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Voice Zach Galifianakis
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Facade: Clever, smart, tricky, greedy, greedy, vengeful, villainous, negative, impolite, untrustworthy, backstabbing,
True: wounded, loyal, heroic, adventurous, lion-hearted, self-possessed, daring, positive, polite, wise, judicious
Affiliations Bad/Neutral later Good
Goal Use Puss to retrieve the golden goose and have the town destroyed (formerly)

To get revenge on Puss in Boots (temporaily) Return the golden goose to the Terror

Home San Ricardo(Formerly)
Powers and abilities
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Humpty Alexander Dumpty or Humpty for short, is the central antagonist-turned-into tritagonist of Puss in Boots.

He was voiced by Zach Galifianakis.


Humpty is an anthropomorphic egg and the adopted brother of Puss in Boots. He is very intelligent but when he felt betrayed by Puss, Humpty became bitter, manipulative, vengeful and greedy. To get back at him, he hatched a plan to ally himself with him by pretending he wanted to forgive himself by embarking on an adventure to find the Magic Beans and then the Golden Goose. But upon realizing his mistakes, he eventually redeems himself and even sacrifices himself by returning the Goose to the Great Terror.



Humpty was in the same orphanage as Puss as a baby and had the same adoptive mother, Imelda. As a child, Humpty was teased and bullied and found a passion for being inventive and creative. He becomes friends with Puss and tells him of his dream to get the Magic Beans and find the Golden Goose to become rich. They tried several things to find these beans to no avail. As teenagers, they changed and started to cause problems in the village. It is upon becoming the town "hero" that Puss sees that he is being influenced by Humpty and asks Humpty to stop his mischievous tricks. During one night, Humpty leads Puss in his plan to steal the city's money and leave San Ricardo. As they flee, the cavalry chases them and Puss lets Humpty get arrested and becomes a fugitive.


Years later, Humpty finds Puss and asks him to join him in his adventure to find the Magic Beans held by Jack and Jill, which Puss reluctantly accepts. He, Humpty and Kitty are successful and plant the beans which grow thanks to a magic cloud. Then the bean grows gigantically and leads them to the castle.

Inside, they find the Golden Goose and take it with them as they are hunted by the Great Terror. Back on the ground, they celebrate their victory, and Humpty secretly tells Kitty not to fall for Puss. Afterwards, they go to sleep and Puss is knocked out by Jack and Jill.

The next day, he regained consciousness and returned to San Ricardo. He finds Humpty with Kitty, Jack and Jill who have all participated in the egg's revenge plan. Humpty says he did it to get back at Puss for abandoning him on the bridge and has him arrested by the Comandante.

Later, Humpty is intercepted in his tower and convinced by Puss to help him return the goose to his mother so as not to cause chaos in San Ricardo. In the process, he is betrayed by Jack and Jill but saved by Kitty. On the bridge, the giant mother goose breaks everything and Humpty is held above the void by Puss with a rope that also holds the baby goose. Humpty then decides to sacrifice himself to save the goose and breaks, revealing that he was in fact a golden egg. The egg is then taken by the mother goose and taken to the sky, under the eyes of Puss who says goodbye.

Although he is dead, Humpty appears in the end credits dancing with the two geese in the clouds.