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Henry Evans
Background information
Feature films The Good Son
Television programs
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Actor Macaulay Culkin
Performance model
Character information
Other names

Evil, sadistic, bad, traitorous, treacherous, destructive, wrathful, vile, bitter, enigmatic, malicious, tricky, astute, sophisticated, unreasonable, mean, rude, nasty, menacing, two-faced, charismatic, vengeful, murderous, egotistical, violent, vicious, aggressive, cruel, diabolical, dastardly, cynical, pitiless, dark, spoiled, sinister, scheming, psychopathic, ruthless, cold, emotionless, disturbing, disturbed, troubled, greedy, abusive, unsympathetic, intelligent, extraordinary, exceptional, jealous, envious, cunning, sexual, bratty, sociopathic, psychotic, psychological, monstrous, dishonest, callous, angry, twisted, remorseless, sick, heartless, arrogant, selfish, manipulative, power hungry, insane, villainous, regardless, masochistic, homicidal, antagonistic, wicked, narcissistic, calculating, naughty, megalomaniacal, cowardly

Appearance Slender young boy with blonde hair and blue eyes
Occupation Abuser
Affiliations Bad
Goal Kill his family and Mark (failed)
Home His home
Friends Mark Evans (briefly)
Enemies Mark Evans, Alice Davenport, Susan Evans, Connie Evans
Likes Death, killing
Dislikes His mother's affection to Mark, Connie in his room
Powers and abilities Strength
Weapons Nail gun, rocks, poison, pillow, toy sword
Fate Tries to trick his mother into saving him (killing Mark) but fails and gets dropped by her and falls to his death on the rocks
Quote "You really thought I was gonna jump, huh? Guess you don't know me very well, Mom."

Henry Evans is the evil, insane cousin of Mark Evans in The Good Son. He is portrayed by Macaulay Culkin.

The Good Son

After Mark's mother died from a disease, Mark was sent to live with Henry and his family, consisting of Henry's father Wallace, his mother Susan, and his little sister Connie. Henry revealed to Mark that his brother Richard had drowned in the bathtub. He and Mark were friends until Henry revealed increasingly psychopathic behavior, starting out when he smoked and pressured Mark into doing it, and then expressed interest in death, asking how Mark's mother looked like when she died. Mark felt uncomfortable with Henry's behavior and threatened to hit him if he talked about his mother again. Henry replied that if he did, he would throw Mark into a well.

Henry becomes jealous when he sees Susan hugging Mark. Henry later took a nail gun and revealed great aiming skills with it, hitting a tree that a cat was sitting next to. Henry then shot and killed a dog that had chased the two earlier, much to Mark's shock and horror. Mark tries to tell Wallace and Susan, but Henry scares him off by reminding him that he was with him when it happened and was a part of it. Henry confronts Mark in their room when Connie shows up as well. Henry is displeased that Connie is in his room and makes it clear about it but is pushed away by Mark, who pins him to a wall. Henry implies he is going to kill her just before Susan breaks the two up.

Susan and Wallace leaves and Mark becomes worried that Henry will attack Connie and finds her safe. After reading her a story to make her go to sleep, Mark leaves the room and Henry reveals himself in the dark, and once again hints he will kill Connie. The next morning, Mark wakes up and finds out Henry took Connie skating and leaves the house to find them. By the time he gets there, Henry has tossed Connie onto thin ice and she breaks through, almost freezing to death. Several adults rescue her but oddly don't fall through themselves, and Connie is hospitalized. Mark tells Susan about what happened but she refuses to believe him. Mark confronts Henry on their treehouse, where Henry becomes even more jealous of Mark when he says that Susan is his mother now.

Susan finds the rubber duck that was with Richard when he died in Henry's room and asks him about it. Henry takes it away and throws it down a well. Later on, Henry and Mark meet up in their room and Henry hints he will kill Susan. Mark grabs a pair of scissors and pins Henry and threatens to jab the scissors into his throat. Henry pressures Mark into doing it when Wallace sees this and locks Mark in a room until he talks. Henry brings Susan into the forest where she asks if he did kill Richard. Afraid he will be sent away if he reveals the truth, Henry runs away and Susan follows him. He tricks her and knocks her off a cliff and she hangs on to the edge. Henry tries to throw a rock down on her but Mark frees himself and fights Henry while Susan climbs up with cliff. Henry overpowers Mark and starts strangling him and, using the last of his strength, Mark pushes Henry off him and they roll off the edge of a cliff. Susan holds onto both of them, but she can only save one. Its a hard decision but she has to do something so she lets Henry go and he plummets to his death on the rocks below. Susan pulls Mark up and they share an emotional embrace as waves wash Henry's body into the sea.

Alternate Ending

As Susan has to make the horrifying decision if she wants to save Henry or not she tells them both to hold on to a ledge with all there strength and then leaves to call the police. The police arrive quickly and so do the firefighters and they save Henry and Mark. Henry is taken to a mental hospital where he was to stay there until he learned his lesson.


  • He is essentially what if Kevin McAllister was an emotionless psycho who uses his craftiness against his family instead of burglars.