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Hassassin is a secondary antagonist of Dan Brown's 2000 novel, and the 2009 film called Angels and Demons.



Hassassin appears when he demands the laboratory password, from Leonard Vetra and after he denies it, Hassassin cuts his eye and mutilates it and twists his neck. He then uses Vetra's eye as a password and enters the lab and steals antimatter. After killing Vetra, Hassassin goes to a house of prostitution for his sexual pleasure, he then kidnaps four cardinals and comes into contact with the camenlegno Carlo Ventresca. While Vittoria Vetra and Robert Langdon were discussing the lack of antimatter, Hassassin then given them information about the missing cardinals and warns that each of them will be marked with one of the four elements of nature, water, fire, air and earth. After giving the advertence he soon gave the information to the media and the BBC News channel about the Vatican case.

He then marked the earth symbol on four other cardinals, then he took oxygen from a cardinal and marked it with the air symbol, he then killed the second cardinal and pierced him and killed him axifixing, he then left him to die in the high science, this death was public and drew the attention of science. He would later kill the third cardinal only this time with the symbol of fire he then burned him alive and like the others he left him at the altar of science that was the Ecstasy of Santa Teresa.

Then, unlike the other cardinals, he left this one alive so that he could witness his own death. They fail to save the cardinal; after Olivetti's encounter in a similar way with his father's death. Vittoria is later kidnapped by Hassassin and subdued by him, thereby forcing Robert to hide inside a sarcophagus from which he escaped death by suffocation.

After Hassassin takes Vittoria to the Church of Illumination where he is using it as his base of operation, he leaves her tied and gagged before going to the fourth and last cardinal. He drowns the cardinal and shortly thereafter he has a confrontation with Langdon in which he thinks Langdon is dead, but without knowing that Langdon used an air hose to stay alive. After that Hassassin returns to the Church and plans for Vittoria, he then undresses Vittoria to rape her.

After that Langdon manages to find the Church and goes to confront Langdon, but Langdon is no match for the highly trained killer who forces him out onto the porch, the two fight. Meanwhile Vittoria manages to free herself from the bomds she then picks up a torch and plays against Hassassin who burns his back, with him distracted Langdon and Vittoria pushes him off the balcony that throws him to a cannon pile below breaking his spinal cord.


In the film, Hassassin now renamed Assassin, he is portrayed as a nationality and unknown motivations, he keeps a weapon that suggests he had military training. Contrary to his sadistic and misogynistic alter-ego in the books, in this version he is much more honorable than his original alter-ego, so much so that he did not kill Vittoria and Lagdon and was reluctant to drown the fourth cardinal, he is killed later when your car explodes.


  • Its name comes from the middle east of Hassassins wich is the root of the assassins.