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I'll be quick with your death!
~ Heihachi Mishima

Heihachi Mishima is the Main Antagonist in the Tekken video game series, as well as the most recurring one. A vile and power hungry monster, he is almost always responsible for the events of the games but his impact seems to decrease during the events of Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, after his last defeat and false death after Tekken 4, yet he is still the indirect reason of the events in those games as well. In Tekken 7, he seems to regain his prominence as a character and it is revealed that Heihachi himself wasn't directly responsible for the fued or the events that followed, but rather the only woman he loved, Kazumi Mishima.


Heihachi was the main villain of the first Tekken game, the anti-villain of Tekken 2, the secondary villain of Tekken 3 with His Leader, Ogre, the main antagonist of Tekken 4 alongside with Craig Marduk, Villainous Protagonist for both Tekken 5 with His grandson, Jin Kazama and Tekken 6 with Armor King II, and the main villain of Tekken 7. He is also the main villain of the film Tekken: Blood Vengeance with His son, Kazuya Mishima

Heihachi has made several appearance in other non-canonical games and animations, either as playable character, a boss or main villain, or just cameos.


Families: Kazumi Mishima (His Lover+)

Kazuya Mishima (His Son)

Jin Kazama (His Grandson)

Lee Chaolan (His Adoptive Son)

Lars Alexandersson (His Half Nephew)

Jinpachi Mishima (His Father+)

Asuka Kazama (His Grandnephew)

Allies: Kuma

Bryan Fury

Ancient Ogre

Sergei Dragunov

Prototype Jack

Enemies: The King

Armor King II

Craig Marduk


Ling Xiaoyu

Paul Phoenix

Marshall Law

Miguel Caballero Rojo


Eddy Gordo

Bruce Irvin

Nina Williams

Anna Williams



Alisa Bosconovitch

Leo Kliesen

Lili De Rochefort

Robert Richards


In the original Japanese versions, he is voiced by late seiyu, Daisuke Gōri, and Unshō Ishizuka [[Category:Married Antagonists]]