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Isabella was a villainess tragic from Supernatural. She made his appearance in the episode Pat in Black in Season Ten.

She was portrayed by Catherine Micaud.


In the year 1520, Isabella was a young Italian woman who was in love with an artist named Piero, when Piero told her that she wanted to paint a picture of her, she was enchanted by it, and even used Isabella's own blood to paint the portrait, his love was never reciprocated, since Piero stated that he was only in love with his work. Isabella was then forced to join a convent, only taking her diary along with her, Isabella then flagged by shagging a woman she then stabbed him with fury killing him, and then it is not known if Isabella killed the woman with whom was with Piero or not. Isabella was later executed for wichtcraft and had her body burned in the burned in the bluster. Since then his spirit is still alive thanks to the portrait that was made by Piero.

Pat in Black[]

In this episode, Isabella at a church in Worchester, Massachusetts, where her diary was. It soon became a vengeful spirit and begin to kill men who were unfaithful to women, she also owned women victimized. Isabella formed a friendship with Sister Mathias, her said she had a relationship with Piero (but omitting the bloody parts). After Mathias discovered the truth about Isabella, she sought out Sam and Dean Winchester, then searched for Isabella, only to find out that Isabella killed the priest because she was upset that he forgives people for their sins. She then possesses Mathias's body and tries to kill Dean, however, Sam soon burned the portrait of Isabella, Isabella then left Mathias's body and she screamed for help to Mathias while the ghost of Isabella was burned.