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Horace Pinker is the main antagonist of Wes Craven's film called Shocker. He is a serial killer who kills entire families, he is the biological father of Jonathan Parker, his relationship with his son was extremely abusive. After he was arrested and executed the death penalty, when he died, he simply became an evil spirit with the abilities of owning people and manipulating and absorbing electricity.

He was portrayed by Mitch Pileggi.


Very little is known about Pinker's previous life, besides that he abused both his wife and son, one day his son tried to protect his mother with a gun that claimed Pinker, and left him with a permanent injury on his legs. Then Pinker was obsessed with satanism and the occult, which led him to kill many quantities of people to perform the ritual of black magic. He soon operated as a TV technician for can infiltrate the house of the victims.


Pinker soon began his killing after killing. The protagonist, Jonathan Parker who is the adopted son of the lieuternant of the police, has a Pinker nightmare killing his whole family. The weatherman soon proves to be a premonition since his whole family is dead. When Pinker realizes that Jonathan is with him, Pinker kills his girlfriend, Alison. After Parker has a confrontation against Pinker, the police arrive and arrest Pinker, Parker furious says he wants very much to see him die and to be executed.

Prior to her execution, Pinker wisher to have a television that her wish was met. Pinker simply his television that her wish was met. Pinker simply his television more like a revenge later when he makes an agreement with an entity in order for him to become an entity with electric powers that has been attended to. Pinker before his execution he causes Parker and saying that he is his son. Then Pinker runs. Pinker begins his terror possessing people and inferring Parker, Jonathan has help from his girlfriend who is now a spirit, he then makes a plan to destroy Pinker, and destroying his source of power. While Jonathan and Pinker are sucked into the world of television, he fights against each other, Jonathan's friend, Rhino destroys the generator of the city. Allowing Jonathan to escape and Pinker trapped and weakened by the lack of energy.