcomed Pandora at the top of the class, but she retired from the academy. Later some time later, Isuzu became a serial killer, stealing men from several women and provoking them to attack her so that she kills them, supposedly in self-defense. And she was recruited by Radox Phantomheim for the mission called Operation Cat Killer.


Isuzu just like her colleague Buster, Isabella Lucas, she is sadist psychopath, and yet she hides it as a nice and kind girl that this was all facade. She likes to torment her victims emotionally. And your MO provokes them and attacks them them so you can kill them in self defense. She is very manipulative and intelligent, evading law enforcement, and unlike the other Busters, and her arrogance, Izusu has a cowardly side when she faces someone she cannot defeat and she fears Su-na Lee. And she ran away from the Pandora Legendary leaving her mate behind.

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