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Heinrich Himmler was one of the most powerful figures in Nazi Germany, and he was very often quoted in the Holocaust. He has appeared in a number of fictions including Marvel Comics.


Captain America: First Vengeance

In February 1934, Himmler was at the Deutsches Openhaus in Berlin with Adolf Hitler and Ernst Kaufmann, and when he met Johann Schmidt, who revealed his theory that the Nordic Gods could be much more than Myths. While both Hitler and Himmler were impressed with Schmidt's idea and saw some value in it, and Kaufmann was less impressed about it, but then Himmler offered this friendship. And then Himmler allowed Schmidt to kill Kaufmann personally.


In October 1941, Himmler was approached by a fanatical biologist who could not prove the inferiority of the rations after being exterminated by the Nazis and who wanted to kill specimens of Auschwitz and then have his organs and skeletons preserved. Himmler approved of such an atrocity and made certain that the biologist entered the field and took his specimens.


Himmler's ghost would soon return as the villain Zyklon and would work for Stalin's ghost who was known to Coldsteel.