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Indominus rex
Background information
Feature films Jurassic World
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (skeleton)
Television programs
Video games LEGO Jurassic World
LEGO Dimensions
Park attractions Jurassic World: The Ride
Performance model
Character information
Other names I. rex
Personality Cruel, selfish, ruthless, murderous, sadistic, vicious, aggressive, predatory, carnivorous, brutal, violent, ferocious, savage, deadly
Appearance Slender white hybrid dinosaur with quills, red eyes, long arms with giant claws, and razor-sharp teeth.
Occupation Hybrid dinosaur
Affiliations Chaotic Neutral
Goal To kill anything that crosses her path (failed)
Home Isla Nublar
Enemies Claire, Owen, Zach and Gray, Masrani, T. rex, Blue, Echo, Delta, Charlie, Mosasaurus
Minions Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie (formerly)
Likes Killing
Dislikes Her enclosure, the Raptor pack turning against her
Powers and abilities High Intelligence, body temperature regulation, camouflaging, speed, brute strength
Weapons Teeth, Claws
Fate Dragged into the Mosasaurus Lagoon by the Mosasaurus, killing her.
Typical Saying

You made a genetic hybrid. Raised it in captivity. She is seeing all of this for the first time. She does not even know what she is. She will kill anything that moves.
~ Owen Grady to Simon Masrani, Jurassic World

The Indominus rex is the main antagonist of the 2015 film, Jurassic World. She was a new attraction in the park Jurassic World who was created by Dr. Henry Wu.

Appearance Edit

The Indominus rex is a tall, slender hybrid dinosaur with red eyes, quills, knife-like claws, saw-like teeth, and large feet. She is sometimes compared to Rudy due to her white scales, and the Vastatosaurs due to her aggressive behavior.

Origin Edit

The Indominus rex was made of a deadly combination: Tyrannosaurus rex, tree frog, cuttlefish, Velociraptor, and many other creatures. With these traits, she is able to destroy a gyrosphere, regulate its body heat, camoflauge, and communicate with Velociraptors.

Relationships Edit


  • Raptor Pack (Jurassic World) (formerly)


Personality Edit

The Indominus rex was a somewhat sadistic hybrid dinosaur, likely gaining that personality through improper socialization. This caused her to go out of control, and eventually, she became a power-hungry, blood-thirsty creature. Like the antagonist from the first film, the Big One, she was a deadly creature, but she was more dangerous, evil, and violent, and unlike the rest of the carnivorous dinosaurs who were driven by natural instinct, the Indominus was driven by pure sadistic pleasure, which led to her killing for sport. At the end of the film, the Indominus rex was dragged into the Mosasaurus Lagoon by the Mosasaurus and killed.

History Edit

Past Events Edit

New Creation Edit

In the beginning of the film, we see an egg hatching, and the Indominus rex was born. Twenty years after the events of the original film, Dr. Henry Wu, Commander Vic Hoskins, and their research team, InGen, formed a new species by using the genes from other dinosaurs to spark more attention of their successful park, Jurassic World in Isla Nublar, which resulted in the hatching of the Indominus rex.

Inspecting the Safety Edit

There were originally going to be two Indominus rex individuals, but the older sibling cannibalized her sibling before being placed in her enclosure. After being displayed to Claire Dearing (the park's operation manager) by Simon Masrani (CEO of Masrani Global Corporation and owner of Jurassic World), Masrani requests that he would like Owen Grady (an animal behaviorist and Velociraptor trainer) to inspect the Indominus rex to ensure the park's safety.

Film Events Edit

Tricking Owen Edit

Unfortunately, the Indominus rex fakes her escape by scarring the wall, turning off body heat, and camouflaging herself. Owen and two construction workers, Ellis and Nick, come in and think she escaped, but the I. rex reveals herself, and she chases them. She snaps Ellis with her claws and kills him, but the other two escape. The other construction worker, Nick, tries to shut the gate to get Owen out of her enclosure, but the Indominus rex manages to destroy the gate by using her head, free at last. Owen hides under a car, while Nick hides in front of a truck. The Indominus rex decides to kill Nick first, so she throws the truck to the right. Finally, she snaps him with her jaws, killing and eating him, so Owen cuts a gasoline wire under the car. When the I. rex puts her snout next to the car, all she could smell is gasoline, so she leaves to kill more prey and kill Owen later.

Ambushing the Soldiers Edit

Eventually, Katashi Hamada and his crew decided to hunt down and capture the Indominus rex to stop it's rampage, but the I. rex camouflaged herself again, and Katashi realized that it was too late. He yelled out that the Indominus was able to camoflouge. She grabbed him and threw him into a nearby pool of water. Then, the Indominus rex stomped on him with her right foot, killing him. As she walked in the pool, she killed more of his soldiers. She then walked out of the pool, and she kills a man shooting her.

Attacking Zach and Gray Mitchell Edit

After that, Zach and Gray are in the gyrosphere inspecting four Ankylosauruses in a restricted area, with the I. rex just behind them. She kicks it to the Ankylosauruses, making them panic and damaging the gryosphere. However, one of the Ankylosaurus defends Zach and Gray from the I. rex, but the Indominus quickly overpowers her and kills her. She then bashes the gryosphere, trying to kill them. Fortunately, they escape, and the I. rex puts it down, realizing they did so. She then chases them to the edge of a waterfall. While they jump in, the Indominus Rex tries to snap them, but misses. They jump in the waterfall, and the I. rex, thinking that they drowned, roars in victory, and leaves. She then enters the Gryosphere Valley and kills an entire herd of Apatosauruses for sport, with no survivors.

Murdering Masrani Edit

Masrani decides it is too dangerous to leave the I. rex alive, so he takes matters into his own hands. He and two military soldiers shoot her from a helicopter, but she reaches the Aviary and shatters the glass. She then roars at the pterosaurs there, commanding them to attack the helicopter. They do so, and the results are Masrani's death, the two soldiers' deaths, and the helicopter crashing into the Aviary, exploding it. The Indominus rex and the pterosaurs escape the explosion safely, and the I. rex roars at them again, commanding them to attack the park Jurassic World, and they do so.

Manipulating the Velociraptors Edit

At night, Owen Grady, Hoskins, the Velociraptors, and the military soldiers decide to hunt down the Indominus rex once and for all, but the I. rex is able to communicate with the Velociraptors and command them to attack the good guys, and they do so. Owen realizes that she's part raptor, and the raptors attack, killing several people. Commander Vic Hoskins is able to shoot the I. rex with a missile, but the Indominus rex survives, roars in anger, and leaves. Charlie is shot and killed by a military soldier.

Final Battle and Death Edit

The Indominus rex finally makes it all the way to Main Street, and she, along with the raptors, confronts the main characters, but Owen is able to recreate his bond with the raptors. Blue screeches angrily at the I. rex, but she responds by throwing Blue against a wall, knocking her unconscious. Then, Delta and Echo attacked the Indominus out of vengeance. Unfortunately the Indominus was too strong and the raptors are soon overpowered and defeated when the Indominus throws Delta into one of the Winston Steakhouse Grill's burners where she gets incinerated. The Indominus then grabs Echo with her jaws and throws him off screen. After that, the Indominus chases the main characters, but Claire escapes. She commands Larry to release Rexy from T. rex Kingdom, and he does so. Claire leads Rexy to the Indominus rex by throwing a flare at her. Rexy then battles against the I. rex, but she is quickly overpowered by the hybrid and thrown to the ground. When the I. rex is ready to rip her neck open, Blue regains her consciousness, and jumps on the I. rex, scratching and biting her back. Rexy is able to fight again, and bites the I. rex's neck. She smashes her into several museums and shops, with Blue biting and scratching her back, and the Indominus is easily overwhelmed. Rexy then shoves her near Jurassic World Lagoon, where an overgrown Mosasaurus can spot her. The Indominus then gets back up, not noticing the Mosasaurus. Knowing that she was defeated, she roars in anger, but the Mosasaurus beaches herself to bite the Indominus rex's neck. The I. rex is then being dragged by the Mosasaurus into the lagoon where she gets her neck broken, and then eaten in an off-screen scene.

Legacy Edit

Although the Indominus Rex is killed for good, it's remains stayed at the bottom of Mosasaurus Lagoon. Four years later, mercenaries managed to find her bones and pick one off to bring back and create the direct successor of the Indominus Rex, the Indoraptor.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Indominus Rex means "fierce and untamable king".
  • Her species is the most powerful species of dinosaur in LEGO Jurassic World.
  • Hoskins intended for her to be in the military, but the Indominus Rex never was.
  • The Indominus Rex's teeth are constantly being replaced. This is the same trait that some theropods, sharks, and even snakes have.[1]
  • If it wasn't for Blue, the Indominus Rex would have killed Rexy.
  • The way the Indominus Rex was able to control the raptors was very similar to the way the Muddy Bewilderbeast was able to control all the other dragons.
  • In a way, she is also similar to Sharptooth: both kill for sport, both tried to kill kids in their films (Littlefoot and company for Sharptooth), (Zach and Gray for the Indominus Rex), and they both met a watery fate (Sharptooth got knocked unconcious by the boulder), (the Indominus Rex was dragged down into the bottom of Jurassic World Lagoon by Mosy and eaten alive). However, unlike Sharptooth, the I. rex did not drown at the bottom of the lagoon because she had gills and only killed by Mosy's bite-force.
  • If you look closely, you can see that the Indominus Rex has gills on her neck, making her impossible to drown and also making her part shark. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that she had a chance to use those gills because Mosy killed her underwater before she could try them.

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